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Have had a lovely day!

I must tell you about my day. I'm having a horrid time with anxiety at the mo and struggling with my counselling course but today I met up with a very dear friend that I haven't seen for ten years because she emigrated to Canada. She has now moved back to the UK because both of her young sons have been diagnosed with brain tumours and our health care system is better than in Canada. My friend has been so strong and I love her dearly and she didn't deserve this at all. When I saw her today we both cried,I can't tell you how much it meant to me,we have both kept in regular contact over the years(I met her at art college) and even though we have seen each other on Skype it's just not the same than seeing her for real. Even though she has her own problems we are both there for each other and I am so glad she is in my life.

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So lovely for you to me up again after all this time, but what awful circumstances that have borught you back together. I pray for both her sons and I know you will be there for her xxxxxx


What a lovely but rather sad post. Friends I think, are very precious, especially as it is easy to lose them due to Fibro preventing us from keeping up with social activities. I am sure that you will be a much needed support for this lady and her sons. Lets all hope and prey that the boys respond to treatment over here. Do keep us posted on their progress. Jane x


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