Pain in chest

I suffer with fibromyalgia and attend pain clinic for trigger point injection just had new medication which I had through a drip for 2 hours didn't touch me i'm on or oramorph and zormorph and other meds for copd b12 and others all was helped by my amazing nurse she sent me fo consultations etc would be lost without her docs are rubbish anyway I get a serious pain quite regularly in my left side under my boob I've read it's fibromyalgia does anyone suffer the same just it's so so painfully sometimes feel like dieing just so it would stop I feel for all u people that suffer this I've had it 10 years and now I have 2 year old to look after too bless too all xx

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  • Connie have you been diagnosed with fibro? You ned to be seen by a rheumatologist ! The pain you discribe can be from a back injury or indeed other things. You are already attending a pain clini why were you sent there?

    I would love to be able to help so let me know how you are


    administrator fibroaction

  • I just reread every thing I dont think my tiny mind had woken up. Connie good morning welcome to the site I see you are a long term sufferer ike the rest of us:) This is a brilliant site lovely people all very kind and caring.

    The forum is run by and if you have a look there are lots of useful tips and hints of places to look for more supourt.

    I have at going on at the mo do drop by and introduce yourself

    Keep smiling


  • Yes have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I think I have bad arthritis too I go to pain clinic because meds I'm on don't do enough I too suffer with restless leg syndrome and if I don't take morphine I might as well forget going to bed at all I don't sleep well anyway it was a little better in pregnancy but I had cholestatistics in stead can't win either way I do hit rock bottom a lot only my daughter keeps me on this earth or else nothing to live for except pain very depressing subject but u are all lovely ty for support xx

  • Oh my goodness I could have wrote this my self about the chest pain. My fibromyalgia went away in pregnancy my son is now 6 months and it's back and it's worse. The pain started around 3 months ago. Left side top 2 ribs and under above and to the side of my left boob it's a hot prickling pain sometimes a sharp pain. Had x-ray and tests it's not my heart. Xxx

  • could it be costrochodritis?

  • Hi Connie

    I'm sorry to hear how you are suffering. I have suffered from chronic chest pain for 9 years now. I have it in a band right around my rib cage. I was told (without x rays) back then that I had "benign chest-wall pain syndrome" by the awful pain consultant I had. He then stated "it is common in middle aged women" I was 29! Move on 9 years and I finally see a rheumatologist and have fibro diagnosed, he also did a chest x ray. I have a birth defect of 2 conjoined ribs and a mass of cartilage which is adding to my pain! Only found this out last month, but at least I know!

    Sorry it's long, but I have heard that chest pain is common with fibro and I think mine is just made worse by my defect.

    I'm sorry I can't be more help, but at least you're not alone. Big fluffy gentle hugs.

    Jayne x

  • I get pains all over sometimes I get it where my ribs join the breast bone that's really bad I have had fibro for about 18yr I also get restless leg & recently my hubby left which I now can't sleep at all which has caused more pain I only have tramadol for the pain I'm also a diabetic ,high blood pressure,colesterol not had b12 I think every time I think I'm getting a good day I have two bad hope you get sorted hugs to you xxx

  • Hi guys a common theme here seems to be restless legs. My sister suffered terribly with it for years but when she started magnesium at night (don't know the dose) it eased a lot and now she never mentions it. she used to hate going to bed it was so bad.

  • There's a condition that us fibros get called Costrochondritis and it's like an inflammation of the chest it feels like you're having a heart attack. This is very painful I know I've had it a few times.

  • hi I'm having pain in my chest but also got sorethrat and a dry tung

  • This is the best article I have ever read explaining fibro but you need an answer. Have you ever heard of fibrin. Those of us with fibro have an excess of it. It is the protein that forms a web of fibers (shoddy description but you get the point), like a scab, over wounds. Well ours is going crazy, like Spiderman throwing webs everywhere. When it ends up places it shouldn't necessarily be it causes pain. It can also build up inside our blood vessels causing blockages and pain. Simplified explanation but, check with your doc but if he/she agrees then use serrapeptase (you can purchase at Amazon or health food store) instead of drugs, it is an systemic enzyme, different from digestive enzymes.

    Here is an article about it

    Good luck Connie

    I must remind everyone that you must be your own advocate and do the research. Everything I know I have discovered on google. I have reversed fibro and now want to eliminate the last bits of pain. I am on my second day of serrapeptase and already notice a tiny improvement.

