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atos healthcare are not independent drs

thats right folks they work soley for dwp and dont listen to the bull that they have no input other than filling out a report. they tick boxes with a points system attatched they know when they are going to get you refused. but worst of all are the so called drs. THAT LIE through their teeth to get your claim refused. one of the so called drs attended my house didnt listen to what was said put me in agony during examination saw me struggle to walk 3steps with 2 walking sticks then put in his report that i can walk 120meters without difficulty we need to get the names of these so called drs and report them. a Dr IS NOT supposed to worsen a condition we get worse with stress their lies cause stress if the gmc get enough complaints about a dr then they have to deal with that dr we have a large voice if used together dwp and their drs will get educated appeal the refusals and complain in writing to the secetary of state

soft hugs and fiery spirits to you all

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Quite right. They are IT consultants. How on earth does that qualify them to judge people with medical illnesses? At the end of the day it would appear that there is some incentive for them not allow awards. I feel that they are only in it for the money, not the humanity.



I Agree I was put through Hell at my Medical ! The woman was trying to make me do things I found Impossible and frowned at me when I asked to stop She had no Sympathey or Understanding to my condition What so ever I came home and cried spent the next 2 days in bed in pain


ATOS are the IT company who run the assessments using a special computer programme called LIMA (absolutely no connection to my user name btw).

Those carrying out the assessments are classed as Health Care Professionals (HCP). These HCPs can be Doctors, nurses & physios (not 100% but think OTs as well). They are most definitely not an independent or impartial party, they can't possibly be as they are being paid by the DWP to carry out the assessments. ATOS also carry out other assessments for businesses and have been known to find someone unfit for work at one assessment costing them their job but when the person applies for ESA they've been found fit for work by the same organisation! There are numerous examples of such paradoxes floating around the web.

Hubby had a nurse carrying out his IB/ESA transfer medical and I've never read such a load of b*ll**ks as was written on his medical report. He scored 0 and found fit for work. His GP couldn't believe it, his consultant couldn't believe it & everyone who knows him couldn't believe it! I took the medical report apart (so glad I went into the assessment with him) and wrote a 3 page document to go to his appeal tribunal with that showed inconsistencies, numerous untruths and countless assumptions were made.

On the subject of assumptions - be aware that for just about every answer you give them they will make an assumption about your abilities - tell them you watch Corrie or Eastenders they make the assumption that you can sit for half an hour comfortably (or longer if you tell them it's the omnibus editions you watch!). Tell them you got there by bus they assume you can walk from your house x metres to the bus stop, stand for y minutes waiting for the bus, sit for z minutes on the journey and then walk whatever the distance is from the bus stop at the other end to get to the assessment centre.

They watch how you walk from the waiting room to the assessment room and what you do when you are in there - tried to say that hubby opened the door to the assessment room with his right hand without difficulty which was odd as the HCP was standing beside the already open door when we went in!

A tip I would give is to make a note (better still take a photo) of what you were wearing on the day. Hubby's medical report said that I had gone forward to help him out of his jacket so HCP couldn't assess him doing that for himself - a wee bit strange cos it was a warm July's day and he was actually just wearing lightweight trousers and a T-shirt! I did help him get his socks and shoes back on but that was omitted.


i've seen 2 so called health proffesionals this year, the first saw me at the birmingham assessment centre formerly dwp, but still shared with dla call centre. kept me sat in a wheelchair for 3hrs so by the time i was seen i was in screaming agony that was the esa med.found totaly unfit. the 2nd was at my house for dla. hadnt slept for 56hours, was laid on sofa when the imbecille arrived. because i was dressed i can dress myself even though i failed to raise either arm above my head, i can walk 120m after i moved 6ft wobling on 2 walking sticks, can get up and downstairs because the toilet is upstairs ignoring the commode in kitchen, as waiting for rehousing due to the house not suitable for adapting can use a bath or shower love to know how when cant climb into the bath and its too short to use aids basically the report was complete b/s he did admit that he only does dla/dwp medical assessments independent my arse. needless to say not entitled to esa as in 4wks gone from unable to walk to walking120m the nigerian that i saw at my house needs to be a re-pat to nigeria we've got enough lying under qualified form fillers without him.

rant over

hope your hubby stable


meant refused dla


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