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Buzzing in my left leg

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I am new to this forum, I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia back in 2009 😢 anyway just wanted to ask has anyone had the buzzing feeling in their leg. I get mine in my left leg and foot sometimes it travels up to my bottom cheek. Any thoughts on what it maybe I just keep getting fobbed off well it’s just your fibro you must be having a flare up. I’m not sure I buy that so any advice would be welcome 😘

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Yes get thatslot in my left leg,comes and goes,feels strange but use to it now,had fibromyalgia since 2005

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i sometimes get a feeling in my legs, as if i have a mobile phone on vibrate next to it .... which sounds similar to what you are describing as a buzzing. mine was put down to being neuropathic/nerve pain (which can be sensations and not actual pain) x

Hi I also get it but not just in my legs, I get it in my back it then turns into a spasm, especially at night they can be really vicious.

I was perhaps suggest asking for a spinal consultation as that was what started mine. I had sciatica due to the vertebrae being clogged in my lower back. I have always been concerned about the fibro, CSS diagnosis and how dr's may just put everything down to that and not look further for things that could have a more physical root. Hope that made sense and that you get it sorted out soon. X

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Hi Thankyou for that 🙌🙌 I feel exactly the same way. I get fobbed off all the time, I to suffer with lower back pain and hip pain. I had epidural injections when I had my children sounds mad but I wonder if it’s linked to the back pain now 🤔🤔

I was getting it non stop it’s calmed down now since they realised my vitamin d was low so now on tablets xx

My buzzing, numbness is in my hands, and pain, and elec. shock sensation. Maybe this is all related to Fibro. or something pinching a nerve? I have carpal tunnel too. Hope you can find relief. I take 40,000 units of Vit. D once a week but don't know what that's supposed to do, except that I'm low on it. I also have active Epstein Barr virus so wonder how that's related. Have had Fibro for 30 years, and depression....related?

I have a question....does anyone else get a buzzing or feeling of brain slogging. Drs. can't explain it. I think may be when I'm low on a med. for pain like Cymbalta or Norco.

M.A. in USA

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I’m really suffering with anxiety at the moment my brain doesn’t feel like it’s working. My head feels like cotton wool, I have the pins and needles in my hands too x I tried cymbalta and I basically became a zombie !! I hate this condition 😡

I have taken Cymbalta for many years. Maybe my brain sloshing is from that or when I'm low on it. I know I'd have to go off it slowly tho. Sorry that it's giving you so much trouble. I'm so sick of pills, trying to feel better and not. It's one thing or another. I do have Epstein Barr virus too and not a thing can be done about it except rest and then I feel lazy and that causes anxiety and stress which I'm supposed to avoid too. I don't think EB is ever going to go away, go dormant which it is in most people who have it. Don't even know why I have it. Hope you find what helps.

Hi, I've had buzzing in my legs on and off over years. It usually only lasts for seconds and is really weird. Sometimes it feels like a train in the distance rumbling under my feet. I only notice it when I'm standing. It could be nerve disturbance I suppose, or just another odd symptom attributed to fibro.

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