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I am an EMployer and everything i look up is about employees and rights. I NEED some help!

I have searched the net over and over and maybe i am missing something! even my Dr told me to claim and stay off work then realised i am classed as an 'Employer'

I want to still run what i bit of custom i have left and have staff but i need some help !! i want help with employing staff from the goverment and help with me having a car suited to my needs as this is just no good anymore!

How on earth could i afford to give up what little bit of what i have .

What and how much do you get if i was to give up my business?? Anyone clued up on it all.

I have a mortgage etc and i doubt very much as my hubby works but has hardly any work as his contract to his employer is meant to be 40 hours and he is doing lucky if 3 days all is quiet. so we are havng issues (hence why i cannot give up what i have) but when i work out what is coming in i can barely afford the staff i have as customers are vanishing!! and am sure its down to me being unable to physically do it like i used to and having help now, a lot of people do not like it.. they get their little cleaner and expect it to be solely them .. i must stress i thoroughly ENJOY what i have built up and do not want to stop and this is why i will do whatever it takes if i can get the support . but my body is just really now slowing me down even when it comes to driving to and from all day and checking work etc up and down stairs and sorting and organising and office side am struggling, concentration, forgetfulness, dropping and so much more!!

Please can anyone help at all ???


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It's a difficult one . My hubby is self employed ( but has no staff ) and he is really struggling too . Truth be told we would probably be better off if he gave up his business and signed on . However he loves his work and would hate being unemployed.

We're in rented accommodation and we get a small amount of housing benefit , but to do this he has to jump through so many hoops we question if it's really worth it. As you have a mortgage I'm not entirely sure what help would be available to you .

I assume you're getting the working tax credits if you're entitled to them ? DLA of course is available both to employed and self employed people, but as we know, getting it isn't easy.

The government insist that working people should be better off financially then those who don't work, but that's not been our experience . If you're getting job seekers everything is automatically worked out benefit wise, but if you're self employed it's a struggle to find out what you can claim . For instance you may have accounts ( hubby has an accountant ) but business expenses that are legitimate for tax purposes are't necessarily for housing benefit purposes.

It's a mine field .




I can not answer from a busness point of view however i am sure citizan advice will help or direct gov

please try and get as much advice as possible before making any dicissions xx

gentle dyslexic hugs


Thanks lexi and helen,

it says 9 comments and i can only see 2!

ohhh there is some problems on here alately ohhh dear xxx


Hi Fairycazzie.

I empathise as I also run my own business as I don't think anyone else would employ me! I have also wondered about what would happen if (when?) I can't carry on, and need to try to get some kind of help. A couple of ideas that came to me...

If your hubby is low on work, can he help you out at all so that you can do as much as possible and rely on staff less?

Also, have you tried contacting business link? And the FSB (federation of Small Businesses) - you could look on websites of both those organisations. I'm sure you're not the first small business owner to suffer from ill-health!!!

Good luck - let us know if you find anything that might be if use to others - maybe me, one day :-(




I would suggest that you get some individual advice from specialist legal and benefits advisers. various organisations that can help with this are listed on the page below:

DLA can be claimed by people in work and was always intended to pay for the extra costs of being disabled (e.g. adapted cars). This is going next year, but is still available. If you want to apply, email and we can send you the Benefits & Work Guides for free.

Access to Work may also be able to help and are well worth checking out.


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