  • Hi Keirarose, I've been on holiday since you joined, so pleased to meet you :-)

    However I have to point out that you may need to read up on some of the rules of the forum.

    Your remark " I must remind everyone that you must be your own advocate and do the research. Everything I know I have discovered on google. I have reversed fibro and now want to eliminate the last bits of pain. I am on my second day of serrapeptase and already notice a tiny improvement " sadly goes completely against our recommendations here. We always advise people to contact their GP (doctor here in the UK ) if they have any serious or potentially serious problem occurring.

    To encourage people to make heir own diagnosis from googling can and has to my knowledge led to disaster and death, so though it may have worked for you, please remember we are all different and that the site does have guidelines it likes members to adhere to.

    I am not saying this in any way nastily, but it just leapt out at me and I felt I should make you aware of it, so that problems don't occur again.

    Sending lots of positive vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • I only meant, to educate yourself instead of depending on the medical profession to know everything about your disease/condition. I do not work in conjunction with a doctor because I have not found one yet that even supports any natural methods at all. I would not be well now if I had not sought out my own answers. That is my issue though.

    I will make sure I add the "Check with your Dr first" from now on. :) No offense taken.

  • Hi again Keirarose :-)

    Thank you for taking on board what I said - it wasn't meant in any way to be nasty, but purely for the safety of the members here :-)

    Also the system in the US is vastly different to the one we have here which sometimes means you're not properly understood, again not with malice but lots of people don't realise that difference and it is tricky both for you as an Americans (and some others members who are) and us to get things straight, like a lot of the med names are different and it confuses people.

    No offence intended in any way at all, so welcome to our lovely forum and I hope it is as useful to you as it has been for me over the years :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • You know, I never felt at all that you were being nasty, quite the opposite. Thank you again for your kindhearted guidance.

  • Hi Connie

    Yes I too get that it was the first symptom I started with 5 years back and it then spread all around my rib cage but the worse pain being exactly where you describe. I was sent for a mamograph and ultrasound in the end but all they found was a cyst which supposedly could not have caused all that pain. It was diagnosed at the time as severe costochondritis but after an MRI scan it showed degeneration of the spine as well so my doctor guessed that the pain was a type of referred pain. I have been unable to wear a bra since (I would have been good in the burn the bra era) and somedays even a tight vest causes me agony. I have found that Pregablin does help most of the time with the burning shooting pains but they are still there and other pain killers often don't touch the other pains I have unfortunately. That particular pain seems to come and go in its intensity and is always worse if I am tired or have tried to do something that has a twisting movement or pick up anything too heavy or reach up too far so I try and be sensible if I can and now do ask for help if it is at all possible,. It must be very difficult not to have to do those movements with a 2 year old to care for so my sympathy goes out to you. I do hope you can find something that eases it. Soft, gentle hugsxx

  • Hi there and welcome :-)

    I think people have all given you good advice, my inclination would be to think of Costrochodritis which people here have mentioned and some unfortunate ones suffer from.

    However, chest pain of any description should always be taken very seriously and I would urge you to contact your GP asap and if the pain gets any worse call an ambulance or get to A&E immediately. They would always prefer to examine you and diagnose Costrochondritis than to have you suffer a heart problem.

    Sending lots of healing and positive vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Bless your heart!!! I hurt really bad under my breasts I can't stand anything touching me there. It's always tender and more so sometimes than others. I feel for you honey having a little one to look after as it's not an easy job when you are well must less with this horrible illness. I had to go to a pain clinic a couple of years ago and they gave me Opana ER 10 mg twice a day. It has really made the pain bearable at least. I hope this helps you sweetheart!!! Hang in there and enjoy that little one while you can, they grow up so fast!!! xxxx Mitzi

  • Hi connie

    Welcome to the forum, and I genuinely hope that you find the forum useful, informative and loads of fun!

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I personally suffer from Costochondritis in the bottom 3 ribs on my right side, and this gives me a chest pain.

    Please remember though that with any chest pain that it really should be checked out by your GP.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Connie has anyone told you it could very much be an anxiety attack? I've suffered from that, and its always a pain in my chest. They've xrayed me and examine me from top to bottom, and its always an anxiety attack manifesting as pain in my chest. Sorry friend, do drop me a line, I'd love to chat with you. Colleen

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