It's my birthday next week and my daughter just bought me a 'Slanket'. If you don't know what it is, I will explain. It is a large fleece blanket with long sleeves and a pocket at the front. You use it sitting down, so you put it on like a back to front dressing gown. It is long enough to cover your feet, and the sleeves can cover your hands so just your fingers are peeking out, enough to type. The collar is big enough to wrap right up around your neck and the pocket is handy for your mobile or the remote. It is light weight but warm and cosy. They can be bought off Ebay for less than £5 including P&P, come in lots of different colours. My daughter also bought me furry slippers and a cover for my Kindle, all three are in zebra print and look really good, I love my slanket, I'm no longer cold when I'm sitting watching TV or on the laptop. Something to put on your Christmas Wish List?

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  • Hi I have one, my sister gave it to me, it's great. No more cold feet for me.x

  • They sound really good! Think I will put one on my Christmas wish list :) I can never get warm! Zara x

  • I Have one of these which I have on in bed when I am reading so that my arms don't get cold.

    It also has a pocket bit at the bottom to tuck your feet into. Only problem is when I get up to go to the toilet during the night it's a struggle to get out of it and get it out from under the duvet. Worth it though, one of the best things i@ve ever bought. I also bought one for my grandaughter to use when she sleeps over as she always throws all her covers off but because she has her arms in the slanket it stays on.

  • Happy Birthday for last week Peppersoo. A slanket is also known as a snuggy. I have something similar from Ikea which is like a giant fleece sleeping bag with a hood on. Mine is purple and I use it in bed so I'm all warm and cosy.

    I live zebra print too :-)

    Storm x

  • happy birthday next week!

    I've got one, but not tried it yet.



  • Thanks Storm but it's next week, 26th, it's okay, i'll blame it on the fibro fog, I do it all the time. Yours sounds great, hoodie too wow. I realised today that the pocket is big enough for my little dog to sit in, so she loves it too. She's a chihauhau/bishon cross and is quite small, so we can now snuggle up together.

    Soo. x

  • Belated Happy Birthday Peppersoo! Hope you had a lovely day! (((hug))) xxx

    I have a black Slanket with a slightly beaded collar, hubby bought it for me off the internet about two years ago. :) It's still as good as new and invaluable for my noctural habits, sitting downstairs on my own when the rest of the house is snoring away upstairs. ;)

  • I have heard of these, I won;t get one as I just know this dog of mine would be up on my knee lol. Hope you have/had a fab birthday xxxxx

  • Hope you have a Happy Birthday. I have a Slanket, as my Husband and I have bought so many as gifts that I have lost count. I got all mine off QVC as they are SOOoooooo soft and cuddly. As soon as you put it on, you are ''away with the fairies''. Hope you enjoy yours as much. Love Sue H.

  • Thanks for all your comments and birthday wishes. I can't believe how warm this is, I have not had to put the heating on since I got it so I'm saving money. And my little dog loves is, she fits in the big pocket on the front and curls up and goes to sleep, which just her head peeking out. lol.

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