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Rant about GPs

I just want a rant about my GPs and how ridiculous it is getting.

I saw a new doctor recently who even poo poo'd the previous GPs comments and made out that I was a Hypochondriac (hope that's spelled ok). I had been tested for vit D - at my request - and had been told it was "in the red", and really needed sorting out quickly. I was put on those high strength VitD "bombs" for 3 month and then tested again and was in the normal range. I have been worried about my liver Mum died of (what I believe was AMA negative) PBC which has same symptoms as I am getting, which is another long story, but I know really badly low vitD levels are a symptom, but I cannot get a liver biopsy either which is another gripe. I have even talked to someone at the PBC foundation about this, but the GPs won't even listen to me about that.

This new GP told me that it was quite normal to have a VitD deficiency, and he could pull anyone off the street and they would be deficient. I replied that I realised that, but wasn't mine particularly low? So he looked again at the blood result and paused and said,"well, yes a proportion of those people would have it as low as that" and went on to tell me that I was the sort of person who "liked to see results".

So when I next saw the nurse she tells me I have a follow up for Vit D in November, but the next GP I see, who is head of the practice, tells me I have not got a follow-up and that all my previous bloods are in order (from April) and not to worry.

I had gone to see her as I haven't had a period for 9 months and despite having fears about polycystic ovaries (I have had plenty of gynae problems over the years, but have always been looked after on that score by previous practices) the sudden onset of hot flushes is most DEFINITELY the menopause and to go home and sweat it out till January when they can test me for that.

The only blood test I have coming up is for cholesterol. Daft thing is, it is familial hypercholesterolaemia - I have had it all my life, and it is the only test that is certain to come out jumping well off the scale! Yet I know I'll get accused of eating all the wrong things again :-( and I simply don't!. It's mental

I have requested a meet with the sec and a look at my records too. It has taken over a year to sort it out and am still waiting for that, I am going to change GPs when they have done this, as I am sure it is mainly a "purse string thing.

Sorry it is like war and peace, but I hope someone out there can help me refocus and may have some advice on what to say and who I can see.

I did approach a charity who get you in contact with a consultant recently as suggested by someone else on the forum, but they told me it would be quite a while before they could get back to me, as understandably there was quite a bit of a queue, and really would like to be getting somewhere faster whilst I wait.


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Oh I fully sympathise with I am having problems with my own gp.and all I can come up with for myself is to change gps.but how do we know that they will be any better It`s so frustrating for something that is described as "a common illness"that not even the doctors want to know or give us the help and advise we need OK. rant over and maybe someone else will have better advice for you..... sue


Hi Glenys,

here here truly understand! i had every FAITH & TRUST in my GPS there is 4 in my practice, but often have stand in locums and 2 have retired and being replaced over the 18 yrs i been there, my problem is that when seeing Neurologist and let me say i did not like his attitude towards us so i kept things basic did not want to speak , felt intimidated and he was arrogant too, yet i was told he was one of the BEST.

Anyway on my records (which i only found out what was put due to applying DLA so i got a copy automatically) i was so so upset to extent it made me so tearful and had to go see GP ! who was to blame for the diagnosis and is this what my surgery think of me ! after all i been through for goodness sake! , not a hypochondriac but somatisation, as well as having BEnign hypermobility syndrome/eds and cervical spine disease, also he put i only had small disc protrusions which could not cause such wide spread pain, but on my MRI it CLEARLY says mod-large and i have 2 of them indenting on my spinal cord causing compression on the nerves, also slight oesteophytes hmm not sure about that but think thats to do with arthritis or something, anyway i have to see a 2nd Neurologist now , i have been passed from pillar to post!! by the GP non of me requesting to see different gp's which they put down that i wanted to see numerous ones HUH i am DISGUSTED ! i should be having physio but no one has done anything about any of it, they have nevr discussed with me what my problems mean i dont understand, i had to search the net and research myself , and this was another thing they said i 'surf' the net looking for threats !!! ohhhh i was mortified reading my records truly, i NEVER EVER did any of this , if i am diagnosed and no explanation then i look it up but never ever go looking for anything ..

He also put that i said 'i THINK' i had some tingling but not sure ??!! whaaat i never said such thing!! i had such severe tingling and pain in both hands when my neck went and thats why sent physio and MRI (basically i should of gone to hospital instead of been passed around) then i would not of had to go through all i have!

