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Hi everyone, I have suffered for well over 20yrs with lower back pain, past 2 yrs it has been worst than ever before. Before I was told I had Fibromyalgia, I constantly had back pain..I worked in a day nursery and my duties were very heavy, we never just sit and cradle babies!!!

Since Nov 2011 I have not worked, my back is getting worst to the point I cannot stand or sit for long. I have to keep moving slowly,but it bloody hurts so much. The pain is now making my bum cheeks and legs numb. Does anyone else suffer like this?


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  • hi ask doc for a scan/mri as it probly nothing to do with fybro...people tend to blame everything on that...I was told for years it was nothing, I had mri and turns out I have 3 degenerative discs...numbness should never be ignored x

  • Thank you, I will see my GP. It is getting so painful.

    Jan x

  • do you have any problems with bladder or bowel control? x

  • When I need to go, I have to be there asap!!!

  • well I would make an appointment to see your doctor and don't be fobbed off! I know that they always ask me if I have numbness in butocks etc and about going to the toilet so just get it discs have popped out so not pressing on important nerves but if they go in they can affect your bowles and bladder,im NOT saying this is whats happening to you but I was fobbed off for years,i don't mind pain if I know whats causing it! its when they say oh its nothing or its your fibro,if your leg fell off they would say it was fibro!!! lol...and I struggled for four years with other pains till I said no more,,,was tested and found I had RA! keep me posted x

  • Will keep you posted on how things go, pain is so bad that I cannot walk sometimes.

    Jan x

  • hi there I have irratable bowel and bladder syndrome, they say this is caused by fibro and arthritis, which I have, but its very embarassing isnt it as you say when you gotta go you gotta go, I have had many accidents, thank goodness for Tenna's eh LOL you have to laugh about it or things would get you down so much wouldnt they gentle hugs Dee x

  • Hi there Jan

    You're post describes EXACTLY the same problems I've been having. I haven't worked since March 2012. Been having lower back pain (amongst many other ailments) for over 20 years. I can hardly sit at all now as I'm getting numbness and tingling in my bum, toes hands and fingers. I was diagnosed with Fibro in June this year, but have had it for over 20 years. Only got my diagnosis as I moved to a different County. Awaiting an appointment for the Pain Clinic. Sorry I can't help much ~ but maybe it helps to know you're not alone?

    All the very best

    Coz x

  • Thanks Coz for your reply, I find just walking around at home hurts my and I sometimes get a sharp electric shock pain in my back, and when this happens I cannot do anything. My GP is off at the moment, and I saw someone different, he made me feel so small, and told me to lose weight. He didnt want to know, didnt even look through my notes.

    Jan x

  • I am the same took me 8 month and a letter of complaint. to doctors to get to pain clinic now have to have an mri scan sorry if I got name wrong hope you get some help soon hugs xx

  • I to suffer badly with back pain it has become almost intolerable today I very gently mopped living room floor and the pain nearly brought me to tears ive had enough I cant seem to do anything anymore its the reason I had to give up work 6yrs ago and has just gotton worse I just get told its the muscles going into spasm ive been waiting 4 mounths for a physio appointment as the dr thinks all I need is a deep massage as I have developed lumps down the side of my spine when I saw him 4 mnths ago they were the size of a grape they are now the size of my palm when I layed on my back the other day I lost the feeling in my left leg and im getting pins and needles in my arms I also find it difficult to hold on to my bladder I have to go straight away im so worried but theydont care xx

  • Yes you are right about them not caring, think we have to really be on our knees for them to understand. I have been going tp physio, it does help, however I have found it also tires me out too.

    Hope you get some help soon.

    Jan x

  • I also suffer from severe back pain, I have spondylosis of the neck and lower back, and was told the fibro is also causing me alot of bad back pain, I haven't been able to lay flat for months now , the only way I can get what little sleep I do get is to sleep sitting up, sending u all gentle hugs...Dee x

  • Thanks for your reply, this pain is awful, like I have said on other replies we really need our GP's to listen to us, and understand that this pain is real. Take care.

    Jan x

  • Hi Janlou,

    I also have back pain constantly, it is really hard to bear at times, so I feel for you. Mine started as a young child, my mother says some of my first words were my legs hurt! I have had several MRI scans, and the discs in my lower spine are completely degenerated, and I have also one torn and another bulging and pressing on a nerve causing the numbness you describe. I hope you have seen a doctor, as if it gets worse you may need an operation.

