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Flare on top of a flare :(

Hi all, hope you are all doing ok, I very rarely post but I do read everything on here daily. I have been in the grip of a severe flare since a car accident a few weeks ago & on Wednesday night my beloved Nan died. I had finally got myself 'well enough' to drive the 3 hour round trip to go & spend a couple of hours with her & I am so relieved I got to see her. But between all of the driving & now sadness of her dying seems to have set off an even bigger it possible to get a flare on top of an existing flare?? Can barely walk, in savage pain fact the only bit of me that doesn't hurt in some way are my eyelashes at the moment!!!! Fog is ridiculous & it has taken me an hour to type this because of making mistakes or completely forgetting words!! Sorry, don't need anyone to respond to this, just desperately needed to offload, I just want to curl up in a ball & sob because of the pain! Gentle hugs to everyone, janey x

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hi janey, feel free to off load hun, you probably feel better just for getting things off your chest : )

it can feel like a double flare up at times, but its more of you have pushed yourself just as you were getting over one lot and now with the news of your nans death has brought on such an emotional responce as well as the physical effort to drive for so long has sent your body into over drive. my condolances for your loss.

All you can do now is totally rest but obviously keep moving gently around so you dont cease up, plenty of naps/lay downs through out the day

wish i could give you a gentle cuddle of friendship, hugs poppy xx


Thanks Poppy xx


Hi Jayney, so sorry to hear your Nan has passed away (: But thank goodness you went to see her first. And the car accident you had. I think you need REST !!! And a great big Hug hunni. Hope your double flare up easies soon. Big hug & love to you. Helen xx


hi there jayney ,so sorry for your loss ,and really feel for you hun ,what a time your having of it at the mo , try and get some rest and lots of hugs to you aswell xxxx


Sorry for your loss. As to flare on top of flare? Well I've certainly felt as if it couldn't hurt any more, and then it did.

Then, slowly, eventually with complete rest and utter selfishness, it got a bit better, then a lot better, then one great day I forgot I had fibromyalgia. It didn't last that long but it's days like those that keep me alive.

Whippet x


Thank you for your dreading the funeral next Friday, it is a catholic service & then burial so a huge amount of standing & walking :( xx


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