Has anyone experienced being unable to open eyes first thing in the morning? Some days I have to use my fingers to open lids?

Last night I fell asleep (after taking my tablets-amytriptolene) on the settee....when I woke an hour later I was totally paralysed! I felt my mind was aware of what was happening...but I could'nt even open my eyes, move or speak!! Had to just wait until it had passed! I'm still working full time but struggling now and nobody seems to understand how I can feel at times.

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  • Hi when I first read your blog I was going to say yes thats me but I only have trouble with my eyes they are difficult to open and horrid to focus. Your other symptoms I would talk to doc about I dont htink your meds should leave you feeling paralysed when you try to wake up - go and have a chat to a doc may be they are too strong ! gentle hugs (((((())))))))))) xgins

  • Hello, I was wondering what is wrong with your eyes? I have difficulty opening mine sometimes a upon waking (feeling like the muscle, not dryness) and also difficulty with focusing. It happens occasionally and only after waking up.... very stressful

  • This happened to me the one and only time I took Tramadol - I thought it must be how a drug addict would feel - totally zoned out but was aware of what was on the television but couldn't move, speak or open my eyes. I too am working full time, looking after the house and garden by myself as I don't have a OH to help me. Struggling badly, especially today but don't know what I can do about it as can't afford to leave work.

  • Maybe you could look into reducing your hours and taking meds a different time? Pace yourself is the best advice I can give. Also accept that you cannot do some things.

  • Hi Li zshep ive noticed in the last six monthe or so my eyesight has got a lot worse i keep tellin myself i must go and get them checked but as usuall i forget and when i have made appointment i forget that aswell!!! I think Tramadol is bout the only 1 ive not had but Doc said because ive got Morphine patch it not a good idea. My worry now is that i keep gettin body tremmors, not sure what else to call them. Any part of my body starts to shake when ever it decides to it was my head last week!!!! My next appointment is with pain management next month so fingers crossed they will help. Just a thought Lizshep when you get a mo google "The Spoon Theory" have a read and pass it on to ur family and friends, i did and it helped them to understand just a bit better as to why i was in so much pain when there was nothing to see that could be causing this pain. xxxxx big soft hugs. take it easy every 1 xxxxx. If only Santa could bring us all just a Pain Free Day for xmas!!!!

  • Don't forget ladies Tramadol is just a step behind morphine,so it's no wonder we have these strange experiences.i too have woken and my right eye will not open for a few seconds,doc said it dry eyes,he gave me drops,i don't always use them.I have nightmares i think my eyes have turned to jelly,daft i know,thing is if dry eyes how come i don't use drops and they ok.So yes i have had same thing but i'm not on tramadol.I've even paid for eye test because my eyes are worse somedays.Baffled Jacksiex

  • Hi Jacksie. I know the above is quite some time back (5 yrs), but I am now experiencing exactly what you were then - "...my right eye will not open for a few seconds." This happens to me when I am tired and feel sleepy... it is then that my right eye starts acting funny.

    So, I just wanted to know what did you then do for it? I hope In Shaa Allah by now your eyes are all perfect and you (and everybody in this conversation) are in the best of their health, Ameen!

    Hope to receive your reply. Take care.

  • thanks everyone for your replies. It's great to talk to others that understand how we feel. I'm not on tramadol.......I've been on amitryptilene for years now (50mg) so no change in medication. It was probably the most frightening experience of my life (so far!) I find the problem is when I was diagnosed around 10 yrs ago I was sent away with medication and that was it.....no follow up appointments....no advice....nothing at all apart from a diagnosis! I feel now that the time is coming for me to reduce my hours at work but there is nobody that can give advice about benefits etc. My husband had cancer 2 yrs ago (he's recovered now) and had worked all his life but when it came to claiming benefits we were totally lost! He ended up returning to work while still receiving chemo because we were refused DLA etc and in the end he was getting £50+ per week sickness benefit (aft deductions). We did get an appointment with CAB who told us I was more entitled to a benefit than him......Sorry for the rant but I'm just home from work and it's been another stressful day lol ( I'm a classroom assistant)

  • Know the feeling saw a rhumatolagist 19 years ago gave me AMYTRIPTOLINE 5mg but my doc already had me on 10mg but I also had no referrals and no follow ups I have trouble with my eyes some mornings they won't open have to open them with my fingers other times I have to close one usually my left as everything is blury but I wear glasses full-time bifocals and it seems about a fortnight after having my eyes checked and getting new glasses need new ones, a lot of the time my eyes go gunky can't think of a better word for it . Luv to all big gentle hugs Sithy an now off to scoff a tub of magnum icecream yummy

  • I have had this too, not recently, but when I took Tramadol coincidentally too. I literally had to prize my eyes open some mornings. I don't have that problem now thankfully.

    It would be advisable to check with your GP's if you do experience this problem with your eyes in the mornings or when you wake up, just to check that nothing else is causing it and that perhaps it's your meds having this effect. Always best to check! :) xxx

  • Relieved to hear I am not alone. I have been on Amitriptyline for about a year now and these symptoms are recent. The one thing I can put it down to though is timing. I have been messing up/around with my timings and often find odd symptoms occur then, though different ones.

    I have set my phone to remind me to take my Pregabalin at 7am and 7pm for round the clock cover. I take Amitriptyline at the same time in the evening, 7pm, but recently have been ignoring my alarm! I take my Tegretol on getting to bed and for all of this to work properly I need to be in bed for 9pm - but have been going at 11pm.

    The result is my head is swimming within seconds of hitting the pillow. Thats fine, I am going to sleep and its not a bad feeling - but last week I had three days of sleeplessness. Walking down the corridor was like walking on a boat! The stairs - I was so careful I was ok - but I had to get some milk before I could settle again. It was during this time I found if I nodded off in the afternoon, my eyes would stick! I would be fully awake, able to move, but unable to open my eyes. No sign of conjunctivitus either. I bought some of that spray that goes through the eyelid too for dry, tired eyes, for when it did not make sense to be tired.

    I have only woken once unable to open my eyes in the morning, and am wondering whether the fact that you had only just taken your medication which is meant to calm you and relax you so you don't feel the stimulus that bothers you as pain, was the reason?

    Sorry, hope you can make sense of this. Use your drops when your eyelids feel 'scratchy'.

    Soft hugs.

  • Hi Lizshep

    I had quite a few of these, I found it quite frightening and asked the doctor what was going on - I also felt like I had electric shock running through my body and what seemed to be screaming in my head. I was told that these are anxiety attacks that come on when one part of your brain has fallen asleep before the other Alpha / Delta non - sleep. When you are asleep your body is paralysed ( in a normal sleep) to stop you getting up in your dream etc. This is apparently why you feel awake but you cannot move........xx

  • Yes. I'm going through that now. When I wake up, most of the time I can't just open my eyes, but have to use my fingers, applying light pressing, to help open them. Sometimes I can open them somewhat quickly with finger pressing, and sometimes it take a long time. And oh boy, if I just pop my eyes open, I scream in pain. It feels almost like I've been stabbed in the eyes. Weird.

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