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Does anyone have syringe driver for pain?

Evening. Do any of you use any other method for pain than tablets. The reason I ask is I have been extremely poorly and been having bleeds. My hubby seems to think its all the meds I take. 16 tablets a day is no good to no one.

I was wondering if anyone has has a syringe fitted to there ston

Mach for pain relief?

Hope all well and happy xxx

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Morning Science bear so sorry you are having such a tough time at moment. I dont know abot the driver so cannot help you just wanted to send you a hug ((((((((((())))))))))))))) xgins


Aww thanks for the hug. Sending ones back () xxx


Big big soft hugs xx


Thanks Higgs bear xx


So sorry to hear you've been really poorly Science-bear, I hope you feel better really soon.

Regarding the syringe driver for pain relief, I am not aware of anyone having this form of pain relief here in the forum for Fibromyalgia, but if there is anyone who has I am sure they will post and let you know. :)


Hi my dad has just started a syringe drive for pain and to dry up all the fluid in his throat it is early days yet but so far so good he had restless legs as well and it has all stopped. Good luck glyder x


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