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Starting to panic

Just been to a really lovely GP who fully supports fibro care. However she is really worried about some of my symptoms such as my left side weakness and other stuff. She wants be back tomorrow for a full neurological examination and has signed me off for a fortnight again. That's 5 weeks off in total. She also thinks I have celiac disease hence my looking 6 months pregnant by 9pm in the evening and my weird bowels.

She is putting a lot in place for me and is so caring but I'm really panicky about a neuro test...I'm frightened as to what it could be :-(

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hi, as far as I can remember the test is fairly straight forward. I had a test the last time I saw the Rhumatologist. She tested my reflexes used the end of the hammer thing to check I could feel it scratching the soles of my feet etc.

If it's been done at the surgery I wouldn't worry it's going to be anything severe. She may suggest you have some nerve conduction studies done but they will be done at a hospital and involves sticky electrodes being stuck to your head

hope that helps, try not to stress too much :)


Thanks Akasha for replying...I know your going thro the mill yourself. In all honesty I'm scared of it being ms. That's the crux of it. Still,it will be what it will be. I feel like my whole future is going down the pan at the moment :-(


hi sorry you are having to have more tests , it seems to be all we do sometimes, All i can offer are healing wishes and hugs x


Take a look here Mrscats, it will take you to info regarding a Neurological Examination and what this could entail for you -

Wishing you all the best, I hope it goes well for you. Please let us know how it goes.

(((hug))) xxx


Reading your post was deja vue I have problems with my left side my leg is dead and my left hand swells up to I am a lot weaker on the left and often wonder why , my gp has just done a load more blood tests and im awaiting a appt for a fibro clinic hopefully they can sort me out , hope your test goes ok hun and am intrested as to what it is as think I may be going thru the same shortly , wish you all the best x


I also have left side weakness. The pain clinic said it was nothing to to do with fibro and refered me to neurology, who have so far done 3 mri scans. I have got to wait 11 weeks for the results because that was the earliest apt they had. I get a tingling sensation in my left arm and leg and then they go dead for a while. good luck with your tests x


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