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I'm frightened this is NOT due to Fibro...... I keep shaking....hands & legs. Anyone else have this?

For the last few months I keep feeling that I am shaking. It started off as a feeling, but now I can sometimes see it. As I stop typing & just rest my wrists on the desk my hands shake. Also whilst drinking the glass sometimes rattles on my teeth.

I may sit on the loo & one leg bounces up & down. When climbing the stairs my thighs sometimes shake & I'm scared I will fall.

I have looked up MS & Parkinsons early symptoms but luckily they seem different. Caffeine withdrawl or having too much looked to fit the bill........only I don't drink tea or coffee & have a glass of coke about once a fortnight!

Anyone any ideas or experience please?

Gentle hugs. xx

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Hello there, it's not unusual to have involuntary movements in your arms and legs with Fibro, also what I call the judders, suddenly kicking out for example. It sounds like your shaking is more constant though which also is a symptom - tremors.

If you click on the link it will take you to an NHS site where it describes symptoms of Fibro, amongst them are tremors, shaking etc.

I can understand you worrying about this, I would suggest that you see your GP and I am sure this will result in a referral to either a Rheumatologist or a Neurologist. If you don't get a referral, perhaps ask for one. Then hopefully you would be fully examined, and given the appropriate medication. Of course if you have an understanding GP this helps enormously as they may then be able to help you.

Try not to worry, see your GP and take it a step at a time. We are all here for you, so please feel free to contact us at any time. Wishing you all the best, here's a hug for you. :)


when i mentioned this to my rheumo he just said its a progression of your illness, and seemed to just dismiss it, even though i told him they are so violent at times that i've even pulled the muscles in my stomach!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for your swift kind reply LibertyZ

I also have had the legs & arms flicking out at odd times for years, these tremors are new to me. I will look on the nhs site, thanks for link.

Guess I need another trip to the GP! lol xx


My pleasure, happy to help! Well done for going to the GP's, please let us know how you get on, take care, :)



Yes I get this. Not very often now, thankfully, but there was a time when it seemed almost constant, and I thought I had MS. I knew a couple of other people with fibro, and they didn't get it, so I thought it was something else. Since being on this site, I've realised that a lot of people with fibro get it. I know that when I am managing the illness quite well, then I don't get it. When I'm overdoing it, then it comes back. Along with all the other symptoms of course!

Try not to worry, but worth mentioning it to the doc next time you're there.



Hello, I've also experienced judders, mainly front torso and jaw teeth chattering - it is one of the stages which has faded off - hope your's fade off soon.


I get this quite often and it gets very bad if any of my muscles go into spasm. i will add though that i do also have tourettes so have a lot of muscle twitching but the shaking and shaky feeling is different to my normal tourettes.

always worth a doctors trip to put your mind at rest though



i also get this where my hands shake, my son noticed it while i was drinking a cuppa, he said mam look at ya hands they are shaking , i knew they were but my som worries too much and managed to fob him off, ive only had this since i knew i had fibro xx


My ex used to shake a lot and the doctor said it was due to his high blood pressure; is yours high?

Julie xx


I've had this. Thrown a whole glass of water over myself before and kick out in bed. Bit like Restless Leg Syndrome. I increased my Iron intake (fortified in cereal, green leafy veg or supplement) and it certainly improved my condition. I still get 'episodes' but think it is more (in my case) due to going five or so hours without food.


Thanks to everyone for your replies.

The only "normal" thing about me is my blood pressure! lol

I eat fairly regularly, so it can't be that.

I have made a GP appt next Mon am. I'll let you know his opinion.

Gentle hugs to you all xxx


I'm a bit late to the post on this one, but yes, I do have this problem, especially if I've been more active than usual over the preceding few days. For example, as I'm typing this, I can feel and see the toes on my left foot twitching and jumping involuntarily! And I sometimes have to turn my back on the patient when I'm administering local anaesthetic to their toes, as my hand is shaking! It doesn't inspire much confidence!

Sara xx


hi,i have now decided to tell the doctor about various problems ,as i think to many things just get fobbed off as being fibro"..for example i had excessive sweating,i mean running off my face and hair etc,was told ..oh yes its the fibro,i said i was sleeping for days..oh yes its the fibro etc etc,,went back and said im not happy about this so he did blood test and low and behold my thyroid levels were very low,underactive...that results in..profuse sweating sleep disorders,weight gain,deppression ..the list goes on..all the things that you get with fibro! so always check, xxx


hi to all,

I saw a different GP today,not seen him for years. Took my letter & he read it thoroughly. He was very helpful, not patronizing, agreed to me having counselling, & gave me a form to have a blood test to check my thyroid. Thinks my shaking maybe down to anxiety/depression. My leg was bouncing up & down in front of him & I was very close to tears, so maybe he's right!

Lucky enough to get an appointment with a counsellor to have an assessment in only two days time!!! Will try to get my head together this way, rather than meds, & DR agreed. xx


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