Suddenly time has whisked us up to the 17th December the world seems to be scurrying around preparing themselves

for celebrating together with family and friends. So lets look in the window today, what will we find:

A very perky snowman wearing his striped hat and scarf as he may get cold, never understood that shorely it will encourage the melt- anyway there he is looking resplendant and sort of eager:)

Shall we amuse him with a joke = oh yes we will-

How can a snowman loose weight?

Well of course you all know the answer dont you He waits till it gets warmer!¬

may be rather a wet joke but it is clean and white!

What does a snowman have for breakfast? I like this one who knows it I will try and put answer in befor 12.


Ps Oh has bought me a pressie but I have to go to town and collect it with him (I will probably have to wrap it as well :)

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  • Well at least we for the punch line today, though it shows how little social life I and my OH half had as we scratched our heads over that one...l. I kept popping back in for the answer while you were probably down town searching for a comfy tasteful cushion to sit on on top of your mushroom when the world ends.... Or buying a plane ticket to France, and why are the French convinced they are going to survive, are they engineering the whole thing??????

    Ooooh la la

    Can cans off to open her advent calendar

    VG x

  • OMG remind me not to do the can can in my nightie when my calendar is on the window ledge of the living room, we shall never get any post ever again cries with shame......still maybe the postman will look upon it as a Christmas bonus..... At last my calendar is building up to Christmas slowly in a round about way...... Yes another animal ..... But it's a camel.... No wise man no gift just a lonely camel, no wonder he has the hump....bad pun intended..


  • It is strange but you know if only the Myans had made a new calender but it was so much easier to proclaim the end. They would be horrified by the modern world com,puters and all that. As for ze french I zinc zay has ze trouble wiz there little brainz unless ze ower of ze garlic wiz ze vine will be there zaviour.


  • pity woolworths closed. the Myans could have got one of those little 5p tab calendars and made a new one! that's at we used at school!


  • Yep I am afraid I look upon the end of world with as much belief as I did the millennium bug turning all computers into meltdown with the date thingy......talking of dates my mum gave me a cheque for Christmas to go get myself something nice, she dated it 2002....... Anyway I got myself a quillow , the cushion you turn inside out and becomes a soft fleecy blanket... And yes I had to wrap that my self, so I know how you feel about wrapping your own presents.....

    VG x

  • a quillow sounds wonderful I managed to get my pressie havent peeped promise just need OH to wrap itup and then temptation dissapears.

    grandson has just been decorating the dog with cake cups and laughing at her - such a lot of giggles I could hear them down the line! :)

  • quillow of course a pillow and a quilt why how marvelous ingenious :) xgins

  • My OH wanted me to get a quackett ..... A combination of quilt and straight jacket he's says I am too christmassy that's cos I made him watch muppets Christmas carol last night

    Only 8 more sleeps till Christmas

    VG x

  • can you get quippers? or would they be sluvets? = slippers + duvet.


  • what did one snowman say to his fellow snowmen ?

    anyone else smell carrots?

    [his nose]


  • I can't scurry around fast enough, so much to do, so little time! Baking mince pies tomorrow, about 100 should do it, and then sausage rolls (100 again) the next day. We are having all our windows replaced in time for Christmas so it will keep me out of the way in the kitchen and in the warm near the oven! :)

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Makes a note ... Trip to Libby's tomorrow with large bag.......

    VG x

  • right behind you VG! scooters at full speed.


    is it Libs? sounded like the white rabbit!

  • I know LIbs likes her hair, but I don't think she's grown it all over ... Or gone white.... Though she does a good nose twitch and she gets through a lot of carrots.

    rushes to charge her scooter batteries to be faster than Sandra.... Unless you are really a talking budgie, then you could fly faster ....... Save some for meeeeee

    VG x

  • my boy budgie had just had a bath on my pic, and if he got there first we'd all know "whos been eating al the pies"!


  • the punch line late again is SNOWFLAKES


  • late again Gins, if your hands are up to it I should make you write lines, but to be gentle I,ll just give you a detention, meet you for it tomorrow at Libby's your punishment .... Eating as many mince pies as you can in 3 minutes

    VG :D

  • grins evily what a scrumptious thought :) xgins

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