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I am seeing my wonderful Gp at 9 am this morning as i have not been right for few weeks ( well some would say few years lol) anyway i am really struggling lately coming to terms with things i cant doanymore whwre i shpuld be putting more eneregy into the things i can do and doing things differently

so i am going for a chat with her , i think it hit me when my blue badge came, although i appleied for it and am so glad of it it has been such a help to me already i think it was looking at it and seeing a logo of a wheelchair on it and although i am not in one and have got a stick that i use on occasion i think the reality hit me

that i could be classed as disabled and i am not knocking or offending anyone here i jus think it has all happened so quickly and my mind has not caught up with me yet

my body knows its different and cant do what it used to but my mind still thinks i can and i think its going to take a bit of adjusting too thats all

i am not moaning at all ther are alot of people worse off than me and i consider myself very lucky to some i have a great Gp who supports me but not only that i have parents who are doing everything they can to help me and my other fanily memebers are too my children my sister right down to my little nieces age 11 and 13 and also my partner,

anyway i will go have a chat with her and see what the outcome is and will prob be back on here later it depends as my daughter and grandchildren are coming today and wont be gone until 6 ish so see how worn out i am love to you all Diddle x

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i know what you mean diddle i dont think my mind has caught up with me either ,

anyway hope your chat with gp goes ok hun ,

gentle hugs tc :) xxxxxxxx


thanks loves to you too diddle x


It takes a little while for the mind to catch up... I know how you feel!

Sending you much love and hope it goes ok at the GP xx


lol especially mine its not at it best oir fastest anyway lol love to you diddle x


good luck im so glad a few of us have a decent gp it makes the world of diffrence x


diddle Im the same I dont know how to accept it,like you it came on so quickly, but looking back Ive had symptoms for over 30yrs, Im used to being the strong one,Ive got my social worker coming today with forms to apply for a blue badge, I know I need it but it will break my heart to get it,I hope together in time we can learn to accept it all love and hugs


Diddle, I hope your GP visit goes well.

I know what you mean , I hate thinking of myself as disabled and it takes a long time to get used to the fact that this is what life is going to be like now . It's now wonder so many of us suffer from depression too.

I still have days where I think I'm invincible but my body lets me know otherwise quick smart.

Big squishy but gentle hugs for you.



Good luck diddle and let us all know how you get on.

I totally understand how you feel as i had an occupational therapist come to my house as my step mam had phoned knowing full well that i needed some help but i stuck my head in the sand and wouldnt give in, but now i know why she did do it and i am grateful for it.

What i find hard is having to explain to people why i need theses things as people see my drugged up with pain killers with sometimes a false smile as i walk to school everyday but they dont see me in agony and puffed out sitting down when i get back (more improtantly the state of my house).

I love this site as it cheers me up and everyone understands.

take care, kel xxx


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