They put i was scared as my 'mum' had multiple tumours on brain (so wrong) i t was my grandad , do they listen at all to what we say.

I had a hernia repair in May 2010 and said it was wrong after not felt rite, i ended up so ill in bed for over 2 wks was rushed 999 to hospital, still could not find anything wrong with me, i signed out, eventually saw surgeon and went back to theatre, i had nerves trapped in screws! after this all my problems started, then i went for a Medical claim 3 months before running out under 3 yr limit as realised not getting any better but progressed to weaker, so i lost the claim!! he said he acted 'swiftly' what nearly 3 wks later!!!!

THEy really peeeve me off now and i hate going to see anyone as i not sure i trust any of them anymore.

I was recedntly awarded ESA and asked the DR to do a letter with the diagnosis which i have neuropathic pain, BHMS , cord compression, Cervical disc disease , and planter fascitis in both feet and waiting injections!! the Dr never put any of it on which all this passed me , yet put on somatisation ? whyyyy .. to make me look MAD and fake ! i suffer soooo much it is unreal i am on max of pregabalin 600mg, co-dydromol as cannot take Tramadol with it , i tried it makes me worse, so tried a diff pain killer, it took a month for them to finally do letter too and now i have had to ask for them to re write it!! it costs me £15 a letter! but i wont be paying for this one,

ohhh think my rant and moan is longer but it got me so much on what you put i really felt for you and i Must do something else , even if i have to change!!

big hugs and any chat please feel free Caroline xxxx (i not been on in a while , i was never off at one time but a lot been going on) xxx


Hi Glenys just seen your Question in other posting! sorry i never seen before i posted this lol ..

just ask your GP to refer you if you were refered by your gp originally , if not and private look up your local area for Neurologist and look up their back ground too.

Basically i had an op and things triggered from there , then neck went in feb 2011 and instead of me going hospital i went to GP i was in herendous pain and tingling in both hands, they gave me amitryptiline and tramadol, then sent me to their onsite physio, who examined me i was so confused with my body , then she refered me to Rheumotology, i had an MRI which i thought resolved my issues , but no because of more symptoms i was sent Neuro surgeon, ehtne neurologist and i just did not know whether ocming or going and to this day i kick myself and just wish i had gone straight to A&E where i most likely would of had a xray or MRI there and kept in.. but the neurologist i found intimidating looking down his glasses and correcting my hubby when he said we seen another neurologist (meant to say neuro surgeon) he corrected my husband in a tone manner of I AM NOT A NEURO SURGEON I AM A NEUROLOGIST THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!!!) he was rude and my hubby at one point trie dto speak he told him please be quiet i want to talk to mrs knightley not you ! huh the hairs on my hubbys back stood up and from there i could not really chat i was ignorant and quiet and just let him examin me, it was only when i got to apply DLA the medical records were sent to me and i was SHOCKED so straight to gp and said i am not happy i am extremely upset as i have proved many of you professions wrong before and i will do it again so i want a 2nd opinion, she refered me to another, i got to my appointment and with my feet being so bad and twinges in my lower back i was turned away by 2nd neurologist for being 20 mins late huh (never been that hospital before and no parking, the walking was a nightmare, so after i even offered to wait and let some one else go he still refused, i came away with a migraine and leg drop! i sent an email complaining about it , i got one back apologetic, then a phone call and taking to Board of Directors and she said should be more like me!! i was so mad and upset for the time to get up as you all know, the travelling, the walking around and to be turned away, but we did think we were early ! we got wrong time .

ohhh bet no one missed me on here hahhah as i talk way too much , am quieter talking but i talk more in typing i get more across in what i want to say xxxx hugs to you xx


Hi Peeps.

Gosh your having a bad time with your GP's, if mine was like that I would change DR, how dare they treat you like that! it's shocking!!

I have been with my GP for 16 years, he don't seem to know much about Fibro, which is not ideal, but in every other way he is great, I have seen about 4 (maybe more) rheumatologists, the first one I saw in 2009 couldn't find anything wrong so I left it for a while and went back to GP, he said there must be something wrong for you to have pain (he said don't worry we will get to the bottom of this so please don't feel your wasting my time) and sent me to another one who diagnosed Fibro in 2010, I have seen 2 others since then with back and hip problems, I have 2 bulging discs.

