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Housework is detrimental to your health

I have had the cleaning bug of late. I get like that from time to time. I select a room and start a deep clean. The last few days I have been planning starting on the kitchen. So tonight I decided to start with the cupboard where I keep the dryer, looked clean at first glance, until I climbed up on the stool that is and took a good look in there(My dryer is up high on a shelf because once upon a time I could reach it, the new dryer will be on the floort when I get it). Stretching this way and that I was aching in places I did not know could ache. Hubby also keeps his tools in there so cleaning these turned it into a double whammy. So out came the tool cases, 6 in all. Had to brush them all off and then wash them down with a damp cloth too. Then the mitre saw, by the time I had cleaned that up I actually discovered it was silver and not grey. Six trips up the stairs later and it was all in a dust free space but near to hand should hubby get the DIY bug.

Free up the top of the dryer and I brushed off the dust in sheets! I emptied all the shelves and wiped down and replaced everything neat and tidy. Hubby hates neat and tidy as he says he can never find anything. I cannot stand clutter, it drives me insane. No one can find anything in this house so they have to ask me and I can tell them exactly where it is.

That done I set about cleaning all the ornaments and shelves around the kitchen. One carrier bag full of dust later and there was only the floor to clean. I am not a mop and bucket kind of person, well I wasn't until today. So I got down on my hands and knees to scrub the floors the way granny used to do. Result:- I could not get up again. By the time I got up the dog had decided he wanted to go out. He needed to go but did he have to trek through the soil to get there when he could have used the path, obviously he did. So I had to do the floor again.

The only thing left to do was wipe all the units down, did I have the ebnergy, NOPE. Could not lift my arms any higher than waist height without wincing in pain, and wishing I could take painkillers.

Why did I put myself though this tonight? Because my daugther wants to get the tree up on Friday and it goes in the kitchen. no room in lounge due to hubby have soooooooo many ornamental birds in there. If one decoration came down it would take a few of these down with it. Not prepared to take the chance. So my kitchen ends up looking like a grotto, but I have to say I quite like it. Maybe that is because I spend so much time out here being unable to sit on the three piece in comfort.

So now I am hobbling around like one of the old dears you see out and about, feeling about 97 and wishing for my bed.

Why the hell do we do this to ourselves?

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I'm the same, go like a bull at a gate as my Paul say's but sometimes i feel if i don't it will never get done plus if my mind id up for it then i gotta do it hehe, I did my daughters room last tuedsday ready for her winter wonderland that we do for her at Christmas :)


Winter wonderland, that is how my kitchen ends up each year. We have the tree and everything out here, no room in lounge lol xxxxx


Hi Ozzy no idea why we do it we just get carried away once we start i think, i can't believe you stood on a stool to do so much cleaning my hubby would have a fit if he caught me doing it but he got me some sensible steps cos he knows i will anyway lol.

it is such a great feeling when its done tho isn't it .

It sounds like you have a lovely kitchen ours is quite small , i have my tumble dryer up in the grankids playroom ( loads of mess made then door shut to hide it ) but it means carrying wet clothes up the stairs but i found some baskets with handles so i can hold on as i climb up.

we don't have a door in our kitchen either as it is on the front of the house and the back door is in the lounge.

I intend to get the cleaning bug soon but need my hip joint to settle 1st as its nagging me for a hip replacement.

I can't believe you got down on your hands and knees to scrub the floor ! however did you manage to stand up after ?

Hoping you ahve a restful day tomorrow and aren't too sore xx


Well to get up off the floor I had to crawl to the sink and pull myself up, I could not straighten my back at all lol. I am paying the price today, but in saying that I have been climbing up to do windows and frames. My back is in agony right now lol xxxxx


lol oh this made me giggle i to do similar things including this weekend first time in weeks felt well enough just getting over a tummy bug ,the council are putting new kitchens in and ive noticed last week they are getting closer to myproperty i have over few weeks gradualy been emptying cupboards etc and cleaning why i dont know they are all going in a skip but yesterday descided tumble dryer needed to come out of hidy hole and be cleaned top to bottom dont know why i did tht either as have new one coming tommoro ?but like you it ended in just about everything in kitchen getting cleaned ,at around 3 pm layed down on sofa coz of pain woke up at 11.30pm !! not knowing wat day it was andhaving to go straight to bed.lol


Today I tackled the windows with an extremely painful lower back. I still cannot straighten up now. I wonder if any pantos are doing 'the hunchback of Notre Dame' lol. I would fit in brilliantly as Quasimodo, well done on what you got through, wish my work had knocked me out for a while, no such luck xxxxx


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