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evening xx

Hello everyone, can i ask how long the flare ups last for? i have only recently started being treated for this and just feel like i am in constant pain all day every day, i am now on 5 tablets per night of anatryptolene (not a clue how to spell it and can't walk to the kitchen to get them! lol), this is not including the painkillers i take every day for my spinal problems, just wondering if this does go away even for a day?? x

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Hi Maxii123

I was diagnosed in November last year, and i thought i was going mad as it took me almost a year before that point to even get a name for what i was going through. As long as you keep on top of your pain medication it does get easier, and the pain does become slightly subdued, (not sure if that is the correct word, but it was the only one i could think of). I am still getting to grips with my flare up but my last one lasted almost 3 weeks 2 of which i was signed off for because i kept falling asleep at work.

With regards to the length of them i think everyone is different, but it will also depend on your circumstances at home, as to how long they last for and whether you are able to get the rest that you need.

If i was to take all of my medicine as prescribed i would be on 11 tablets a day and that is without pain killers and i once went to ask a pharmacist about what fruits i could take with my tablets, and when i listed them he said "for now, you will end up with more" - Talk about cheering someone up lol.

Hope it gets easier for you,



Everyone is different and each flare up is different. I've had them vary quite a bit from a few days to several weeks at a time.

The tablets you probably mean are amitriptyline. I had them for a while but stopped taking them as they were just making me feel worse and fibro fog is a doddle compared to the feeling that my head was being forcibly stuffed with cotton wool!

I have spondylosis throughout my spine and arthritis in various joints from fingers to hips and so am on painkillers for those as well and all they do is make me sleepy but they never seem to take the pain away. Did something to my back yesterday evening & just couldn't settle into a comfortable position

I've tried a TeNS unit but all that did was use up a lot of batteries and leave me with an horrendous rash wherever the patches were put (even using the ones for sensitive skin).


Hi, as been said flare ups are different for everyone. Since starting on pregabilin and now up to 450 the recommended does (by a doc at a fibto clinic in london), i have still had the background pain and tiredness but am functioning better. I have ami at night and am on other meds for arthritis too.

Keep moving, dont allow muscles to waste, relax and keep smiling . The things that have helped me . All the best. Xx


Hi, sorry to have to tell you Maxii, I don't have flare up's I have it all the time!! when I asked my doctor about it he said some people are unfortunate & have it all the time & you are one of them. My meds are....Gabapentin 700mg 3 times a day....fentanyl patches 62 mg every 72 hours, venlefaxine for depression which goes hand in hand with pain. folic acid as I am anaemic & co/codamol as & when. Should be on amitriptyline but I won't take it as I fall asleep standing up lol. I hate having to take so many meds but I can't take the full pain if I don't I am always in pain somewhere on my body 24/7.

Sleep is a bone of contention also!I can't stay asleep more than 1 or 2 hours without waking but it takes me hours to build up to that stage, I get 10 mins & wake up then it goes to 20 mins & wake up then 30 & repeat & every night I am up been up since 12.30 am again, I honestly don't know how I function with so little sleep!! It's years since I've had a descent sleep F/M has changed my quality of life dramatically & I feel so sorry for anyone with it as you have to have it to understand it as it's so complex.

I do have other health problems as well as the fibro.

Take care Maxii. Gwen.


Hi there ..well i was diagnosed 4 years ago although other symptoms not related at the time from when i was 19. iv'e had constant chronic pain daily for 4 years! :-( .

But my sis who also has fibro might go 6 months with nothing and then may get 6 weeks of fibro at a time so it does vary in diff people.

Im currently on 10 tabs in morning and 3 at night.

i have started to take supplements of VIT D ,Magnesium and i take a general multi vit with ginsing in it.

We as fibro sufferers seem to be lacking in VIT D and Magnesium which has an impact on the may be worth a try x hope that helps and hope your is not a permenant one!!

also your life style can impact on it stress and anxiety depression etc will make it worse,doing too much in one go /day.

You should pace yourself if you have to do something or chores ie:- 15 mins work 15 mins rest...and DONT DO A LOT IN ONE DAY...because you will suffer greatly from it for longer!! ;-)


Hi, I'm currently suffering from overdoing things on Wednesday, hopefully things will subside to their usual level in the next few days as I'm going to be overdoing things again next week! (keeping my sister company on a hospital check-up in London) I ran out of bread and milk two days ago and while I'm still feeling pretty rough, I'm moving slightly easier today so will hopefully be able to shuffle slowly around the supermarket later today to get a few essentials... if I ever manage to complete the sock and shoe challenge!


Hi guys sorry I fell asleep!! lol thanks for all your comments, it seems like i am in pain all the time, I am on my own with my 2 girls, one being only 4 and dont get very much rest at all, in fact I have the laptop in the kitchen at the moment, so i can do a bit and then sit down and rest then back up again xx


I don't get flareups, I'm just getting steadily worse! everyone is different with FMS/CFS, which is one of the reasons we are difficult to diagnose, there's no set pattern to the illnesses, and therefore no set pattern for treatment.

Cheers, Midori


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