Thank god I left my drink to cool

Thank god I left my drink to cool

As you all know I have been mid cluster headaches attacks in the last week on top of a 5 week fibro flare and three weeks COPD flare so far. And today I must admit to feeling a little low, that was until I made a nice cuppa before. I never drink it hot when the fibro is on the war path, too dangerous and rightly so. Anyway before I picked up my drink and decided it was cool enough to drink. I got an electric shock down my right arm into my hand which promptly jerked forward and tipped at least half of it down the front of my top, the inside, not the outside(had low cut top on for good effect round hubby). I kept hold of the cup and started batting at my chest area with the other hand, meanwhile everyone here was in stitches laughing, and the air I must admit was turning a pretty shade of blue. I got another shock in the right arm and I threw the remaining liquid all over the cooker top, the work top and the floor. So then I did not know whether to laugh or cry. But I laughed with them as I must have looked a sight. There is al ot to be said for opting for cooler drinks when you have fibro eh! :)

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  • Thank goodness no seriousness damage was done to the bits you was trying to impress your hubby with! I guess it is something you can laugh about after the event but at the time..well that's a different matter!im sure it won't be long before your back in the low cut tops!;)....x

  • I have to laugh lol, no other way around it. But it is life and we all have to put up with it. But the electirc shocks mean I am going to have a bad night and that means I will most likely have a couple of what I can only call wide awake fits, like a seizure but awake and fully aware. I hate them and GP does not think they are fibro linked but neuro cannot find out what is doing it, so back to neuro in a year if it does not stop xxxxx

  • Iv never had anything like that happen to me,can't say iv heard of that being a link to fibro neither,it must be a horrible feeling,I do hope they get to the root of the problem,there's nothing worse then when they can't come up with an answer,it can't be very nice for your family to see neither,I do hope your not suffering to mutch with them,just make sure your not holding a glass of something a bit stronger next time...such a waste! lol....xxxx

  • My goodness Ozzy, what a story! Thank goodness you weren't holding a boiling cup of tea!

    The problem with these darn electric shocks that we have is that when they strike it's impossible to hold on to anything! I get them all the time, through my arms, hands, legs and feet. :O (((hug))) xxx

  • On my last post which i just read again..I meant I hope your not suffering to mutch with the shocks..not i hope your not suffering to mutch with the family!...gosh that must have sounded awful! lol..xx

  • Morning oh dear what a "Shock " to the system LOL hope nothing was hurt just damp? Thank goodness the drink was cooling such strange things happen to us don't they.

    I get them occasionally in my legs as if I have suddenly got sharp cramp in my muscles.

    Havent got any answers but iced tea is lovely "Lush" xgins

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