Apparently it's all cured by Bioresonance!

Hi...I bumped into somebody today who I don't know very well but who 'used to' have fibromyalgia. She told me she didn't have it anymore, she told me she has Lymes Disease. Fair enough, I thought, knowing how hopeless GPs are for testing for LD in this country. But further discussion and this person was wildly enthusing about a therapist I should see...somebody who put all her ailments down to Lyme's disease, allergies, candida etc and all cured by bioresonance. I asked her if the therapist charged a lot and this was the reply that really p****d me off: 'if you don't want to be ill any more you'll pay for it'.

I was incensed as I walked away to go about my business. The implication was that if I didn't pay for it (and this refers to any 'it' not just bioresonance) then I must want to be ill. No, what I don't want to be is disappointed and several hundred pounds out of pocket. Bear in mind, that this person wasn't looking very well herself but she put this down to 'detoxing'. I have lost count of the number of 'solutions' people have sworn blind by: Chinese medicine, getting rid of Wifi, thyroid problems, hormone patches, you name it....and if I only did what they did I would be cured. Well, excuse me if I don't respond open-mouthed with the revelation and say 'of course! Why didn't I think of that?' I am not knocking all or any of these therapies or solutions per se. If they have worked for somebody then that is great. I have pursued one or two solutions myself, particularly the thyroid route. I do like to read the science and efficacy behind treatments and how they help people long term. But I'm also a bit of a cynic and nothing gets my back up more than people evangelising to me about the latest fad, especially if I am accused of wanting to be ill if I show hesitation or a bit of healthy scepticism....

Sorry, but just had to offload!

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  • I have hypothyroid which is well treated in my case, I also have fibromyalgia, still, as you no doubt know it is a stand alone diagnosis and as you are aware comes with lots of nasty symptoms, do not give this person another thought they are talking nonsense. Obviously we do all we can to stay as well as possible, so no more stressing over the ignorance shown to you xx

  • Thanks Lou. I have been investigating my thyroid a lot too and sorry that you have both. But I was shocked by this person's attitude, particularly as we have a shared interest and so I thought she was likeminded. Our paths will probably cross in future but I'm not going to talk to her about Fibro any more. Originally, she seemed a kindred spirit which is why I was talking to her today about it. But I have learned that lesson. Thanks for your understanding :) xx

  • FoggyMoggy , I've told others we have to sometimes overlook's just part of life.Glad you got that off your chest.Have a lovely evening. Peck.🐀

  • Thanks for your kind words, Peck. Have a lovely evening yourself :) xx

  • Ones that get my goat are the ones that know nothing about the subject but are instant experts on why your ill and they're fit and well.

    With stating the obvious such as have you tried drinking more water as if all that guff has never been heard before and a genius such as themselves was chosen for such revelations.

    When I count ten and calm down I can find some pity for the ones convincing themselves they haven't wasted a fortune on some quack cure.

  • Wise words, Seascape! Couldn't agree more. Thanks for that :) xx

  • Oh... those words are perfect, I've had two months of people telling me to 'try and help myself'... 'drink more water, healthier diet, salt baths etc'

    I feel like saying 'Thanks brenda, Never thought about doing that thanks.. HAHAHA i'm totally fine now, no more fibro for me' x

  • Oh I know, CushMonkey! I suppose some people mean well but they don't realise that what works for them may not work for everyone! X

  • I wish I had chosen Foggy Moggy for my name...Luv it! Anyway, I think you should forget that's like "well, if you feel bad you will pay anything to be cured"....Great if you have the spondoolies!!! I love the WiFi cure!! Hugs xx

  • Thanks Trikki! Glad you like the name! Lol, I meant to say it was removing Wifi from your house that's the cure (just shows how foggy I am!) There may be something in that but the jury is out. I am no expert but have read that it's the ionising radiation that's the problem and not the non-ionising radiation which is found in Wifi but Wifi is so new that I'm prepared to be openminded about it! xx

  • Lol iv not heard the WiFi one ? !!!!! Its made me laugh tho lil

  • Glory got me there!! ironizing and non ironizing....but I don't do ironing any more! Hope you have a reasonable night sleep...x

  • I don't have anything to do with ironing either lol ;0)

  • I have hypothyroidisim as well but im self medicating and now after 4 years im well treated but after being undiagnosed with thyroid problems for at least 5 years i believe fybromyalgia and the chronic fatigue i now have was down to not being treated quickly enough, i now am in pain constantly and research constantly to find a way back to good health but as yet cant find a way forward.

