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Hi there all,I've known for a while that I'm a highly sensitive person but not really known the best way to cope with it. It's been used against me so many times in my life" oh your too over emotional" or" I've never known anyone with such high anxiety in my life". You get the gist. This can mean your affected emotionally,physically,chemically and mentally by the things or people around you very very deeply. Apparently 20% of the population is a HSP. I'm currently reading a book which is helping me enormously in understanding myself and how to cope. How many of us on here could be described as a HSp?

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  • On one of the fibro symptoms websites it lists 60 things you can suffer with if you have fibro,,, one of them is crying easily... Which is certainly true of me,,and when younger was deffinately very shy and sensitive.. Since having fibro I still cry very very easily but am deffinately learning to develop a tough skin and I make. A conscious effort not to take offence so quickly before going over things in my mind trying to asses situations more logically

    VG x

  • I have been told that many times,and it used to make matters worst,I will admit I'm a very emotional person,but now i have learned to like myself for it,I have decided i would preffer to be emotional,than cold and heartless.At least i know i have a good heary and conconscience.And that is something i find with fibro sufferers,we are kind don't let anyone turn you cold,be proud of yourself. feel!!!

  • I was very confident as a child until I reached my teens and I was painfully shy, I tend to hide in my shell if I can. But I am soft and since I got ill I have become cold and uncaring but I cant help it sometimes cos the pain and lack of sleep make me so fed up. I think more than I do, Itend to hold back but I am not afraid to stand up for myself anymore and I would die for my kids x

  • hi , at the end of the day we are who we are and its not for others to criticise us , yes we can be emotional but its because we care , although we show a toughness to some inside we are the same, the problem is there isn't much empathy about even by medical profession. However on here we do care, understand and empathise x

  • i am the same. I am so easily upset or offended by what people say or do to me. It is horrible, it makes me feel weak & an easy target. I cannot help it, its just the way I am. I am however a very caring person who if I can will help anyone in the best way possible.

    Big Hugs


  • keeptelling yourselves that other peopleareentitledto thinkand say what they want butthatdoesnt make it true. at the endofthe day they will be gone and you willbe by yourself lookingat you ifi sidyourmotherwas a b.....h wouldyou be angryno youshould be because my saying so does not change her from the loving gentle person she is or was the sameapplies to you rmember you van only be as hurt as you let yourself be.

  • I have been told I wear my heart on my sleeve. I used to be shy and retiring until my daughter went into foster care and then I learnt how to speak up for myself.

    What book are you reading Teddysmum?

  • I so identify with you as im

    the same but then again being a sensitive does'nt help either pick things up easily from others but i don't see this as a flaw being so ill i see it as a strength i don't wish this on others ( fibromyalgia) i don't see it as a curse either i just take everyday as it comes, thats all anyone can do and believe in yourself.xxxx

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