Hi all,having a really rough 'un.tried for all I was worth to open a jar.could I hell as like! It's bruised my hand/wrist and swollen in a lump.jar's back in the cupboard unopened! Might be there for a while.☺ the yoghurt I ended up with was easier to open at least!know I can laugh about it but I got really low and question all the time IS this really the fibro or something else? All tests come back ok.b12 ok.anybody?

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  • That is SO frustrating and I think most of us have experienced that too!

    Running the jar under a hot tap sometimes helps, as does using a special rubber cap or wearing rubber gloves.

    I have even tried to open it in the hinge side of the door frame, to no avail though!

    You were lucky with the yoghurt, sometimes I can't even lift the little edge up. Bet the yoghurt wasn't as tasty as the food in the jar! LOL


  • thank you,bluebell.will have a go at finding a rubber sleeve/opener thingy.☺ lol.xx

  • :) My husband brought me home a smaller version of his industrial rubber gloves - great for my hands with hovering and opening jars and doing the dishes :)

  • I have several gadgets that help undo things. First gadget is the OH ! the second is a rubber circle thingy then I have a metal plier like gadget with two handles. Have a look around there are lots of different types. Google kitchen aids for disabled and loads come up. My hands and upper arms were the first signs I had of fibro. Good luck in finding something to suit. I have to have lids on all cups and glasses because I am so clumsy!

  • thanks, goin have to get something-just having a look on line so stubborn but my right hand's throbbing so il give it a try.x

  • Ouch! Arnica is very good for getting rid of bruises. I used to have very strong wrists and hands but fibro has weakened them. I have had carporal tunnel op on one wrist but no difference really. I tend to bang the lid hard on the worktop to break the air seal, this sometimes helps!

  • I read that there is something similar to Carporal tunnel called Durgrens Syndrome? (May not have spelled this right). I was searching for why my last two fingers on both hands are numb and often lock if in same position too long. My left palm is also tearing itchy every now and then. Yep another thing to whinge about :(

  • thanks Carol,I'll take a look at that.☺

  • Oh bless you, I know how you feel, it's really painful & very frustrating & then we get upset. I can't pull those little stupid bits of paper off the top of ketchup bottles, I struggle opening a flipping carrier bag sometimes, I tend to try & laugh it off & make a joke of it, like. Look at me, got A Levels & Diplomas but I can't open a plastic bag. I have Polymyagia aswell as Fibro but many people with fibro suffer with very painful hands & if your blood tests are normal, you shouldn't have Arthritis because if you did your ESR rate would be raised, showing up inflammation.

    I would maybe mention to the doctor though because there are other problems, like carpel tunnel that can cause weakness in hands & pain.

    Hope this helps my friend & you manage to get someone to open your jar for you. You have to employ someone to loosen all jars for you. Some are done up ridiculously tight though.

    Luv Jan xx

  • Hi Crystalship, there's a brilliant gadget you can usually find in supermarkets . It's never failed me yet! It looks like a thick black ridged rubber band. One side bigger than the other, for sauce/ milk bottles and jars. Don't know how to add photo's on here but Google "multi purpose jar opener" and you'll see the ones I mean.

  • Aww,thank you so much.☺ love and light.x

  • Hi crystalship

    I am so truly sorry to read this my friend. I was given a tip by an OT about opening jars. If you tap the lid a couple of times on your work surface it loosens the lid making it easier to open. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend and I truyl hope that your hand and wrist recover soon. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Crystalship

    Yep been there loads, and broken so many dishes as slip through my hands. Also those repackaged ham or cheese slices which you need to open by pulling the corner up - nightmare. My fingers are usually numb, or burning,prickling and stinging or freezing, whatever they are, they are not happy ! so definitely know what you mean.

    I constantly query Fibro with my doctor, wish we could all have a definitive test so everyone would believe it exists. Sometimes I cannot comprehend the pain and fatigue this causes.

    Carol x

  • Hi Crystalship, same problem. It used to be so painful on my wrists trying to get into anything. Now I too have lots of gadgets, I actually use a nutcracker to open bottle tops, works great. Definately Google disability aids, it helps no end having the right tools. All the best

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