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Something that makes me chuckle!

I woke myself up whilst snoozing on the sofa.

I was lying on my side with my arms crossed over and hands on shoulders. (i call it the sideways coffin pose) but anyway,

I had such a massive 2 x twitch in my hand, and woke up thinking that someone had tapped me on my shoulder. It took me a couple of seconds to realise what had happened!

i know i find it funny everytime i think about it, just thought Id share :)

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ha ha Tovi love it

i have to sleep with all my limbs straight or the pain is grrr x grrr

take care xx


its just whatever i fall asleep like, always wake up in pain!

sometimes i do the channel 4...or also include the arm to make the highland fling :)


My Oh sleeps like this on his back... I keep threatening to buy a plastic sword and slip it inbetween his arms as he looks like a medieval knight :P

VG x


ha ha.. another chuckle..chuckles are good! :D


lol @ VG!

Don't you find that, when there's that moment of adrenaline surging thru the body after you suddenly wake up, for that brief moment or two, the pain is banished before it floods back in? So maybe I should take up skydiving lol?!


I would soo love to have a go at skydiving.


me too or abseiling!


I Sleep the same way ,less pain but my hands go dead! so now and again I have to hang them out of the side of the bed!


I have no doubt if we were all to compare sleeping positions we would be able to write a book on the subject, so many variables and some quite mind boggling too all in the name of comfort too lol! :O :P ;)

VG plays Maid Marian to her Sir Lancelot, knight in shining armour, now that must be a subject for Gins . . . . . . :O


I sleep on my left in the recovery position! :O



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