on the night shift again

hello all my fibro friends, hopefully you are all tucked up in bed and soundly asleep. looks like I have another long night in front of me, I can be tired/fatigued all day and always think when I get into bed I will just fall asleep, but my head touches the pillow and hey presto i'm awake, usually do this for a few nights then on the occasional night I sleep for about 4 hours sometimes 5, then back to square one. are quite a few of you like this?

going on a bit here so I will stop typing now, just that I'm tired and fed up. hugs to you all xx

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  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are struggling to sleep yet again, and I sincerely hope that you do eventually manage to nod off. I am off to bed in a minute and hopefully I will sleep as I am sooooooo tired tonight.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thanks ken, hope your sleeping soundly and feel more rested in the morning x

  • Hi dilly dally.

    I hear ya ...some nights its totally an all night thing.

    Others its a 3-6hr depending on how the meds do for me.

    I hate the all nighters it makes for an awful long day.

    Drags on ..still hard to sleep .

    Hope you get some well earned sleep real soon.


  • love your name, look forward one day to many sweet dreams, also for everyone with sleep problems x

  • Yep - I remember those days so well. I now find a low dose of amitryptiline really helps me and on really poor nights a bit of melatonin as well. I know some recommended a few sprays of magnesium on feet - haven't tried that one myself. Hope you find something that works for you...

  • thank you x

  • Yes I am another member of the nightime Insomnia Club. I have always been a poor sleeper but since I have had this I can go nights without sleep and then I think my body gets so exhausted it gives in and I get a few hours.

    I used to always sit up and read but I adore reading and wondered whether I was sort of rewarding myself for not sleeping so now listen to some music on my MP3 player and try to at least relax my body. As you say it makes for a long day and does not help the energy levels.

    I really envy people who when they are ill can go to bed and sleep their illness away. I have started on an anti depressant to try and help but although I think it has helped with the pain a little it has given me a horrible headache and the sleep problem is still there. I am going to persevere with it a bit longer in the hope the effects suddenly kick in.

    Hope everyone who suffers gets a better night tonight.x

  • it can take a while for your anti depressant to work, so wishing you all the best x

  • Hello dilly dally.Yes my friend I had the same problem.Two nights running I haven't been able to sleep,even though I have been exhausted.It drives me potty at times,Especially with hubby beside me who is sleeping like a baby.I get so envious!!!.almost want to wake him up to say look mate I can't sleep.talk to me please.Lol.Fingers crossed for a better sleep tonight .Xx

  • I too am envious, my husband could sleep on a clothes line at anytime. x

  • I've had problems with my sleep since childhood (infancy if we want to be really precise) my mum has on more than a few occasions said I'm either a 'natural insomniac' or just one of those people who don't need as much sleep as others (she says this whilst ignoring the fact I feel tired all the time). I'm so used to a long drop off and disruptive night sleep, that I just try to stay in bed with my eyes closed and 'rest' as much as possible, figuring this must be doing some good or else I wouldn't be able to function like a 'normal' adult during the day (well as normal as anyone can be).

    But, like you, I can be on the verge of dropping off by the time I go to bed and as soon as I hit the pillow I'm starting to feel too awake for sleep again. For a good example of this, take my day yesterday, I got up at 3:30am for work and went to bed at 11pm, because I'm not working today and wanted to wait for my partner to come home, it still took me a good hour and a half to drop off with at least three wake ups between then and getting up in the morning (probably more as I don't always remember all of them/can lie awake and not really be aware I'm awake for a while).

    haha and you thought you were going on a bit lol.

  • no, you haven't gone on at all, I once worked with someone who needed only 3-4 hours sleep in 24 hours, she had bags of energy and lived into her 80's, it's when you know your going to feel exhausted all day, then it's a problem. I know when I do sleep I don't feel refreshed, but it feels good to know you have slept. x

  • Hi dilly dally I have the same problem I never sleep so last night I downloaded a hypno sleep app and I slept first time for weeks and I'm doing it again tonight .I said to hub would he mind sleeping in other room for a week so I could just relax to it (he snores bad) apparently the more you listen to it the better it works .I have had sleep problems from being a kid ,I was 12 when I started with fibro and I'm 63 now so a long time .Could you try that? ,you need to use headphones though and on the one I'm using no food for four hours before bed and go to bed at same time. each night .Hope that could help you .Hope you get some sleep soon .xx

  • Can you tell me where you got the sleep app? Thanks!

  • If you would like to pm me I can give you details of the one I know

    Foggy x

  • From the I phone App Store it's Glen harman and it's called deep sleep , I think you can get a free same but I find its best to have the full . Have it so it's not too loud but you can hear it plain . It may take a few Go s

    before it works it depends how easy you find it to relax . Good luck xx

  • thank you x

  • do I need a special phone to download an app, sounds interesting. yes my husband also snores, got him a snore spray, which does help, so worth buying him a little present ahah. x

  • I also need to find that out x

  • Likewise, if you would like to pm me I can give you details about the one I know of that has some good reviews πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Foggy x

  • im a thicko I know, brain not working, what do you mean pm you, probably something very simple, so apologies, hehe x

  • No problem, I will send it to you via a private message πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • You need a smart phone .x

  • xx

  • I am on a sleeping tablet called Ambien which really helps. But I'd rather give that up than my earplugs tuned into one of the free sleep or chill out radio stations on the Internet. They shut down my overactive mind and relax me into sleep. Zen FM and chill 181 FM are my favourites but loads to choose from.


  • does the ambien wear off after a time, and does it make you groggy day after, ive bought few cd for sleep, I must have a very stubborn mind. wishing you lots of sleeps x

  • Yes it does mine has it no longer works . When I first took it I was like a zombie .Slept again last night using the app. It took a bit longer for me to relax so I kept going back to the start . In the past to get sleep when I got desperate I would take the tablets I take for the trigeminal neuralgia with extra pain meds but it made me feel so ill for days after . Have you got a smart phone ? X

  • no just a plain simple mobile, keep saying id like one x

  • Maybe drop a few hints birthday Christmas etc . I'm sure you could get cd s of sleep hypno . I so would love it if you could try it . No one could have been worse at sleeping than me I never slept maybe until 5am if I was lucky then I would be up at 8.30 to try and keep good sleep hygene. That's a laugh . My saving grace from stopping me going nuts is crafting . X

  • shuks just had my birthday, so will tell my hubby how important an iphone would be for me, he believes anything I tell him, mmmm well I think he does x

  • Well your on a winner there . It doesn't have to be a I phone it can be any smart phone . Let me know how you get on . I so want you not to have to have no sleep for as long as I did . Xx

  • ah thank you, I will look into this x

  • I just checked the leaflet it says it is out of your system in eight hours. So stronger than zoplicone the standard UK one which is four hours. In UK it is called Zolpidem Tartrate, Ambien is the name used in U.S.A where it is widely used so that's what the Dr will have to look up in his book 10mg is the normal amount.

    I don't think it makes me groggy the next day but I am on Tramodol, MST, Duloxtine and oramorph so probably cannot accurately judge it but I don't think so. I have spent years of sleepless nights, routines, melatonin and other sleeping tablets but this combined with the quiet relaxing music has done it for me apart from the odd sleepless night.

    Good luck, sleep is so important to your health and lack of it used to drive me nuts!


  • thank you for checking the drug up for me, that's very kind x

  • Np my pleasure 😊

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