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Could this be the reason for our symptoms?


Hi Guys n Gals,

Reading a topical subject "sugar" in Sugar Blues by William Dufty. He talks about Beriberi, and no, apparently it isn't a tropical disease, but a disease caused by a refined diet and sugar.

I have been a sugar freak since the 70's, started out life with sherbert. It also mentions tea and coffee.

It days that a lack of B1 Thiamine is prevelent. Last night I had a teaspoon of marmite on toast for the B bits and a glass of milk to relax me before I went to bed. And this is no lie, I had the best and first pain free night for about 7 years.

Have a look at this website, I have pretty much most of the symptoms and it mentions Fibromyalgia and TMJ and doesn't take long to read . Just thought it might help.

If the link doesn't work type in

Do you have beriberi Bill sardie

At the very least I hope you find it interesting.

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I agree cutting sugar helps, I don't like very sweet things especially drinks. But I still suffer from all the symptoms. I am also lactose and gluten free, I also don't have a lot of dairy, no butter, or yoghurt, can't have soya. So I agree changing your diet can help with pain management.

Thanx for sharing Funkyfaerie very interesting my friend ☺ x

I feel as well that sugar/diet etc, has something to do with it or at least, I better with a better diet and have found great improvements with vitamins and minerals and lots of us do.

I do have a B complex that I don't usually take because I juice once a day but I'll look into it and see if I could do both with out complications. I'm so afraid of overdosing on vitamins.

I'm glad that you have benefitted from this, at least you have found something that helps you. It might not be the whole puzzle, but it seems to be a piece. Keep looking and see if there is anything else that helps you, and keep sharing.

Good luck on your journey

Take care × ×

Hi Naturalnikki,

For me it's about the food I eat, not about taking supplements. I had a bad experience with taking too much iron once. So I too am a bit nervous about over dosing.

I am going to change my diet and look in to foods that contain B1 and the other B's as well as I know they all work together.

It's as simple as starting with Marmite!

Best Wishes

Yes, I have read though I don't know if it is true, that it is much much harder to over dose on vitamins you take in in food as it is coming in natural sources.

Have you tried Magnesium chloride oil? (Diluted with distilled water, I rub it on my muscles every night ) Magnesium is not in food like it used to be as our ground is depleted of a lot of its magnesium. (Or so says sources) Magnesium is an essential element in our body and sugar, refined flour etc. Uses up a lot of magnesium when our body processes it. So there is a good chance the majority of people are low since a large portion of us are addicted to sugar and whatever. I was amazed at all the things low magnesium can cause. It really is worth a peek if you haven't traveled down that rabbit hole. :)

Good luck

Hi yes it really helps me I have cut refined sugar out of all my baking , tea , coffee cereal for over a year my symptoms especially fatigue have got so much better Neese.

Hi Neesey1005,

Good to hear that it's helped you, it makes sense doesn't it.

So many trips to the doctor, so many pills, to no avail. The only help ourselves!

Best Wishes

Hi everyone -again- it might be an idea to watch the sugar free diet programme tonight at 9 x

There seems to be so much contradiction with these recommendations of our diet. I agree refined sugar and processed meat has no place in a healthy diet, but I get confused when told to eat five or more pieces of fruit or veg and then get told fructose in fruit is bad for you.

It is fortunate I love Marmite and also have cereal with added Vitamin B.

I am also trying to eat more healthier foods as a New Year Resolution.


I guess the trick is to eat as healthily as possible.

I am a bit of a sweet freak, so I am going to try and cut down...if I but out chocolate, biscuits and cakes I'll be 95% the way there. I will let you know if it makes any difference, because at the moment I am in a bit of a state. I will let you know at the end of 3 months.

Chocolate is my addiction. I still eat a little almost every day. It's horrible I know, but I'm trying. I've gotten down to dark chocolate covered nuts. So I feel I'm doing it as healthy as I can, but I know I have to cut it, sooner than my addiction would like. :) I know it holds me back with my progress with fighting fibro. And I feel like such a **** everytime I eat them.

God I love chocolate. :(

It's like breaking up with a boy friend I've been with my entire life. :( so ***** hard.

Good luck.

I know it's hard and its unfair.

But may be it's like treating an allergy, stay off it for a while, a year a nutritionist said to me :-( But then then reintroduce a little and just see how you go. Life shouldn't be about not having treats, but then again if they make us ill, it's worth the sacrifice.

Let's see how we do and more importantly, how we feel!

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