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Caffeine Free!

Following a tabloid article a few weeks ago written by a female GP who has FM, she wrote about foods high in oxylates which may have a link to pain etc.

i looked at the list and saw i wasnt eating much of anything 'bad' from the lists. however i thought the one thing i could try is cut down on my caffeine intake. i drank lemon and ginger tea instead of the copious tea and coffee i used to. within 2 days my head felt clearer and it still does. thats 3 weeks ago now and im still far less foggy and able to concentrate more.

my rationale is that caffeine is a drug and maybe mixed with my meds it was too much for me personally.

im on sertraline, naproxen and trazodone.

this may be coincidence but thought id share.

Just a word of advice tho - at work many moons ago i drank soo much tea and coffee. on a health kick i just stopped drinking it and drank water. well - i had an awful headache for about 3 weeks, so give up gently!

have a wonderful day


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Well done you. I don't think it's a coincidence at all, and I agree about the gentle reduction to giving up though. Caffeine withdrawal headache is the WORST. I had suspected meningitis many years ago, and the headache wasn't that bad! These days I just stick to one coffee, and maybe one or two cups of tea per day, and I find that keeps me OK.



You see giving up smoking I can do but a day without a latte is harder! I am a caffeine addict without a doubt and the headaches that you mention are worse than my usual pains at times,it sounds like a good idea though and does make sense :) x


Yup caffiene withdrawal is the worst I gave up caffiene totally 12 years ago. 7 years ago had to have my gall bladder out, very suddenly it flared up. Afterwards , why is it always afterwards I read an article on gallbladders and caffiene and it said giving up caffiene completely COULD make you more likely to have gallstones bit late for me so I have compromised and just have one small very weak coffee first thing in the morning and then. I just drink organic squash for the rest of the day.. I totally cut out all artificial sweetners in everything I could and my IBS has reacted very well to that

VG x


I only drink decaffeinated diet coke and coffee. Don't like tea. I can't say it has affected my fibro whatsoever!! But there again we're all different!! XX


Fortunately I am allergic to caffeine so coffee, coke, brown chocolate are all no no's for me. :)


We need to be more aware that caffeine causes/exacerbates anxiety and other mental health conditions.

Just read the 170+ pages of comments of people trying to get off caffeine here;

And the research referenced here; caffeineevaluation.blogspot...

Many people feel they cannot 'get going' in the morning without caffeine; in reality they are just experiencing withdrawal from not having ingested any over the previous hours.

A key point is the research showing anxiety sufferers can be very sensitive to caffeine; some people think 'it can't be the caffeine, I only have 1 cup a day', but for them that could be the key issue in their anxiety.

Withdrawal is not easy (especially first 2 weeks, when anxiety actually goes up), but is possible.

How about cutting all caffeine for 30 days and seeing how you feel? What's to lose?


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