Jumping upon awaking

Going to a temp agency next week to get back to work. I stopped working when i was having problems 2 years ago, and to continue taking my girls to school. Well, the girls are on a bus now, and we need the money. Unfortunately, i am getting worried that working full time will stress me, along with taking care of the home and family, cooking and cleaning.

My biggest concern is that i seem to be in a deep fog when i wake up in the morning. I almost feel my brain is so shut down, that i am in a kind of comma. I always seem to jump up out of bed, as if this is the only way i can get out of bed. I dont know when this started happening, but it sort of scares me. Even when i took a nap yesterday, i jumped up when i awoke because i was overheating. I dont like this jumping up. It feels very unnatural, and i dont know why i am doing this.

Does this happen to anyone else? What is this?

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  • Hi there pleased to meet you. Also do something very similar. I know my jumping out of my sleep is due to my panic/anxiety issues. Maybe your been under pressure to return to work could be a trigger for what is happening.

    I am sorry your suffering in this way it is an horrible feeling. Maybe you could have a word with your doctor? I wish you well in your search for work.


  • Thanks mo. Nice to meet you too. My anxiety has been high the past year. I had trouble with my teenage daughter going to school last year. Have her back in school this year, so things have gotten better. But still very anxious...I use to count 1,2,3 and then get up. Now i jump up. I feel like i cant control my body and just get up calmly. I guess its pressure i put on myself as i get up to make my daugthers breakfast and put their lunch together. I have only so much time before the bus comes

    I just cant believe my subconscious has so much control over me. I was thnkng if i set an alarm, i might worry less. I have also been taking my blood thinners every 6 hrs and i trained myself to wake up to take it, but i keep changing the hour i take it because i cant remmeber to take it the same time everyday.

    I am to stressed!!!

  • awww bless you stress is such a destructive emotion imo. I suffer very bad with it myself so I understand exactly where your coming from. Please pm me anytime if it would help to chat. Take care I will say nitey nite for now as it is way past my zzz time lol


  • hi nature. i have heard that cortisol can be high in the mornings even if it drops off during the day, i experience this as an anxious jumpy feeling when i wake up if i know i have to get up for something important. now i try to lie still and count some breaths before getting up - but its not easy - i would feel as jumpy as you describe if i had to go out to work while not feeling well. i think its a sign that your nervous system is not well. is there any job you could do from home or in your own time so you didn't have to get up and out early?


  • I wish dryad....i get up at 5:30 every morning to fix my girls breakfast and make their lunches before school. I know i will be sad the day i dont do that anymore. They are both in high school now. I would love to sleep later as i am usually up in the middle of the night.

    You might be right about the cortisol. It is defintely something that i cant control and just happens when i am worried. I do believe i have to much cortisol ( the belly shows)... I was actually taking an herb for reducing (my belly got smaller) cortisol. Maybe i will start taking again. I feel so frazzled in the morning. Rushing around like a saber tooth tiger is chasing me! Ha!

    Thanks for sharing...

    So lucky to have this site. Thank you all for your support and encouraging words.

  • Hi, I also suspect it is background anxiety over your current concerns. I do this when I am stressed or anxious, and it doesn't necessarily tie up with immediate stress events..more background, niggling worry. I believe they are called sleep starts. My friend gets them very badly. The milder version is things like the sensation of falling off a cliff etc. I think I read somewhere it is something to do with a false start between the autonomic functions...jumping awake before the sleep mode has switched to waking command mode ...something like that. I wake up gasping waiting for my lungs to start when it's really bad, yet it's probably a fraction of a second...leaves me with fright palpitations. Try not to stress over your jump starts as well...they will pass :)

  • Helbell....i hope it passes. I am afraid to go to bed. I already have terrible sleep patterns, now i have trouble getting up, ugh! I was having a great deal of difficulty getting out of bed mentally before. Now this. Ugh!

  • Good luck x

  • I do hope you are not over doing it and being overly optimistic in holding down a job, looking after a home and two young girls. Is flexible part time an option? I know I couldn't do it and whatever you do I hope you pace yourself!

    Can't help with the jumping out of bed. I'm the opposite I'm 47 and feel like I'm 87 in the morning, every part of me is locked up and getting to the loo a real exhausting chore.

    Regards Patrick

  • Thanks Patrick....i am concerned about working again. I am exhausted just doing chores around the house and taking care of my family, but i also feel a little nutty being isolated all day. I am going to go to the agency looking for part time work. And hope for the best, although right now i feel like cancelling . There was always a nutty boss with all the last temp jobs i got with this agency. And being 52 now, i have very little tolerance for mean people.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I was wondering if you were taking any medications for your anxiety? As they may help a little? It may also help to discuss how you are feeling with your GP?

    I also want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with trying to find a job at the agency.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks ken...no, i am trying to hold off on anxiety meds...i have been taking herbs....they work somewhat, but i dont tske them regularly, just when i have symptoms...thank u 4 well wishes

  • I work full time and find it really hard some days and I'm just a bookie so get paid for nagging n drinking coffee. Biggest problem is who do u let know your ill you don't want to be seen as different by your colleagues but you also dont want em thinking your lazy either the balance is hard jumping awake I do this s lot but not all the time think it's our body's way of saying get up now sorry I m not much use I'm busy procrastinating at mo. Listening to the rain as I be hit snooze three times all set for 14 hour shift. I m already looking forward to bed time n I'm not up yet. The jumping awake it is the panic one isn't it. Scary I know it's bad but I give into it now wait till the heart stops racing lay bk down n go back to sleep when I can xxxxx

  • Thanks tree....yeah, i think that is what it is...heart racing..sometimes shaking.. I cant lay back down because i also can pass out cold in a minute....so awful...this morning i got up ok because i went to bed extremely early. I was so tired. I cant even make it past 8pm a lot of days, unless i take a nap...

  • Bless you it's only when in working late in up after 8 or 9 myself the tiredness all the time is awful and that with the fear of the jumps keeping you awake not good sending love Hun xxxxxx

  • Thank you treewade...

  • It's usual to have brain fog that's what my pain consultant says if your fibro is really bad it's difficult to keep a full time job down especially when u have a really bad episode. Hope u get a good employer that understands xx I get very hot not nice at all x

  • Vicky....i get hot too. I cant stand that the most (and i am thru menopause)... I have to pull coats off if i wear them in the car...i get a panic attack when i overheat. I wish out of all the symptoms, that is the one i could do something about. I also had a very difficult summer because of heat problems. My bodies thermostat doesnt seem to work properly.

    I also wonder with my foggy brain and selective hearing, not processing if i am even going to be able to work. I do things wrong and move things without even knowing that i did it, or where i put it. Not sure if i am going to this temp agency. I figured i could be a file clerk and not mess it up, or data entry, and just check all my work like 3 xs.

    We need the $ for the holidays as all our credit cards are maxed out. Ugh!

  • Got a full time temp assignment next week. Maybe two weeks. I need the money terribly. Will see how it goes. I am a little worried, but i will give it a go. See how my health does. Will keep updated.

  • Day 2.. Worked 7 hrs yesterday and today. So far surviving...getting back pain muscle tightness between shoulders, some pain....so far not too bad. Believe it or not i think i took some stress off my shoulders by bringing money in...have been taking adrenal support herbs. Feel energetic. Sleeping good too. Helps to have office of really nice people. Special services support for early intervention. Will see how i am on friday after a week!

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