Drs today

surgery rang the other day saying that the dr would like me to come in for a review, so 3.20 today i'll probably have to go over all my symptoms again. Don't know the dr very well as all of the drs have recently changed, due to the fact that 3 of the old ones decided to retire in the space of one month, including the dr that seemed to understand me. She always said that she would look into each syptom that i had and not just assume that its down to fibro.

So really don't know what to expect, last time i saw her she gave me antidepressants, and i didn't go back when she wanted cos they weren't making a difference, Probably get a ticking off lol

gentle hugs to all


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  • Good luck! Try to be positive about the appointment and see it as an opportunity to get some help. I always take a list of things I need to talk about with me so that I don't get side tracked and come out none the wiser. I am off to see the Occupational Health Doc this afternoon too. Didn't go well last time for me either so I hope we both get on better today! Jane x

  • Good luck to you too!!!!

    Sharon xx

  • Hi how did you get on?? i was right my dr did give me a ticking off!!! she's put me back on the anti depressents, and got to have a blood test. Says she wants to see me again in 2 weeks, and that she wants me to mention to the rheumo next week about the violent spasms that i get seems really concerned.

    Sharon xx

  • Oh dear. At least she seems to be taking good care of you even if she does it in a strange way! My appointment was not too good either in that I was told I stood little chance of getting an ill health pension even though she was writing to my employer to say that I was not fit to work for the foreseeable future as I am so unwell. How does that make sense?!

    Hope the medication eventually works for you and the specialist can help you out. Keep us posted! Jane x

  • Antidepressants often don't start to work until about three weeks after you start on them, and my doctor says you will need them for at least 6 months to get any real benefit. I've forgotten how many times I have been on anti-ds, but it's more than a few!

    I'm not really surprised she ticked you off, but I often find doctors make assumptions that we know what is what with tablets.

    Cheers, Midori

  • hi midori thing is i'm a bit dubious i was on them 15yrs ago when my mum died and i found out she wasn't my mum but my sister was (but thats another story!!!) They tried so many different ones for varying lengths of time and they didn't work.

    xx Sharon

  • OK, why don't you ask your doctor if he or she can recommend a counselling service? there are many, from the Community Mental Health team, though to psychologists available on the NHS.

    It's difficult for Fibromites and M.E sufferers, I know, (been there done that, made the DVD!), maybe a combination would help, especially if you feel isolated, sometimes just somebody to talk to can ease the pressure a bit. Is there a local sufferers group around? I'm lucky enough to have found my local group very close to where I live.

    I've had reactive depression since I was 16, That's, Eeek! 48 years! it usually happens when I lose a family member or a close friend, or am majorly stressed about something. Although I'm on a low dose of Nortriptyilline for muscle relaxation, I'm seeing my doc on Monday because I'm falling down that long dark slope again myself, partly due to money worries , partly due to decreasing mobility and pain, as well as fighting for DLA, and my son's unemployment problems.

    Life's a beach, they say, and they're right!

    Cheers, Midori

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