tingling mouth anyone?

I'm not long in from the school run, have sat down and had a cup of tea and all of a sudden I noticed my gums and lips were tingling. Now my tongue and the roof of my mouth has joined in. I've never had this before, have any of you? Should I be worried?

I'm not having any breathing issues and apart from the usual pains don't feel particularly unwell.

Oh, and the tea wasn't overly hot, so it's not burnt, either.

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  • Yes i get that' all my mouth feels tingly and burning sensation,my tongue on the on side is very sore,if i eat anything spicy it makes it worse,my lips are tingling now they weren't five minutes ago, i blame you.When i first told my doc he gave me gabapentin,that was yonks ago,i'm still on that but a higher dosage,looks like going even higher if it continues.jacksiex

  • ha! don't blame me! I've never had this before! maybe I got it off you! haha!

    I think it's spreading though, I feel all light headed now, and like my whole body is tingling, really bizarre sensation, top of my head tingling even, as well as my arms hands, legs and feet, stronger than usual, sort of buzzing.

  • i get this also. and it even hurts my tongue when i use tooth paste or mouth wash. its a common symptom of fibro.

  • I think it is one of those things we have to put up with. Mine got so bad a few months back I could not eat or drink. I was like that for about three days and then it faded xxxxx

  • it lasted all day and then i woke up feeling exhausted and really achey, but otherwise ok, today. took the kids swimming, which is always fun, but exhausting. i really hope this doesn't become a regular thing, it was horrid!!

  • Make sure you haven't got a mouth or gum infection, even low level infections can cause mouth problems. Are you using a strong mouthwash? maybe that is irritating things too. Salt water, although yuck is best. I have recurring mouth ulcers, had a bone biopsy from the roof of my mouth for an ulcer that wouldn't heal - a drill in the mouth is so not the way to go, but all OK, just another gift from Lupus and Fibro, it's to do with thickened mucus, apparently, which sounds gross!!

  • thanks serenarian, i'm sure there's no infection. drill in the roof of your mouth sounds hideous!! did it heal, eventually?

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