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ESA Tribunal


Well i had my tribunal yesterday,for ESA.

I was put in the WRAG and disagree with that.

My hubby went with me,and as he was able to help me off my chair,it is deemed i would be able to go to a work related interviw at the jobcentre.

I have arthritis in hands,knees,hips, back and shoulders(ive worked as a carer for 17 yrs)fybro,hypermobility syndrome,Ibs,depression(related to my pain and quality of life)restless legs.

I walk with a rollater,and have various gadgets in my house to aid me.(wet room etc)

When i went for the physical,back in january,i had flate ups of achilles heel tendonitis and tennis elbows.

The doctor had written i could lift both arms fine!

He also said i walk my dogs,when my hubby clearly said it was him that walked our dog)

CAB tried to get them to re-scedule my appointment as my CAB advisor/interview is'nt until august 8th.But no i had to go to my tribunal.

However when they realised this,at the tribunal,they did advise me that i could postpone my tribunal.

I stupidly told them to go ahead,as i was about vomiting with nerves.

Will i be able to appeal,my appeal?

Wendy xx

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Hi Wendylene I hope this gets sorted for you. There is information on benefits in pinned posts in blue on homepage.

Hi Wendylene, I too am going through the process of trying to claim ESA. I haven't heard much but have an appointment to attend a work related interview at the end of this month.

I'm confused as to what it means as it states I will be preparing to return to work yet I am wheelchair bound and my pain management doctor says I will never work again.

I suppose I will ask someone to take me and keep my fingers crossed as, having read many posts on the subject, we tend to get the rough end of the stick.

I'm sending you all my hopes that your outcome will finally come good my lovie. Lots of hugs xx

Wendylene in reply to Fallabella

Hi Fallabella,

Thanks for your reply.

I hope everything goes well for you.

I walk very short distances,with a rollater.

I think they forget we are in pain.

Wendy xx

Hi Wendylene I'm sorry you have not got the decision that you feel you should have. If you look to right of screen if in PC or scroll to bottom if on phone you will see "Related Posts" with links to members posts, discussing the similar thing, you may find this useful.

Also the site is lucky enough to have it own benefits adviser "Janet" I will give you link to her contact details. She would be the best person to advise you what you can and can not do legally.

Luv Jan xx

Wendylene in reply to Janet28

Thanks Janet28

Janet28 in reply to Wendylene

Your welcome ☺x

Hi Wendylene

I really am so truly sorry to read this my friend and I agree with Janet28 and talk to our benefit adviser as she will know the legalities of this? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Thanks Ken,

Hope you are as well as you can be.

Thanks for the advice,it is very much appreciated.


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