    Ignore this friend no one would want to live like this if there was a way out..i use the term "live" very loosely

  • So true, Lola. Very sorry to hear about your continuing pain and hope you do find the answer. Oh it were that simple! Yes, I do think there's something in untreated hypothyroidism which is why I'm trying to pursue that route side by side. I'm not getting very far with it though! xx

  • Its a long road moggy and ive found that most doctors dont have a clue some even asking me if i was a health professional as ive known more about my ilness than they do...but we slog on ignoring people that say..oh you dont look that ill or better still...a good break away will sort you out.Ive not found the answer yet but i continue to eat clean and take my vitamins also to move around as much or as little as my body will alow . good luck moggy i hope you find good health soon.


  • Thanks lots Lola, you too. Yes, 'you don't look ill', that's a classic. I'm glad of it sometimes but it's usually said when I'm feeling awful! I try and remain positive and think that I am doing as best as I can in the circumstances. All the best to you and managing your illnesses. xx

  • Enjoyed reading comments and replies on this subject. It can be no coincidence, surely, that many of us have low thyroid?

  • I have an underactive thyroid and also Fibromyalgia. I wonder if the two are connected as there seems to be quite a number of people that suffer with both.

  • Hi Alegna, yes, they are very similar and with some people with Fibro it will turn out to be their thyroids so best to get all the tests you can so as to rule that out. Best wishes x

  • Hi gurney, I do think there's some credence to the fact that many of us have malfunctioning thyroids. You will get a lot of good info from the thyroid community on that. Some will insist that all Fibromyalgia is really an undiagnosed thyroid problem. I'm not sure I go along with that but I think it might be true in many cases so it's definitely worth getting all the thyroid tests you can...some you may need to have done privately. X

  • Hi Iola 1956.

    How do you go about self-treating your hypothyroidism? I'd be very interested to hear with a view to giving it a try as I have most of the symptoms of hypothyroidism (as well as FMS). I have had a number of blood tests over the past 10+ years and they all show that I fall within the 'normal' range, as specified by NICE guidelines, so I do not qualify for any treatment. It's very frustrating as my energy levels are constantly low and I would love to be able to get a 'boost'. I tend to manage my FMS fairly well and cope with most of the symptoms but I hate the fatigue and anything that would help with that would be fantastic. Please advise if you can. Thanks.

  • Hi im sorry if you missunderstood but i was diagnosed by my doctor and put on levothyroxine but i just got fatter and fatter and even with increased dose i was still very ill.

    After much reading by myself i decided to try t3 but doctors will not prescribe it easily so i bought t3 myself but my doctor does do my bloods every 3 months. I cant stress enough that this is not something anyone does lightly as it can be very dangerous.

    I went very slowly with my doses until i got where i am now

  • Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll need to discuss symptoms again with GP and go from there.

  • Yes im sorry but its not something i would recommend without a proper diagnosis..take care and good luck

  • I'm in the same boat, Glosran. My fatigue is awful and I was also advised that T3 would help as my T3 and T4 are low, but within range, so nobody will do anything. But I don't want to self-medicate either as Lola also advised against. I had to have my T3 and T4 privately. I would suggest joining the thyroid boards too as people on there are very knowledgable. Best wishes x

  • Don't worry FoggyMoggy . It sounds to me very much like the kind of marketing ploy that the seller of these woo woo theories gave to your friend to persuade her to waste her money.

