Yay seeing G.P at 11

Well going to see my G.P at 11 this morning so have a good chat with her and i know she cant do anything for me i am on he max meds i could be on but at least she is very sympathetic i sort of class her as a friend really, so hopefully will feel better when i thrashed few things out with her. Now had 2nd lot of tablets and so the routine starts again lol. this really is the weirdest illness ever and you have got to be in it to realise what it really is like. anyway you all have as good a day as you can and remember there is always someone worse, so put your mask on and open the front door to face another day. lots of love and soft hugs diddle xxxxx

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  • thankyou least on here we all know where we all coming from no holds barred lol have good day love to you and soft hugs diddle xx

  • Have a good old natter with your doctor diddle and I hope you feel better for it.

    I've got my mask on, ready to open the door to my baby who's coming today for 9 hours. I will smile :)

    Sue xxx

  • Hi yes i will thanks for your reply, glad i got this so i can let rip you know what i am talking about and how i am feeling its a great place to be on here. have good day love to you and soft hugs Diddle x

  • Thank you so much this has been a god send to me i wish i had done this months ago i can really say what i want how i feel and no one will judge me or laugh they have it all too lucky old us lol have good day with baby. diddle xx

  • The baby is 11 months old and teething so wants carrying about all day which I just can't do so might be a day on the settee with her lol. xx

  • well it will still be lovely they always put smile on your face i know when my 2 littlwe men come they are coming up 4 and 2 they cheer me up i just wish i could have them more to help my daughter and to spend time with them pehaps one day love and soft hugs diddle x

  • Hey Diddle, Hope it all goes well at the docs have a great day :)

    CHORLEY :)

  • Thank you have good day XXXX love and soft hugs diddle x

  • Good luck.

    Is your GP working on improving your treatments right now? As a multidisciplinary approach works best for Fibro and different medications affect people differently and often work differently in different combinations, there isn't such a thing as a maximum dose of medications for Fibro or trying "everything", though clearly each med has it's own safe dosages.

  • Yes she is bless her i have all sorts of combinations but i think i just needed to catch up with her and put her in the picture of how i was as i havent seen her since jan. she was great was with her half an hour we had good chat and she is keeping all meds as they are at the minuite and i have got to go see her in few weeks when hopefully this flare up has passed i was jus scared as its been few weeks now and i am worrying thinking it not going to get any better but sure it will perhaps i will have bad few weeks then be ok all summer lol i wish thankyou for your comment though an for getting back to me its nice on here talking to people who really do get how each other are feeling and i dont feel so alone now and like i was a freak. take care enjoy your day love and soft hugs diddle xx

  • Hi Diddle hope your docs appointment went ok.

    I have a very good doctor too, she listens to me everytime. Sometimes she doesnt have answers for somethings i go in with but she admits too.

    She tries her very best and wants to see me every month regardless.

    My flare ups last months sometimes. And i think this is a very weird illness too, but at least we all know exactly what each other is going through on here.

    kel xxx

  • hi Diddle , glad you have a sympathetic gp , mine has an open mind and is open to suggestions and hes always quick to refer me to a specialist so hes good too

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