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Spent the day with my daughter and grandchildren, suffering now

Had a lovely day yesterday. Was great to see Jodie and my grandchildren ( she has 3 girls and a new baby boy).

She was having her kitchen floor relaid and it was hectic. James is only a few weeks old, and Catherine (her youngest girl, she's 6) has server Learning Difficulties but is unwell and of school. So was nice i could go help out. Got lots of hugs and kisses from my other 2 granddaughters when they came home from school.

The trip there by bus on my electric chair was really good, coming home a nightmare. A bus was just pulling away when i turned the corner to far away to get him to stop. Should run every 10 mins waited 20. Was very cold. Saw the bus in the distance then the heavens opened, was wet cold and miserable. The driver was great but I had difficulty parking as bus was full, but i'm a good driver lol lol. got a lot of praise from fellow passengers. When getting of 2 young girls with their buggies had to get of first so i could get out and then they got back on. Was tired and totally feed up by the time i go home. But still was worth the hassle love my family.

I don't mind the pain when I've been out and about.

yvonne xxx

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Glad you had a good time, I know it takes it out of you when you spend time with the Grandchildren but the smiles they provide carry you through the next day of additional pain.

I am the same, I have my youngest Grandchild one day a week and even if I am in excruciating pain on the day and for days after his smiles make it all worthwhile.

Keep up that positive attitude and hopefully you'll have more good days than bad daysxxx.


Think of all the positivies you achieved yesterday hun. Be proud of yourself. Been sick with flare up all week so not been out for 7 days. Attempting a day out for family lunch tomorrow.


Have a good Day, hope all goes as planned



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