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Can anyone give some advice please

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Hi. I have fibromyalgia plus other health issues.

I have had yet another flood in kitchen. My sink doesn't have an overflow in it. Only on the drainer is there an overflow. Now I have contacted the to let them know and to see if possible if I can have a sink with an overflow in. I have been told under no circumstances will they replace sink as it is my fault.

I have explained why it happened fibro fog but still got a NO.

Its not just floods I have also by accident had a few cooker fires. I do not do it on purpose.

This has just added to the stress and now anything goes wrong and I'm blaming myself .

Can anyone give any advice as to what I can do. I do feel like they are discriminating against me .

Thank you so much sorry for the ranting


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Hello are you in a council property? :)

Yes it's council.

Ok you could ask for your local housing officer to visit your property and discuss the matter face to face. You have a right to have items in the house modified if it’s due to an illness. Or if you have a leak/flood they have to send out a tradesperson to have a look and to fix it. I am sure there will be something written in your tenancy agreement about repairs etc ....

If you get no luck with the council again, go to citizens advice for support and they will help you x

Thank you for advice AllthatGlitters.

Will contact them tomorrow.

Thanks again xx

Hope you managed to get somewhere today with this x

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Have you ever had an occupational therapist (OT) assessment? It sounds like you may benefit from one.

I know in Scotland you can self refer to OT simply by contacting your local social services department

Hi. Yes I have. She sorted a shower chair for my wet room. I also went on her fibro course to help understand fibro. I still have her number will contact her and see what she can suggest.

Thank you


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Hazel_AngelstarAdministrator in reply to Zelda01

Sounds like a plan. If the sink is not faulty as such, it's unlikely the council would change it just because you have a health condition .... However, an ot supporting you and backing you up might help change their minds

Never thought of contacting OT. Will see how things go tomorrow.

Thanks P xx

I also set timers on my phone for everything. Things on the cooker, someone coming to the house etc... Trouble is, a timer went off the other day, couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was for. Hours later I remembered it was something ending on EBay I’d wanted to bid on.

Good luck with the OT and hopefully that will influence the council to make adaptations for you.

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Zelda01 in reply to

Hi. Will have to do that. Why did I think of that. It's a nightmare.

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