    They have ruled out an op for me, as it only would have a 20% chance of success, and all the time I can still get about they would rather not do it, I also have problems walking standing and sitting for long, and have to spend a lot of time lying down, lucky I like to read! It is important to try to stay active, all about the dreaded pacing I am afraid!

    I have developed Restless leg syndrome, which I believe is a result of my back problems, and a Rheumatologist I saw says my whole body has become sensitised because of my back, I also have stomach problems and am awaiting an endoscopy, but i hope that this can be resolved, as I think I probably have an ulcer.

    Hope you find a way to cope, if ever you feel the need to talk, I most definitely understand, so message me any time, have a good day,


  • Caz I have restless legs too, I am doing a 2night sleep study at my local hospital.I did one at home to see if I had sleep apena, and the dr said he does not think I have it,but the test showed I had a very restless night. To be honest I have never slept deeply since I had my children, and when I look back I am sure I was suffering from fibro all those years ago.

    Jan x

  • Good luck with the sleep study, I wish I could get on one. My husband says that even when I sleep, my body keeps jerking and I suddenly burn up, it is similar to the restless legs, he said I also stop breathing at times too, although I have never told the doctor about it, I have so many other things going on, I don't like to say any more, lol!

    Best wishes, Cazx

  • Hi Caz, You should see your GP about your sleeping, especially you say you stop breathing......thats what they are testing me for, however the sleep study at home showed I dont stop breathing, but I dont have a deep sleep.

    Big hugs

    Jan xx

  • Hi there cazbaz, I could be reading about myself there, I use to cry so much with the pain in my legs, that was when I was about 5yrs old, im 72 yrs now, and have had these problems since I was 11yrs old, I was told by a rhuematologist that I had muscular rheumatism, as they knew nothing in those days about fibro, I have had arthritis of the spine since I was 11rys which has since been diagnosed as spondylosis of the lumber spine and neck, had operation in 2006 for a lumber spine defusion also a bone infusion, nuts n bolts ect lol, plus the leg pains then in 1995 they diagnosed the fibro, no such things as mri scans in my day which was a pity, I also have gastric problems have had endless endoscopies and have Barratts Osophegus I did think I had an ulcer because the pain was horrendouse, have to have endoscopies now every two years, also very bad restless leg syndrome, had them since very young too,have also had asthma since a baby, and now tinitus but they say a lot of these things are due to fibro dont they apart from the spondylosis, but the doc did say that fibro, can cause very bad back pain as well, so I have a double whammy, the restless leg syndrome is awful isnt it, do hope things go ok for you re the endoscopy, plzz keep us informed as to how you get on, gentle hugs to you ...Dee x

  • I feel for you, it is a terrible thing to suffer like this your whole life, I have rarely been with out pain, but managed to live a normal life until I had an accident 4 years ago, which I think was the catalyst for everything getting so much worse.

    I must say, that we do sound very similar, I am so sorry for you!

    Thank you for your good wishes,


  • Hi everyone I too am suffering from really bad back pain just recently I was told if it became more numb or started loosing control to by pass Doctors surgery go straight to A&E.

    Mine had decided to add the thoracic back to my problems so now cannot sit stand lie with relief I have had enough it is really grating - hope you all find some relief I too sit up at night does help a little but hey what a hand we have been delt :) xgins

  • Sending hugs, this fibro has alot to answer 2.

    Jan x

  • Hi Gins do hope you are feeling a little better if only for a couple of hours, and yes us fibros have been dealt a raw hand, I would just like it if people that dont under stand the condition didnt look at you as if say dont know what all the fuss is, cant see anything wrong with you, but hey ho we have it and theres not a great deal we can do about it is there, gentle hugs for you ...Dee x

  • I'm sorry you are in so much pain at the moment jan, I have had three compression fractures, two in the lumbar spine and one thoracic, so I do understand the pain you must be in. I wonder if you have tried one of the doughnut cushions, which take the pressure off the spine. I agree with gins that perhaps you could side step the inconsiderate GP and go to an A&E and see what help you can get.

    Foggy x

  • Thanks I will do that, its getting so painfull I can hardly walk.

    Jan x

  • hi jan im so sorry to hear how much pain you are in,i understand how your feeling,i too are in alot of pain in my lower back,due to a fall i had in feb i injured my lumbar spine an been diagnosed with spondylosis,it too kills me to sit,stand,and can hardly walk,i really do hope you feel some relief soon. sending gentle hugs. bec x

  • Thanks Bec, today is a little easier, but I could sleep for ever!!! Just trying to keep moving and trying not to sleep too much.

    Jan xx

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