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Update been so rough with my back as well as ear infection

Yesterday i had nasty sharp twinges and things radiating up my back, went to Super market (used my badge :-))

Was struggling and so uncomfortable , to could not be bothered even to discuss what was needed. Got home and just cried i have barely been able to stand up as its almost unbearable, so hubby and daughter was wheeling me around lol we have like an office chair in kitchen for hubby and Xbox or me when i do paperwrk because we do not have house big enough for spare room.

The ear i can cope with and the constant high pitched dead TV sound or earing aid noise (as gins said)

I am now in bed feeling more comfortable . It is when i get up and start moving about.

So guess yet again another flare does strike.

I will see Dr though as think may need X Ray on my back.

I worry for Pheumonia .

The Dr's told me 3 times last year and in this year to go get Xray, but never do as i say 'it'll pass' lol

But i have been bad this weekend (so glad its wkends am sure my body knows i closed from wrk ) it thinks .. Dont think your going to enjoy wk/end .

Now again if my Blue badge assesment was done in this condition i would barely do a fraction of what i did.

So glad i have it now just like my Lyrica , as much as not helping at moment.

Hows everyone else today ??? Please share takes mind off me .

My kittens have come running upstairs and staying close by as they kniw i am mummy bless xx

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Sorry you're having a bad time, see your Dr and get your back x-ray done, just cuddle up with your kittens and I hope there is someone there to help you, Big Hug x


Sorry you are in all this pain....I just wondered where do you do your shopping? Asda,Tesco and Morrisons all have motorized scooters with a basket on the front. I used to use them when my back and legs were bad as I wouln't make it round the Isles. They go slowly and are very easy to use...it gives you back your indipendence (spelling?) and people are very good they move out of your way and some will help get thngs off high shelves. Where as if you struggle round no one knows you need help....I have been able to go shopping like this for ages.

I cant now tho as I can't walk from the car to the scooter1 so I take my own and my husband or daughter has to go with me they set up Indie (my little scooter ) and off I go.

Hope this is of help to you x

gentle hugs x

Rainbow x x


Hi Rainbow, I do my shopping online at Asda, used to be Tesco's but got fed up with them packing it all up with no carrier bags. Asda do a great job and it's no effort for me. I can sit at my leisure with my laptop, I enjoy planning the family meals. It all gets delivered and I leisurely unpack it really slowly with a cuppa and cookies and it's all taken care of! Not a chore at all.

I tried doing it all myself, but when I gave up my car, online shopping seemed the best option. It works really well. :) xxx


So sorry you're feeling rough Cazzie, see your GP when you can to discuss this to see if your meds need tweaking maybe. Snuggle up with kitties, keep warm and I hope this passes really soon for you.

(((hug))) xxx


hi rainbow and Maureen thank you ohh i think i feel too embarrased and i am the one who tells others to do it but when i am pratically in the trolley lol dragging myself around and thats so uncomfortable too..

I would only do on bad days i think, the thing is they are pretty much all my locals and everyone knows me and i know faces would be shocked as much i have fb and family and word spreads that things are not great but dissappointed on the family and friends they can all go jump now for me (sorry but the times i have been there for most and now theres nothing) kiss my butt lol

Do not think though ppl eralise how bad it can get it is not just your average back ache and stick on a heat pad (which i do the pain is different.. to maureen i had an MRI last year on my legs and think was all ok , they put everything down to BHMS/EDS ?

i think its spinal stenosis

2010 i got severe sciatica in both legs alternating each other ouch ouch and swearing outch lol torrets at the time then i got all the electrical shocks all over my body and my neck in 2011 and the MRI said compression on nerves but i jsut sometimes get so frustrated as tomoro i maybe ok but still cannot walk far, but may not be in the pain i am in this wkend its unbelievable heavy legs i cannot stand up straight i feel 90 and am 43 .

my hubby would say stya home dont go out but i like to go out and why should i stay in if i can go out just a bit more awkward but it keeps me that little bit more active?

i used walking stick and no one paid attention alhtough bumping into old faces and the shock look on face but this is mylife now ..they never asked they just continued talking about life lol ..cool :-) xxx

how are you doing this sunday are you managing ok


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