    If there was a miracle cure we would all know about it and it would be much more widely available. As you say we've all chased these miracle cures but most of us have learned to weed out the woo woo stuff from what makes actual scientific sense.

    Detoxing (if you believe in it) is actually supposed to make you better so if your friend was not looking too well herself, then either she has been doing the detoxing for too long (only supposed to do it for 30 days maximum or you can make yourself ill) or this magical cure hasn't actually cured her.

    If it helps I've heard of this so called therapy before and everything I have read convinces me it is just woo woo designed to part the gullible from their money.

    Google "what is bioresonance" and this is the first thing that appears

    Bioresonance therapy (including MORA therapy) is a pseudoscientific medical practice in which it is proposed that electromagnetic waves can be used to diagnose and treat human illness.

    I've also seen this article before which explains just what a load of unscientific rubbish it is

    Try not to take it to heart, because it looks to me like you are not the one who has been made to look a fool, that's your friend. Sorry, harsh I know, but in my opinion true.

    Gentle hugs, πŸ’ž

  • Thanks for your lovely words, Margaret. Love your pussy picture, by the way!

    Yes, I totally agree about the miracle cures, we would all know about it! I really am happy for people if they've found something that works but not when they start claiming this is all that works. It's a bit like people saying 'you can only be saved by Jesus'! I've always respected people's faiths or non-faiths as long as people offer me the same respect in return!

    Haha, yes, I Googled it earlier and read some of articles too :) I was trying to read them with an open mind but yes there was a lot of dismissing it as 'woo' and 'pseudoscience'. I hadn't thought of her doing a marketing ploy but that makes perfect sense in retrospect.

    Big hugs back to you :) xxx

  • I love your offload! We all know how this feels! I have this to say...don't pay all that $$$$ just try pre & pro biotics, organic natural food & supplements. I know this is gross, but until your having daily πŸ’© Of at least 2 per day...the body is showing signs that your nutrition is poor. I also was one that paid my own money to a doctor not covered by my insurance. I learned so much from him! I'm not cured but I'm more functional & happy then before him. He fired me because I couldn't make a mandatory meeting on the other side of town during normal work hours and rush hour traffic. I shook his hand and told him how greatful I was for all he taught me and left in peace...😘

  • Hi keeplearning! Lol, yes, I have tried a lot of supplements. It's very hard to do it scientifically when there are many symptoms to deal with but I keep going...

  • This is what I love to hear is positivity and a strive to keep going on! πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ―

  • Within our budgets I am sure we have all tried some of the more proven things that might help us and very few have so the last thing we would want to be doing is throwing good money after bad in chasing some off the wall cure. Why does anyone of sound mind think we would knowingly want to be ill. Only said to OH only yesterday they could take my house, savings, car if they would just give me the one thing I have craved for for years my health and I am sure you and everyone here would be the same. she is definitely best avoided on the subject of health.x

  • Thanks rosewine. Yes, that was the thing, the implication that we would choose to be ill. And said in such a dismissive way from someone I hardly know! It is quite a common view, alas. I can't fathom that sort of thinking so I get upset when I hear how prevalent it is. Take care x

  • This is definitely understood, especially in those dark times when I (we) suffer in silence all alone. We are stuck in our bodies which are our 🏠🏑🏚's. The people that give sympathy to us, we must also give clearance to because they are being kind, yet never will know how this condition truly feels. I just hope everyone keeps doing the best they can & trying new things. It's not fair to say it's over unless you've exhausted all possible things you could ever possibly think, decide, try & do. πŸ’–

  • Doesn't rain in that ones planet does it............?

    Not surprised you were angry some just haven't got a clue and

    are so,insensitive.

    You take care.



  • Thanks Crusee xx

  • Hi my friend

    As some of your other respondents have said, if there was a cure we would all know about it by now! I have come across a few wacky people myself with indepth knowledge of my health and my body!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks for your kind words, Ken. Yes, we'd all know if there was a cure! Lol, yes, others think they know our bodies better than we do! X

  • x :)

  • Grrrrr...people can be so judgemental insisting they know how you feel and if you try this new cure your be able to do anything..

