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Well today has been a great day. Got up shattered as Paul was a nightmare last night, he gave up on sleep at 6 and walked the dog 6 miles while i got an hours sleep so i thought it would be a bad day but we headed of to do our weekly shop at morrisons but took a slight detour to a lovely town called Narbeth not far from us it has many gift shops expensive but nice for a wonder. I limped round as forgot my walking stick and my leg was half dead yet we strolled along arm in arm and enjoying the shops and Bought a couple of things for Phoebe's christmas and birthday. Our shop at morrisons went without and argument and wasn't too expensive, Phew!!

We did our weekly visit to his grans who is almost fully blind and left with veg biscuits and a very glittery Reindeer, Love her she always gives us stuff to take home so i have made a vegetable soup with all the veg and bagged it up for her and us.

We went to tesco's and got slippers for Phoebe as well as hat scarf and gloves now the hat gloves and scarf were for her birthday in 2 weeks, but silly daddy forgot and told her to try them on ooops! but hey ho she looks gorgeous in them and well it keeps my little mermaid warm as like me she gets cold easily the curse of reynauds syndrome. Well Paul and i decided we wanted to rest and just play the xbox tomorrow so we did our bulk cook tonight and that consisted of 7 helpings of vegetable soup (pour and store bags) 6 mince and sweet potato pies, 4 chicken jalfrezi and the prep for a buternut squash and veg soup. We also keep our crusts from our bread ( Phoebe wont eat them) so i had them stored in the freezer till we have a few bags then i get them out to defrost and go stale and thenblend them for breadcrumbs ooh and Paul made 6 homemade burgers so we have had a busy day and only sat down for the first time properly at 9:10 so needless to say i'm exhausted and in pain but it's good tired and pain because i achieved something for it.

Paul and i work so well together in the kitchen.:)

I have definatly cheered up since my last blog funny how a good talking to yourself and a bit of makeup can help things. You wait we will argue all day tomorrow hahaha not i doubt it can't be bothered i'm making a concerted effort not to be defensive and not to point score all the time, life is hard enough with adding to it, i'm also trying not to swear as i can swear to much especialy when stressed and i hate it it sounds so cheap.

My body hurtsmy mind is fuzzy and i'm so so tired i will probably be asleep within 10 minutes of comeing off but all in all today has been a good day may you all have good days and sleep well tonight oh and i promise to post recipe's tomorrow.

Goodnight my friends xxxxx

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Wow, you certainly have had a busy day rachie! How did you manage to fit all that in!? I am so impressed with your organisational skills, how clever to bulk cook. I would defo like your soup recipe as I love home made soup especially now the weather is turning chilly. Hope you have more lovely and productive days like this one. Sleep deserve to! Jane x


Hi Jane for the veg soup all we do is buy the stew packs of veg from morrisons and it has a few carrots, 2 onions, 2 parsnips,and a swede and a litre of stock the finish with pepper and a touch of salt oh and 2 sticks of celery. The other soup is one butternut squash,2 cloves of garlic,4 carrots, one medium onion A liter of stock salt pepper and some yoghurt and that one is from the hairy dieters as was all that we cooked tonight.

Paul got me into a routine to help me manage my fibro and wednesdays are always busy so my body copes better also we do a menu each week so we don't have waste and it's cheaper on the purse. The trubble is that once you start making your own things from scratch we found we did't enjoy shop bought stuff. Paul does 98% of the cooking.

I can't believe considering how shattered i am i can't sleep grrrrr

Rachie xxx

PS we make a warmiing curried parsnip soup :)


Nowvwe understand how our babies were exhausted overtired and still yelled their heads off


I think i'm may be being thick but i don't understand your comment :)


Glad you had a good day,it's the simplest pleasures that mean the most :) x


What meant was when babies get overtired from having to cope with too much they cry continually like we with fibro feel like doing wjen we are over tired and cant sleep


You did have such a busy day and I bet you paid for it too. I try to fit as much as I can in but I never really seem to get very far. I think I try to put too much gusto into it in an effort to make a difference that is noticeable to everyone. But while my heel is still popped and ready to start the 7th week of my fibro flare, the heel pain is bad, very bad, but I know the fibro is exacerbating the pain levels hugely. But my GP says the pain from the popped heel will be very bad anyway. I have not eaten today bar a few Cadbury fingers with a coffee, just not in the mood to eat. But I am glad you had so much fun. And my and my hubby love point scoring, my daughter thinks it is hilarious. Laughter is good for the soul xxxxx


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