ive had this before happen but it came up again today whilst i was having my hair done and its troubling me , i had a glass of water and went to swollow and nothing! i mean as much as i was telling my brain ok swollow now i couldnt :( this has happened several times even with food and ive had to literally spit it out but today really scared me :( whats happening does anyone know im so scared :( xx

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  • Dysphagia, or difficulty in swallowing is quite common, because swallowing is one of the most complicated muscle activities that we can do!

    People with fibro do get occasional episodes like this, and the more you think about it, the worse it gets!

    It's wise to check with your doctor that there are no serious underlying causes, such as reflux, or neurological disorders, but very often no specific cause is found.

    Do get yourself looked at to be on the safe side, and your doctor will advise you on how to handle the problem.

    Moffy x

  • thankyou for the response with the tablets i take i have to chew them and its not dry throat cause i drink alot of water it seems to be the connection for me telling my brain to swollow like its forgotten to do so thats whats scareing me as i said it has happened more than a few times :( i have an appt on the 26th with dr.davis at east surrey ( rheumy follow up) so i think il ask her too thankyou again for answering this i hate this fibro thing sometimes it throws so many different things at us all xxx

  • It is a very common symptom of fibro so I would not worry too much about it. I do not notice it as much as I used to, well not until recently when I had all sorts of things going on. As well as having this I also have the feeling of a large lump in my throat, gooing on for some two months now. So bad at meal times I have to swallow food as far down as I can, which is normally only just past the back of the tongue and then I have to take my thumb and forefinger, place either side of adams apple area and wiggle my throat like billio to get the food to move. In the last two weeks I have been having to cut my food so small you can barely see it. But I am on a diet anyway and have lost 2 stone in 7 weeks, so it has its uses.

    But as advised get it checked out like I am going to do. I should have got it checked sooner but I am having to go for more x-rays as the doctor whop found the COPD has now found something going on in my right lung that was not going on before.

    Get it checked hunni xxxxx

  • omg ozzi thats terrible good for the weight loss but quick :( i hope that everything gets sorted with you that sounds scarey too makes me feel like a woos for being like i have ! and as for the copd god my mum has that i feel for you lots of hugs for you xxx i will get it checked and post back xxxx

  • Yes, do get checked, fairytails, but don't worry too much, 'cos it will probably turn out to be good ol' fibro causing the trouble, and there are ways to deal with it!

    Moffy x

  • ty moffy :) xx

  • I 1000% know what you're talking about!!! It is the scariest thing ever!! Im not sure what it is a symptom of, if anything except misfiring of some neurons... BUT I do know how tramatic the fews seconds feel. Let me know if you find anything out. Good luck!

  • thankgod! lol! someone else has it happen! not that i wish it on anyone else of course , it is the weirdest thing and yes it is like the brain cannot remember i dont have a dry throat at all as i said im always drinking water so i know for sure its not that it is as i said and uve suggested a misfire in the brain , as i said i am seeing my rheumy on the 26th so im definately going to ask her whats going on . hope u have a painfree weekend xxx

  • Thanks but thats just not gonna happen for me LOL And back at you

  • i know! but i thought id send the positive thoughts over!!lol! i hate the person who invented the saying no pain no gain!!! grrrhhh!!lol x

  • Next time this happens try thinking about lemons or if possible smelling lemons or something similar that really makes you salivate and swallow - I was told by a person at the hospital that this trick can be tried and works for some people x

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