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Hi there and a bit about me


I am an artist and writer and have had fibro my entire adult life and much of my teens. I am NOT a medical expert however I have researched our condition in order to try and cope with it.

My sister, Manga666, asked me to come and share with you all as apparently I am knowledgeable, perhaps I just take the information I have found for granted now but I sincerely hope that I can help others.

Nice to meet you all and I hope you can find some relief that works for you.

Keep on keeping on guys.... us fibrofighters are not weak.... we are strong .... just waking up in the morning proves that


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Hear hear!!

I personally believe that G-d only gives us what we can handle. I tell my mum - who fusses soo much over me (im 43 and married with kids!) 'look what i have isnt going to kill me - it just hacks me off from time to time!'

I totally agree with you - knowledge is power!

Have a great day!



I totally agree, we need to take charge of our illness, and realise what suits one person with fibro mightnt suit us, as for the medical profession ive now learnt to ask questions and push for an answer, I now wont be fobbed off, Im very ill with fibro but Im not dying of it, I can do what I CAN DO AS FOR THE REST ITS LEFT, Im 54 with 5 wonderful kids, a hubby who at 56 has started his own business, so onwards and upwards, I might need a wheelchair to enjoy my life but what the hell, Im here and I intend to live life to the full


Lally - **5 kids** - not surprised youre tired!! lol xx


hi im a newbie on here&newbie dignosed with fb.i know iv had it prob.2yrs but only just relised when i went to rumatolgy.reading up&on here everyone has simalar problems but different if that makes sence!my sis swears by aqafit &streaching exercises,at the mo i cant do any of these as streching is bad for me cos of other things,trouble is i read up&then forget i need to exercise my brain more as its useless memory!


I cant do exercise at all I tried but it makes symptoms worse, Ive just walked to shops 2 minutes away, not bad going but getting back was a nightmare,I now know what I can do and what I cant so Im trying to live my life around this illness


me either lally, ive tried allsorts of exercise but nothing helps, even hoovering puts me in bed for 3 days, i just potter around and try to do what i can when i can anything strenuous my partner does at weekends, unfortunately my daughter who suffers with lazyitis lol is living with us at the moment so my efforts to clean doesnt go very far as no sooner have i done one job it needs doing again, which is making me spend much more time in bed because im so tired all the time then she moans at me and says i spend too much time in bed rotting!

she just doesnt get it, apparently im a hypercondriac now because i research this illness, she thinks because i read about fibro that it makes me worse, i read about it to educate myself so i can ask for the correct treatments and see the correct health care professionals, she doesnt have a clue that i'm just doing what we are all advised to do which is to take control or our own healthcare and become an expert patient.

Irene x


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