I am a Chocoholic (sits down)

My other half went for his daily shopping trip to Tesco and all though I had not requested any he brought me back some chocolate. Well to be specific he arrived with nine yes nine small bars. I have a problem with chocolate I cannot just leave a bar un touched in fact if I open one it has gone. There fore for the last four months I have not had any- I have not bought any - I have not craved any. Guess what I have already eaten two of the nine. I asked him to hide them he refused. Alas oh woe is me I will not fit the dress for the ball in February. So I sit here typing this my mind has been diverted from eating chocolate for breakfast. Oh how long can I hold out place your bets everything going toward the fund raising activities of Fibro

Will it be an hour two five or may be tomorrow how long you say ???????

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  • Three hours......dark chocolate tho is good or you isn't it....Dee x

  • Morning Gins :)

    Well you could give it away, or wrap it up individually and fine yourself for every one you eat before Christmas :)

    Be good Gins you have carols to sing and fun and frolic friday to distract you.

    However I reckon by 11am you may have scoffed it :D

  • Is he gonna sit and scarf them down in front of you or do you get to indulge? Chocolate mmmmmmmmm . Sithandra

  • thats mean I might just get to them first heheheh..tiptoes off

  • Oh he bought milk la la I can smell it.....

  • I've just had a snickers bar and the other 5 are calling to me someone restrain me please as. Chocolate gives me migraine so can only have 1 small treat size bar in any 24 hour period oooooooh chocolate lol yummy

  • Oh I expect they are gone by now! I love chocolate, was at gps this morning and he said my cholesterol was really good 3.6, I said does that mean I can eat even more chocolate :) he said no :-)

  • That sounds like me and my doc chuckle chuckle

  • Talking of chocolate,last night I scoffed loads of Lindor truffles and they set off my ibs sytoms.So was up in the night with a swollen and painful belly :( but you would think that would put me off them,well no cos I've just had a load again and have a sore belly now and had diarrhoea :( seems like chocolate is no good for me :(

  • were they the dark choccy ones they are my faves, Oh I can't stop with them either.

    Danger notices should come on the boxes :o

    If it was the dark ones they can have the effect of laxatives H if you eat too much :o and irritate the IBS a little. :(


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