    Earlier this year i was refured to st Thomas's for a four week course in the input pain clinic i truly thought that when i finished the course I would be cured. .while i found some of the meditation helpful it only helps while your doing it, they also wanted us to cut back on our medication as the danger of taking meds will give us other illnesses later on well i did try and cut back on pregabalin by 1 tablet (300mg) within 2 days i was so much pain i had to go back on it and sadly realised that my pain was real..we did have a previous input lady come along to tell us her story (foggy i believe this maybe your friend ) she came to the course in a wheelchair and walked away cured and now tells everyone that the pain is in our heads....well good luck to anyone who wakes up pain free I only hope that 1 day we can all as well..gentle hugs everyone xx

  • Aw, thanks for sharing your story, Bren. How awful that the woman you met now thinks pain is in the head after her 'cure'.I am happy for people if they're no longer in pain, but they shouldn't make everyone else feel bad if they still need medication for their pain or make out it's in their heads. This is dangerous and irresponsible as some people might just give us their meds with bad side effects. Big hugs to you too. Xx

  • Whenever I hear someone say something like that I think, oh great another brain washed victim trying to justify their near bankrupt state. If there was something that could cure us I'm sure the medical people would be jumping up and down to get it too us. Vent away hun, that's part of why we have this community x

  • Thanks nokidding. Yes a lovely community this is. Everyone's been so lovely and supportive. You are so right. I couldn't have out it better myself! X

  • Well said!! X 🐸

  • hi all yes the doctors dont believe we have it and others who dont suffer from it think its curable by some mumbojumbo quackery . we are all between a rock and hard place .

  • Such as drinking fizzy pop.

    My hubby was told not long ago that (a) fibro was caused by drinking fizzy pop and (b) to cure it you just stopped drinking it.

    It turned out that a large number of people on this site do not drink it anyway. :P

  • Wow, that's a new one, Mayrose. Though is sometimes drink fizzy pop (it helps when I feel nauseous) so do a whole lot of other people who are completely Fibro-free. I mean, I think we all know that fizzy pop isn't good for us in general but that really takes the biscuit!!

  • I have never drunk much fizzy pop, Id rather have a glass of milk.

    So how did i get it ? :P

  • I never drink ANYTHING fizzy and have had Fibro for more than 3 decades!

  • I'm lucky to at least have doctors who believe it exists, but so many others think it's a 'new' illness and therefore can't possibly be real :(

  • yes i had a young one who got me diagnosed after years of getting ignored . but i went to see an older doc a few weeks ago and i felt like i was an alien .

    maybe thats it we are all aliens with the disease from outer space . lol


  • I think the younger doctors look at things with a more open / freasher mind set

  • Thats a very annoying comment from her. As if anyone wants to be ill. And it obv doesnt work for everyone or fibro wouldnt exist!

    I did the Lightning Process years ago, and i heard that they were telling people who it didnt work for, that they didnt want to get better! So it was their fault! ( It did help me temporarily but not for long.)

    Some people treat therapies like some kind of cult, which includes being judgemental to anyone who doesnt want to spend hundreds of pounds on trying another unproven therapy.

    Im not surprised you are angry!


  • Hi albinohedgehog, you are so right! Yes that was exactly the same attitude as you got with the Lightning Process, rather than admit defeat, they would rather blame the people who it hasn't worked for which is a very suspect way to go about it to my mind! X

  • I have an under active thyroid an fibro I was saying the other WK on here I sent it odd how a lot of peeps at fibro have thyroid probs

  • Yes, there are lots of overlaps, Lors. There is a Thyroid UK forum too although many in there think that FM is really a thyroid problem. So many illnesses have overlaps though: FM, ME, MS, UAT, Lyme Disease, Lupus, Adrenal Fatigue...

  • Let's hope the docs can join the dots an come up with something I might have a look on there thanks foggymoggy

  • You're welcome, Lors x

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