After been diagnosed with Fibro I got really depressed, I have suffered depression on and off since I was 15 I'm also a recovering alcoholic (16 years) he sent me for counselling and I'm still involved with the mental team, I'm also going for an angiogram on the 12th NOV as I had arm and chest pain about 3 weeks ago and spent a night in hospital as the ECG showed something was wrong. I had thought about changing him to a DR that knows more about Fibro but I think I will stick with him, he is not keen on giving me strong pain killers because of my additive nature but now that every thing else has been ruled out I need to speak to him and get some pain relief.

I hope things change for you all and get a more sympathetic GP

Hugs Maz xx


I think it's disgusting how many people get labelled 'hypochondriac' before finally getting a proper diagnosis of fibro! It happened to me & now I have a phobia about going to the drs as I think they'll just look back on my notes & say, 'Ah yes, hypochondria', & dismiss me. One dr walked away & left me lying on the couch when he'd been examining me - said that every time he touched me, I said it hurt, so there can't be anything wrong with me!!

I feel so sorry for everyone on here who has to go thru' such hell just to get properly treated!!

Julie xxx


I don't see my gp often because of being labelled hypochondriac. Last night I lost my vision in right eye for about 20 mins but I haven't told anyone, I'd be told the tests are clear it's just fibro. I'll have it engraved on my headstone !


Cobweb, that could be a detached retina - you MUST go to see someone about it very quickly. Best to go to your nearest Eye Casualty department., or AE if you do not have one or if you have an optician close, go for advice asap - tell the receptionist your problem and try and get in soon without an appt so they can look. If it is what it sounds like, leaving it could cost the sight in that eye, PLEASE!


Look it up at the link above - eye problems like that should not be ignored. I had the flashing lights, and GP told me they could see nothing wrong and that it might be visual migraine. So I went to the Sheffield Eye Casualty dept - You can walk in there WITHOUT an appt - and I had torn my retina at the front, where the GP couldn't possibly have seen it. If it had been left, it could have detatched worse and I would have had real problems, a big op and maybe lost the sight in that eye.

You are at more risk of this as you get older, or if you have short or long sight, but don't ignore it cobweb, please!

XG Let me know how you get on


Thanks for all your replies. It seems everyone has some troublw at some point. I was diagnosed 7 years ago by a GP who has since moved to France, and he was keen to see me get a good diagnosis, so sent me to a rheumy in Sheffield who prodded me a bit and very nicely said you have fibro, now go and live with it.

I have tried to get to the pain clinic, and the GP wouldn't let me be referred, and said there was nothing they could do extra that the GPs couldn't do. I was only on Amitrityline at the time, and it wasn't working, and due to worry about my liver which they weren't helping me with, I didn't want to take much more, but thought I would give Cymbalta a go. I explained my symptoms and said someone had told me about it, and to my suprise, they gave it me!!!! Of course it is more liver toxic than Lyrica, I found out afterwards, but what did they care, as far as they are concerned my liver is perfect

Now I have been to the PBC foundation who told me that due to family history I could have AMA negative PBC, but the GPs still won't refer me further to a Liver consultant.

And the hot sweats from the Cymbalta have been replaced by hot flushes, but because there has been no periods since January, the doc says the flushes are to do with the menopause. I have only been on cymbalta 3 months, and thats when the heating up started, not in January, or pre menopausal like when I have been led to believe they start.

Tomorrow I am going to try and nudge the practice on a bit for me to see my records. In the mid 80s I moved home 13 times in 8 years (no kidding!) and went to lots of GPs, and at one point I had been told that my records had gone missing. At the last practice, I was mixed up with someone of the exact same name who lived on the next road up from me. She apparantly had also had mental health issues - I found it all in my folder when I was given my notes to take through to the nurse. I don't think it was ever sorted right the last time I sat with the doctor there., but maybe she had some red flag" that come up when they see me now?



I am sure my GP thinks I am a bit of a nutter. Maybe the feeling is reciprocated????


Yes, you get to the point where you feel like never going again and slowly ebbing away on your own. I could walk in there with a leg hanging off, and they would probably just blame it on me, and say "sit it out".


I have a great GP thankfully. I was diagnosed by 2 Rheumys and I take Gabapentin, Tramadol and Paracetamol plus prolonged release tramadol. This really helps with the pain. I'm sorry for those of you who are dismissed, it's disgusting. Try and change Dr if you can, there are good GPs out there. Here's to a pain-free day. Gentle hugs xxx



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