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Morning all you glittery lovelies Today I am feeling better well barmy any way so I thought I would say Hi

I have been having the perpetual battle we all have of regulating our own meds. As soon as I think I have it sorted I loose the plot usually pain grabs hold of me from some where in my body and shakes me about, It then takes a regular bashing to grab control of the situation. I know you are all nodding your heads in agreement with me (if you are able). It is one of the wonderful things about this site we are aware that are friends are actually feeling as we are - it is hell isnt it.

Well at the moment as I sit with the wind howling around the house, bashing on the doors, screaming through all the tiny gaps it is very comforting to talk to you all. If there is one thing in the world I hate it has to be gales. It makes me truly aware of the fragility of our little worlds.

Today I have someone coming to help put the Christmas tree up in the sitting room. This was one of my pride and joys that every year I was lucky enough to have an eight foot tree that stood in my front window . I covered it in pure glass baubles and crystal icicles that I collected over the years. It would shine , twinkle and glimmer through Christmas. Now I sit and watch and hand somebody baubles to place, it is not the same any more, but I am hoping my grandchildren will find it "Awesome Gran" when they come to see me. It is for their momentary delight that

it is done. I really am looking forward to seeing their faces. :)

So I have told you all a little about my Christmas world will any one else have a go what do you put on your tree ?

Many years ago my passion for Trees covered in white sparkling light was born when I visited the Champseleysee and saw all the avenue of tree with white little light sparkling like fire flies.

Have a wonder full sparkling day xxgins

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Hi gins. Really pleased your feeling a little better ;) I don't take any pain killers apart from co-codamol, as the ones I have tried didn't do much for the pain, but had side effects, I'm careful about what meds I take as I have an addictive personality.

My tree is going up on Saturday, like you I loved doing the tree, but now I will have to sit back and let my daughter and partner do it. I love the coloured flashing lights, it seems as if they are dancing, this year I'm having red and gold deco. I'm sure your grandchildren will love the tree and spending time with their gran will be a gift in it's self.

Hugs xxx



Red and Gold very traditional how lovely and warm looking xxgins


Morning gins so pleased you are feeling a bit better, I live with my daughter and our tree and decks ect are going up this Friday night, our decks are those that stand around the place , in the porch we put a 2ft snowman with his shovel, on the windows a sticker wishing every one outside a merry Christmas and snowflake stickers dotted all over the windows, in the hall we drape tinsel over the mirrors, then in the kitchen we drape lights and tinsel around and always have a poinsetta on the table, and a very small fibro optic tree on the side, then as we go into the front room, we have a 5 ft tree (not real of course, too much mess with a real one ) and that is decorated with all glittery ornaments, lights , fairy, baubles(not pure glass tho) , and tinsel, then Christmassy ornaments dotted around , we have a Father Christmas in his car ( quite big) below the tree, then our cards on those sticker thingys, and we then have a small fibro octive tree in the conservatory ( that sounds posh doesn't it, but it's really a junk room LOL ) seriously tho it looks nice, in my room I have a small Disney tree, and some lights around and those little candle things that flicker, they are battered operated from the pound shop,...all our decks have been accumulated over the years and will last for years, .....the only thing we have missing is some little people to make it all worthwhile, I think children make a Christmas, my grandchildren have all grown up, they are 23, 21, 20 and 19 the two boys 21 and 19 are my daughters so they live here, I use to really love Christmas,( my other half didnt ) , but now I'm not so sure, haven't expressed this. To my family tho, .....wishing you a wonderful sparkling day too, and enjoy putting your tree up, your grandchildren will love it, and will think it awesome just like their Nan or Gran ....gentl hugs...Dee xx


How marvelous Dee I can imagine it all twinkling away it really is such a brilliant festival time for us all to think of each other and enjoy the fun and harmony xxgins


Morning Gins

I'm also being battered by gales and I don't like it either :(

I'm so pleased you're feeling better its so nice to have you back :)

I'm sure the grandkids will love the tree and Christmas around you anyway it will be a lovely time for you all :)

I got my first real tree last year, albeit small but real and loved it they're was no fancy decor though My Oh just threw baubles, lights and tinsel at it LOLOLOL

I shall definitely have a better one this year :D

protective Fluffie cuddles for you Gins stay safe...............

..............excellent things have just been launched around our yard bang clatter bang!!!

I'm always terrified something will come through the window :o



ooh my bins gone small growing thing down the street light up the drive has smashed and now just as they said it would it is calming at 10.00 bonkers I hate it

stay safe every one please xxgins


its getting stronger here :o


Oh gins, so so good to see you back, and hoping big time that things are starting to improve for you ! Awwww poor you, I'm totally with you in the loathing of strong winds, I actually get quite scared if I have to drive in it, which I will have to later today :-(. Hope it's gone through by then !!

Well I go minimalist on decorations as I don't have much room but I have a box with all the beautiful baubles which were from home, so I often open up the box and so many of them have such memories attached. My favourite is a huge glass one which my parents I think had probably before I was born, then there are ones that I bought for my mother as she loved nice things. I usually make some form of wreath for my front door, this year it's going to be a felt one, surprise surprise :D I also have some lovely twisted willow which I put in a tall vase in a corner and add small baubles to, but I don't do any lights because if they flickered at all it would be off to migraine land with me ! I'm not sure I'm going to do that this year though as I am away from the 18th and not back until January, so no doubt there will be decorations where I'm going.

Your decorations sound absolutely fabulous gins, and like mine, with memories attached, I'm sure your grandchildren will absolutely love it. Perhaps you could pop a piccie of it up here for all of us to enjoy, but not if that is too personal !

Still sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Hi Gins Im sending you some gentle hugs to help you feel better. I have always loved putting my tree up. So many memories, almost all of the tree decs are are glass. some are so old the colour is coming off them. Each one takes me back, this one I bought when the children were tiny. this came from out of the bin where we worked for 15 yrs. one year they had a sort out and we, the cleaners shared the old ornament between us, this and this came from the car boot sale the year my grandson was born. but those that bring tears belonged to my grand parents and passed to down to me. They also had cristal glass icicles made for them by my grans brother in law. There were none left when I inherited them.but they were so much a part of my childhood I started looking for some eventually getting some from a car bootsale they are not as delicate as those that gran had but I love them anyway. We also have a great big santa he sits on top of the display cabinet in a sleigh made by my hubands cousin and pulled by a reindeer that sings rudolf the red nosed raindeer. must ask our son to get them out of the loft so we can put them up....sue


Hi Gins

I have just ordered my tree and decorations and have gone for black and champagne gold. There shall be chocolate popping candy christmas puds, candy canes and chocolate coins for all the big kids LOLOL :D including me of course!!

I've been really good and got the food for Christmas ordered too, I always leave til its too late to get it delivered but on the ball today.

Also ordered the stocking fillers heehee! I love surprising people ;)

Cheers for the christmas nudge or it wouldn't have got done.

:) xxxsianxxx :)


well done one and all Christmas

sheer indulgence and friendship laughter -

giggling in the land it could not have been better if it had been planned

wa hoo dont miss the coach tomorrow


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