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Having Children and Fibro?


Hi I was just wondering how many of you had your Fibromyalgia before having children, or for those who have had children and since developed fibro- do you think you'd have been able to cope with having fibro and having a baby/young children?

I know everyone is different, different severities of fibro etc, but I'm getting to that age where I'm starting to consider it (28), and honestly wondering if I would be able to cope- as things stand now I feel barely able to look after myself, let alone someone else! So unless my fibro improved, I'm not sure I would be able to...

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Hmm not sure I am the best person to answer this but I can truthfully so take this as a warning if you don't want to read on... I was diagnosed at 25 and had a great fibro GP... Amazing as that was 23 years ago.... We got my fibro well under control and I had a great time met my OH got married and had a baby. And then when my son was about one it flared up, I had to give up work... We sold our house and bought a cheaper one... Took me about two years to get myself to a reasonable state and that stayed pretty good until 5 years ago when fibro invited arthritis to stay I am 48 now my son is 16 it hasn't been easy but I wouldn't have swapped it... But knowing I had fibro and had it under control we had fun and waited till I was 32 to have a child ...I,m glad I did cos it has been hard but worth it.

VG x

Yes - children are worth every moment of struggle. I have had fibro for the best part of 30 years, tho' I was only diagnosed officially 13 years ago.

I have raised three lovely children in that time, and tho' it was hard, I wouldn't change any of it.

Moffy x

I had Fibro first, but was fortunate enough to get my Fibro under control before I had a baby. I developed Fibro in 2001/02, was severely affected by 2005/06, starting getting it under better control in 2007 and had a baby in 2010.

Children are a delight, but they are exhausting! If you can improve your health before starting a family, then great but if not, I've known plenty of disabled people who were fantastic parents. :)

I was diagnosed before having my daughter who is now 4. There have been days, but you get on with it and she is most definitely worth every minute x

Thanks guys, I think it sounds like the key is to try and get fibro under as much control as possible before having children- which I'm trying to do now- I've had it for about 10 years, as well as Arthritis for 20 years, but only diagnosed with Fibro in the past couple of years. Unfortunately at the moment it seems to be getting better not worse, but I live in hope!!

hi,I know this post was 4 years ago. I've just posted a very similar post. are you still using this site phoenix?

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