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Paper decision pip

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I currently recieve low rate pip, and put a claim in that my circumstances have changed and that i need more help and care. After a 6 month wait, this morning I recieved a letter staying that capita are comming to my home to make their assesment. AGAIN.

I am really unhappy about this, as the last time a lady from capita came to my home to asses me. she told nothing but big lies in her report and wrong in all counts. One of which she stated that i daily walk a dog..?? I appealed against the decision based on her report, i was then sent for another medical with captia and this time i was asked to follow along with him in doing the actions to the macarrana dance. And he stated in his report that i refused a medical, although i was never offered one. I was then awarded low rate pip .

I would like to know if it is possible to ring capitia and request a paper assesment and decision ? I have provided them with plenty of medical evidence and Drs letters.

I just feel it's a complete waste of time seeing them and I would be better off if they just read through my medical evidence.

please can somebody shed some light on this? Can I, or not ask for a paper decision and cancel my meeting with captia.

Thanks πŸ˜•

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Hi penny17 I an not aware of any situation where they don't need to see you physically as far as I am aware they will definitely have to see you to make a decision they will not make one unless they do a home visit or you go to a venue.

They have to see you in the flesh unfortunately if you cancel they will not deal with your claim.

I am sure if anyone has had different experience they will let you know.

Good luck my friend

Thank you. X

Hello penny17

I am sorry that your claim has got so complicated.

The problem is that there are people who will claim that they have issues when they don't and fiddle the system.

Unfortunately the few make it very difficult for us.

I am pretty sure that someone from the DWP will need to see you but I am not an expert on these things.

Take care of yourself.

Lu xx

Hi penny17 Im sorry you had a bad experience before with your home assessment and can understand why it's making you worry so much.

I have copied this information for you my friend, as you can see, it depends on your circumstances but I think sometimes it can feel like these companies are a law unto themselves. You can record your whole interview, you will need to look into exactly what equipment you need to do this though, as they use old fashioned cassette tapes I think. Have someone with you to answer the door & support you. As long as you are properly prepared it will go fine. I have copied link to information on what you need to do to prepare. I hope this helps and try not to get to stressed.

Cases that should not require a face-to-face consultation

2.5.10. In certain circumstances it should be possible to provide advice at a paper based review. Although each case should be determined individually, the following types of cases should not normally require a face-to-face consultation:

β€’ The health condition(s) is severe and associated with a high level of functional impairment which is consistently claimed. Examples might include:

Claimants with severe neurological conditions such as – dementia.

Luv Jan xx

Hi, my sons was moved from dla to pip I I did his forms and included evidence and he was awarded enhanced indefinitely without a face to face, so they do do it, hope you manage to sort it all out xx


Their are times that awards are completed with no Face to face but that is their decision not yours .As you have said your condition has got worse they will need to access you again to ensure they agree with you .

You are lucky they have offered you home assessment .

Good Luck

Hope you get the outcome you wish


Thanks all for the advice. X

Hi penny17

I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend but as the others have said it is always up to the assessment company to make the choices and not the claimant. My wife was awarded PIP without an assessment as she lives with MS. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hi penny17

Like the others I am not an expert on this but I do have PIP and ESA.

I imagine if you have told them that your reason for re assessment is that your condition has changed then they will want/need to see evidence of this, hence the f2f.

Personally, I am relatively new to PIP so as my claim only started a year ago they obviously needed to see me, it being the first time. But with my recent ESA renewal, I requested a home visit. But I went from being asked to go to an assessment centre, to my claim being renewed without any assessment at all because I got my GP to write a letter explaining why I couldn't attend a centre and needed a home visit. She did such a good letter that they decided to renew without any meeting at all.

So if you haven't already done so and if you still have time to do so before the appointment then that is what I would suggest you do. Ask either your GP or a relevant consultant to do a letter or a report explaining in detail how things have changed for you and why you can't cope with a f2f. Obviously I can't guarantee it will work but it's worth a try.

Good luck.


LADYALEXIA50 in reply to ukmsmi4

Being thick what's an f2f?? X

ukmsmi4 in reply to LADYALEXIA50

Ha ha, not thick at all if you haven't come across it before.

It's just shorthand for 'face to face'. xx

LADYALEXIA50 in reply to ukmsmi4

Aw thank you ukmsmi4 I am now feeling prepared for text type shorthand!! Thanks again!!! Xxx

From what I understand they cannot do a medical unless they are a Doctor. They also cannot ask you to do something if you feel you cannot do?

LADYALEXIA50 in reply to Offcut

Thanks for the info Offcut I'll remember that in future - where did you get that info from?? X

Offcut in reply to LADYALEXIA50

Personal experience. They can ask you to lift arms and touch your toes ( I Wish ;) ) But to do a personal examination would or could be construed as assault or abuse by a non qualified person. (Unless you allow it) No one can make you do something that you would suffer severe discomfort from!

An example would be a masseuse that claims to be fully qualified doing a area that you have a tumour on would be wrong and if qualified would/should know this.

I was turned down for ESA as they asked me to lift my arms up and put them down straight away, they claimed I could lift empty boxes off a shelf so was fit for work. They did not take into account I had a paralysed diaphragm or 47 % lung function. I Went to appeal and won and also told my MP about the empty box lifter which has now been removed from a reason to work?

Be Well

LADYALEXIA50 in reply to Offcut

Hi Offcut

Well done!! Just goes to show the little person can sometimes get things changed when we try. Thanks for the rest of your very informative reply.

Best wishes Hoping that you are well x


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