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Okay then finally after nearly five months I had notification from the ESA. They have taken me off the support group and put me into the WRAG group for a year. I have spoken to the CAB and been told that because of all the funding cuts they will not be able to represent me at my appeals hearing. I am appealing against the decision. I then had to argue with the DWP for two days to get them to send me their decision makers "Statement of Reasons". Got that today, well imagine my surprise because having been told I had received 18 points by an advisor on the phone and indeed in the document I had been but in the summary the decision maker had added up three seperate 6points and come to the total of 15 points. But even more surprising then that, NOT ONE single mention of my fibromyalgia, or any of my other physical problems that prevent me from working. No they just focussed on my depression, I was also told by the advisor that NO ONE goes into the Support Group now unless they are actually dying or having chemotheraphy!! really ??? On Friday I have an appointment to see my local MP because if CAB cannot help me then he needs to tell me who the bloody hell can.

Update after Friday folks. Obviously I will most definitely be appealing against this decision as I cannot believe (well no I can really) that they have completely ignored my physical health problems!!.


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  • Absolutely amazing, not only have the decision makers not got a heart, they cannot add up either. How the hell did they get the job. Have you tried Welfare Rights? I use them. I wish you luck and I will be here Friday for updates xxxxx

  • Goodluck Colleen. I think we can all share in your frustration here as the system can be so blatantly unfair. Keep us posted on your progress as we are all routing for you. Jane x

  • oh flip...I am worrying more by the minute...I have just sent my papers off stating I want to be heard at tribunal...Why are these so ignorant towards fibro sufferers I dont get it are they just stupid and pig ignorant? And there assessments are absolutely a waste of time I scored a big fat zero on my my nightmare has just started...hope all goes ok for you Colleen...they are blithering idiots with no Heart pillocks ...xx vikki

  • I'm just at the beginning of the process, my ESA forms have gone off and I'm currently waiting for disaster to strike.

  • My heart goes to you. I have just thrown all my ESA papers in the bin... Why? you ask.. well I received a bill from Revenue and Customs saying that I havent paid enough National Insurance so if i paid them approx £400 it would be straight then i would have to find a way of paying in the future. So I tried ESA I knew that I would not get any money from them back dated or otherwise i just wanted my National insurance stamp so that when i retire I would get my full state pension..well the paperwork started to arrive and OMG within 2 days I received 6 letters and 3 booklets to fill out with repeated information, I couldnt believe it. They wanted to know the ins and outs of a ducks backs side. I was flooded with paper work to fill out just to get my stamp paid because the government stop paying my stamp (through my child benefit) when my youngest child was 12 which was 2 years ago. I havent worked for nearly 3 years now and my only benefit is DLA.

    The people that work at the tax offices/ ESA are useless it is totally unnecessary these days with the technology that we have and everything is supposed to be interlinked to send out so much paperwork.. and for them not being able to add up is terrible our lives are in their hands and they dont care...

    Hope you things sorted soon

    love Vicki


  • I'm awaiting my decision as i appealled last feb, i have still not got a reply yet, keep getting letters from them saying i have an appointment, but the lady i saw in the job centre keeps cancelling it and we await another month or so for a decision.

    been told that far too many people have appealled and they do not have the staff to cope with it all, i do know that they have just finished januarys 2011 lot, so my decision might not be long now

  • Thank you My Peeps for your messages of support. It is all very daunting though but my anger is carrying me through. To top it all I have been seeing someone for 5 months now but he has ended the relationship so honestly becoming worried that someone may very soon put that Final Straw on my Back and I am going to break..............Will do an update on the MP's visit possibly tomorrow but more likely at the wkend as I may need to have a lie down in a dark room tomorrow lol xx

  • If you would like to email us on we will be happy to send you the Benefits and Work info sheets for free, giving you lots of helpful info and advice on ESA and DLA.

    Wishing you all the best with your appeal Colleen. (((hug))) xxx

  • Hi Liberty I did that yesterday and a lovely lady called Emma has sent me over four different info sheets for ESA and DLA which is helpful because I have an funny little feeling that my DLA is the next thing they will go for (Indeed that might be the last straw I was talking about) I have yet to fill in the GL24 form. My friend who is acting as my advocate is going to do that for me as I appear to have lost the will to live lol. Hopefully we will get that done tomorrow and then start the long wait for an appeal date. I am most interested in what the MP has to say tomorrow though. xxx

  • Oh that's good, sorry I didn't realise. Better to be asked twice than not at all lol! :)

    I hope you don't have to wait too long for your appeal. Best of luck to you. xxx

  • Oh absolutely not Liberty you werent too know and I am very grateful for you thinking of me and am happy to receive any and all advice. I don't mind too much about waiting I think it will be in the New Year so I must try not to let it blight Christmas time for me. I would be glad if it was in january though and get it out of the way. xx

  • Fingers' crossed for you Colleen, if we can help you in any way, we are always happy to try. There is always someone around, so please just ask any time. xxx

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