hi,folks,well howstupid am i,what and with fribo and all the other things my gaull bladder desides to play up....we had tee tonight my son cooked me a pork chop (fried) and omg did i pay for stomach was upside down sweating then cold so my wife says hav a lie this way that way walking up/down the living ring the out of hours doc...have to go to my local hospital to see a doc..he told me it is my bladder and it needs to come out...lucky have have a appointment with a surgeon on the he said no food at all for now or all day tomorrow..then he said i have to have an injection in my leg to slow it down so he did the injection and sent me home ...troble now pain is terrible in leg as well...i will be straving by tomorrow night but i have to do sorry for the moan guys.

bob xx

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  • How Horrid Bob we all need to have a moan and let are feelings of frustration out. Good job your having it removed on the 4th you must be counting the days. I wish you well with operation you will feel like a new man! take care xgins

  • Awwww poor you. Hope all goes well for your op on the 4th and your recovery is speedy. This blasted fibromyalgia never seems to exist on its own does it? we all seem to have a heap of other health conditions too. Hopefully your op clears up at least one of ur complaints and your soon back eating lots of lovely things again - pain free :-)

    Take care


  • You have every right to moan and here is the best place to do it. We can all listen to one another and it makes life more bearable for us all. Ihope everything goes well for the op on 4th and I will look forward to hearing how you are doing xxxxx

  • Poor you! I sympathise, it just seems to be one thing after another. I hope the surgeon can do "magic" & get you out of pain quickly. You will be so hungry having to starve yourself, but hopefully it will ease the pain. Life seems so unfair sometimes, like we haven't got enough to deal with Fibro alone!

    I just wish we could sleep thru a whole night now & then. It's now just gone 5am, been awake since 4, didn't go off to sleep til gone 2.30, & that was on the sofa as my back & legs to painfull to climb stairs to go to bed!

    Good luck, be thinking of you.

    Gentle hugs x

  • good luck bob and hope your soon feeling more comfey , gentle hug to you,:) x

  • THANKS TO ALL,thats made me a little bit know that my fribo friends care also made my day...THANKS.

    bob xx

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