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Hi i have just been to asda and i thought i would get a cake

9lol thats not like me !!!)

anyway i made my to the cake aisle and there they all were laid out in front of me i didnt know which one to pick ?????????

so i bought ????? wait for it ?????/

a coffeee and walnut cake a maderia cake with jam . a maderia cake just plain one and also a lemon cake and also a coconut cake and then bought a tub of creme fraishe so i am now going to walk my dog tom top of the road and back and then put the kettle on and have a piece of cake !!!!

the only thing is what one do i choose to eat ????

love to you all diddle xxxxx

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can i come for tea lol i loooove cake xx


lol yeah but te time is long way off and you know my track recor with cakes they dont last long with diddle lol love to you diddle x



not to mention afters for lunch n tea lol xxx


Ooooooo coffee and walnut mmmmmmmmmmmmm


creme frais isnt fatening , and the clories dont count if you stand up whilst eating the cake[lol]well thats my take on it anyway


lol i will make sure i stand up then lol while eatin it love to you diddle x


should you not eat the cakes first and hen take the the dog for a walk

but you have given me an idea im gonig to make a cake im going to use my new whiska maching my hub has bought me and so far ive never had the energy to use it but im gona do it see how far i can get will let you know enjoy your shop bought cake diddles im thinking lots of sweet icing and jam in mine lol


Diddle you are spoiling yourself lol. xxxx

Tracy i love making cakes, i might do one as my daughter is off so she can help me and it might cheer me up xxxxxx


Diddle can you post some of the lemon cake & coconut cake up to the Trossachs in Scotland !!!! or am i too late :( , maybe just as well i am intolerant to flour but i do cheat at times....hope you enjoy, some things in life are a must.

Hope you are feeling good, take care, love mary xxx.


Well Diddle, what did you decide on? If it were me I would probably have had a slice of each one to solve the problem!!.

I thought of you the other day in my local Morrisons as they had ginger and treacle cake half price. Should have bought you some and posted it to you.

Talking about tea and cakes, time I had a top up so bye for now and catch up soon. Love Angela xx


ange01 thats what i did do lol love to you diddle x


I am on my way,

Gentle Hugs x x x x


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