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Fibromyalga diagnosis


I have suffed chronic pain for several years. I had to leave work last year after a long illness . I could not do the job I was so tired and stressed had panic attacks and found myself crying with the pain. I went to my Doctor who said I had depression and pain was from my C6/C7 discectomy and fusion operation ( 6 years ago) although the pains where in different places (depending on weather ) I woke up every morning feeling I had not slept. My hands and feet hurt my neck , lower back. it would last all day. I felt like I had run a marathon in my sleep!

Last April I had blood tests for rhumatoid Arthritis and several other disorders. Every one wAs negative. A few weeks ago my doctor told me I had all the symptoms of Fibromyalga , gave me more medication to help me sleep ( not working) and that was it. Does this mean I have been diagnosed ? I don't know what to do next ?

Any advise would be much appreciated

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I think it means, that he thinks you may have fibromyalgia and is resisting saying it for what ever reason.

You could ask when you are next with him something along the lines of;

"Do you really think it is fibromyalgia that I have?"

It will give you a better idea of his thoughts. I think the problem really lies in Fibromyalgia still being seen as a diagnosis of omission, they like to take there time to make sure they haven't missed anything.

You could ask for a referral to a rheumatologist if he is not sure what is going on.

Best Wishes, Ray


Thank you


Hi Maz,

Seems were are sailing in the same ship - the only thing I have found to cope with the pain is Amytripylene and Co-codyromle (forgive the spelling) but that come with a downside - is that they make you very drowsy. i manage with the pain kilers during the day, with a dose of Amytrip at night. Have tried and taken all the drugs and injections given by the doctors. This is the only thing that helps at present. Have you tried hot baths or heat rubs to try and ileviate the pain?

Write down all your symptoms, and what time they occur - include your pain level for each

i.e. pain sole of left foot - pain level 6 out of 10 and give the time. gather abit of data then go backto the doc and demand an answer and a referral to a pain management consultant.

Fingers crossed for you



Thank you


Hi Maz134

I am so sorry to read that, and I would openly and politely discuss the issue with your GP to gauge his thoughts? I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi have they suggested you see a rhummie consultant and have they suggested a pain and fatigue clinic both could really help one with a confirmation and two with coping with it all , good luck x


Hi Maz134, Your story is almost exactly the same as mine, even down to the back surgery (2 years ago). Painful hands, shoulders/neck, feet and back, although not the same place that hurt before the surgery headaches and terrible lethergy. I have had loads of tests and MRI and CT scan. I have been going to my local Pain Clinic for 12 years.

Finally, a week ago I heard the words 'fibromyagia' and 'very distressing' from the Pain Clinic consultant. In my copy of the report sent to my GP, fibromyalgia was not even mentioned. I get on well with my GP so I called her to discuss this diagnosis. I had to very carefully ask if she was familiar/sympathetic to this condition. Its almost like it is a dark, dirty secret! She said she did know about it and accepted my offer of having an information pack sent from FibroAction.

What does it take to make the condition accepted by the medical profession at large??

I wish you well and hope that you finally get the meds that will help - its very often trial and error though.

Very best wishes.


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