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Tingling pain in Feet & Legs


I have recently been experiencing very cold feet, from that when I get into bed I get a strange kind of tingling, nipping sensation from my feet travelling up to just above my kneecaps. It is very uncomfortable & annoying.

Does anyone else ever get this? I'm not sure if its fibro related or not?

I am also experiencing an overwhelming tiredness but unable to sleep.

I feel confused & demented.


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Yes my feet are always ice cold.

I have constsnt tingling in my feet and lower legs. I wouldnt say it was painful but more annoying.

Yes i am exhausted all the time but i cant sleep without my amitriplyn. Do you take anything to help?

My right big toe (weird i know lol) is always numb and has pins and needles all the time.

hugs, kel xxxx


Hi I am a newbie here but I am having awful problems with my feet . I get a really painful tingling in my toes and then what feels like an electric shock which lasts for maybe 10 to 15 seconds and be excruciating ,but my doctor told me not assume that it was always fibro causing pain and that I have arthritis in both knees and this could be causing the problem. He doubled my amytryptiline to 50 mg , will see how it goes. By the way it's really good to read about others in the same boat


Hi Lizzyboo

Sorry, I am only seeing your reply now. Arthritis is bad, I dont think I have any but my brother has it bad in his spine.

When having fibro you automatically think every pain or twinge is fibro related. I'm tired going to Docs complaining but hey ho its what we have to do.

I hope you get some kind of relief soon.

*Gentle Hugs*

Jackie xx


Awww thank you. You sound exactly like me. Its always felt like somethin under my skin but from Friday its been nipping. I dont know if I should go to Doc or not about it? I feel like a hypocondriac!

I am on Amytriptaline, startedvat 10mg & on Friday Doc put it up to 25mg & thats when the nipping seemed to start. I wonder if they're connected?

Thank you for replying

Luv Jackie


I am on gabapentin for nerve pain and that helps with my big toe. I just wonder if the gp has mentioned gabapentin to you?

The constant tingling could be part of fibro or the meds i take i just dont know. But i would ask your gp about that nipping pain. See what they say. When i ask all i get it is 'part of fibro or meds they dont know'

Also if i cut my toe nails too short i dont feel it and i have dropped my razor on my foot and i havent felt that i have cut myself until i have seen the blood lol.

I know what you mean about feeling like a hypocondriact too lol.

hugs, kel xxxx


hi jackie, i have the same, i have been diagnosed with plantaficitous -please excuse the spelling- but it is worsened because of the fibro so itis worth seeing your gp even if to rule out any underlying condition.

hugs poppy xx


Thank you Kel & Poppy

I think I will speak to Doc about it on Wed.

I did mention Gabapentin to her last week & she said I did'nt need it cause the Amytriptaline is for pain. However it was another Doc I saw in the surgery previously had told me about it & to think about it.

One says one thing & the other another lol

Thanks a lot ladies

Luv Jac xx


Hi Jac,

I have these symptoms too and they can be a real nuisance, can't they.

Amitryptiline was originally prescribed as a tricyclic antidepressant, but was found to have good muscle relaxant properties and that is what it is mostly prescribed for these days. It makes my body relaxed enough but doesn't help my brain shut down for sleep either. It can also work as a reasonably good neuropathic analgesic.

Gabapentin on the other hand was originally prescribed for epilepsy, but found to work as a really good neuropathic analgesic and is now prescribed for that too. I have taken up to 9600mg a day (post spinal surgery), but I currently take 3600mg a day and that takes care of all my neuropathic symptoms.

I think it's all a matter of what works best for you on this one.

As far as sleep goes, there are all sorts of things that can make it a bit easier to get some better sleep, this link is quite good for ideas

hope that helps a bit

happy hugs, kate :)


Hi KraftyK8

Thank you so much for your reply.

I know Amytriptaline is an antidepressant. I also take antidepressants. Shake me & I rattle.

I hate the not sleeping. Doc is weaning me of Zolpidem (sleeping tabs) as I have been taking them a few years & have now stopped working. I will have a look at the link you have left me.

That sounds like a big dosage of that other tab you are on. I sometimes wonder what so much medication does to our insides :-/

Again thank you & I hope you are recovering well from your op.

Gentle hugs.

Jackie xx


Thank you Chris

I had myself worried during the night incase I was gonna have a heart attack. My imagination is inclined to run away with me in the dead of the night when you feel your the only one around lol. I feel less panicky now.

Thank you, you've all been a good help.

Luv Jac xx


Hi hun i have same problem with my legs & feet my heels also burn alot & i get what feels like some 1 nipping the bk of my neck which causes lots of pain in my neck/shoulders & down the spine my gp says its all 2 do with fibro but then again she says every thing 2 do with fibro lol x Gentle hugs 2 u all x


Hi Loobie

Awww bless you. It is so annoying.

Docs can be bit of a nightmare (I find) one says one thing & the other says another.

Every time I get a twinge of something I automatically put it down to Fibro but Fri/Sat night I had myself convinced it was heart related :-/ dont feel so bad now knowing others get it too. I feel like my lower legs are burning up now.

Gotta feeling its gonna be a long night.

Hope you get relief soon.

*Gentle Hugs*

Jackie xx


My partner cant believe how cold my feet always are and when it is really bad its my legs aswell nothing but a hot water bottle makes any differance and they feel very uncomfortable, tingling is a good way of describing it. Yet other times my feet get a horrible burning sensation which i really hate its so uncomfortable.


You described one of my Fibro symptoms to a T.........cold feet but burning sensation, tingling and pins and needles on the bottom of feet. My legs also burn but medication does help that. By the way, I buy a lot of fuzzy sleep socks and use them EVERY night. Thanks for your post. It really is good to compare symptoms.


I use and recommend nestoiter-gravity products from amazon. Very good for improving blood circulation, works on reflexology points making the body heal itself, removes aches and pains from feet like magic. It doesn't look impressive, but it does everything that's promised.


I feel just the same. Feet always cold. Feet and hands tingle and then the restless legs start.


Oh dear! Jackie, you're not alone, I've got the same problem and am sure a lot of other fibro sufferers too! I rarely get a full night's sleep and feel like a zombie most days. It's a vicious circle, the less you sleep, the more intense the leg, feet, etc pain get and so on. My GP prescribed Lidocaine pain patches and I use it when I'm at the stage where I feel I can't cope anymore. Hang on in there, you'll find something that works for you,, even if it's just temporary relief! 🌸


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