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I'm so scared


it's my memory. sometimes dont recognise people. total blanks on conversations etc.

mentioned probs to my gp a while ago, she did the usual counting backwards, date, time of day, etc. etc. did ok. she said dont worry i'm sure down to fibro fog but now getting much worse. my memory was always so reliable.

Also, had op. right hand carpal tunnel in december horrible. not much improvement.. left hand getting wrorse. told must sort it asap before it's too late. terrified, and thinking would it be worth going through it again bearing in mind right hand not great. + trouble is also have arthritis and I'm not sure which condition is causing which problem.

where have 'I' gone?

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I,m glad you mentioned this as many people myself included feel like this at certain points... In the last few weeks I missed a GP appt convinced it was the next day phoned a friend as I had cake and coffee already to go and she said I am not coming till tomorrow I nearly missed my mums bday thinking I had a week still to go.... I have lists to remind me which I lose.... 3 times yesterday I walked I to the kitchen to wash up... Every time I came out with something else... I told my GP. I was worried I was losing my mind but he said .. No it's when you don't realise it , its time to worry... And just said it was a bad bout of fibro fog....... Today I feel slightly better I made it out on myrtle with OH to do weekly shop... Made list and only lost it once before we got out of the house...

Obviously regards the op only you know whether you want to have it done.... But if you are being advised to have it done I would seriously consider it... I also have arthritis and sometimes it is hard to know which is which...

Hopefully your fibro fog will clear and then you will find yourself again

Good luck with your hand whichever you decide to do about it

VG x

tulips123 in reply to Hidden

memory. complete blanks. my daughter tells me we've agreed on something, 2 hours ago, last night. no. nothing. going shopping - no mum you went this morning. no. nothing.

hands. if you leave carpal tunnel too long you will spend the rest of your life in severe, intolerable (on top of the rest) pain pain pain. panic. panic. panic.

Hi tulips, as my name suggests I too have a lot of problems with remember things, I find it just so so frustrating, when I am trying to remember things it's like ploughing through thick porridge. Like you I used to have a really good memory for everything and now it's rubbish. Im sorry you are having such a bad time with your hands, I really hope they manage to help you out very soon.

Foggy x

I guess this fog affects most of us at some time, and I find that mine gets much, much worse when I am stressed. Making lists does help, and I put mine in a large diary which is difficult (tho' not impossible!) to lose.

The fog comes and goes, and as VG says, it's when you don't recognise the problem that you need to worry!

It's funny, because although I can quickly forget my own address, or what I ate for breakfast, I can remember quite complicated things if I concentrate on them, and get really interested.

I have a theory that our fibro brains are working on overload, and have trouble processing information. If you relax and concentrate on something enjoyable, it seems to 're-boot' the system, and relieve the fog for a while - it seems to work for me, anyway, but I still have embarrassing lapses :D

Moffy x


this happens to me too and while it is very scary , I have found that stress makes it worse. I find carrying a notebook around with me and writing things down does help.


tulips123 in reply to jillylin

thank you jillylin. appreciate the support. feel close to 'crashing. feel like going in to hibernation. cant believe it - it's snowing - 4.4.13 on the south coast? we need some warm sunshine. if i could go out it might help.

I'm a great believer in lists. just cant find them. Thank you for the support.

I am south east coast :-)

I do understand. I thought I was suffering from dementia the day I looked at my CD player and couldn't remember how to open it :-( . Still get terrible moment s but do find humour ( very necessary) and actually telling people I have fibrofog really does help.

I also find I will think one word and say or write something entirely different though it starts with the same letter.

You'll come through this, just be gentle with yourself.



tulips123 in reply to jillylin

humour - i agree it has always worked for me in the past. i've lost myself. oh and yes that conversation thing. I've always considered myself as an articulate person. if i cant talk, who am i? frustration makes it worse. what's that word? dark red, head spins, floor open up and swallow me! do you think 51 is too old to blush? too young for dementia type problem?

i'm sorry. we are all in the same boat. thank you so much. it helps knowing people REALLY unerstand!

Heya :-) I have always prided myself on my amazing memory which is almost photographic. I completed an honours degree in 2008 but I know I couldn't do that now as my short term memory has become a total joke. Definitely seems to be a problem for us fibromites. Oh and bit is sooooo damn frustrating as you know that you know words in your sentence but you cannot seem to find them and then like you Moffy I forget where my daughter has gone to, sometimes that I have even seen her!! I get my daughters names mixed up and all sorts of embarrassing things. The kids and my other half sometimes like to have a bit of fun at my expense and tease me which winds me up even further until I forget even more. I know they are well meaning and trying to make light of a situation that they know I have become increasingly more distressed about and are trying to make it something funny for me to laugh at, and sometimes I do seen the funny side of it, but mostly it just frustrates me further.

I like what Moffy's doc said, makes sense and offers a bit of peace of mind.

Mel xx

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