Does any other lady with fibro have trouble putting on and wearing their bra? Every day I struggle to put my bra on, sometimes I have the help of my dear daughter, and wearing it is becoming very, very uncomfortable. Unfortunately I think I was first in the queue for boobs....I'll never fall flat on my face! I've tried front fastening, those 'wonder' bras with no fastenings - boobs touching my knees. And I certainly couldn't get away with not wearing one!! Any others feel this way??? XX

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  • I'm in the same boat so why not try what I did. why not get a bra extender they make wearing your bra more comfy these can be bought at your local haberdashery or a sewing /repair shop depends where you live,( here in NI it's a local repairshop) It's certainly helped me find comfort for the sake of £1.99 well spent.


  • Oh what a wonderful idea!! Lainey!! Why didn't I think of that!!! XX

  • I agree bra extender, but also do it up at the front and twizle it round it's a bit confusing at first .

    2 or 3 goes will get it right. :-)

  • I've bought my extenders from betterwear! Hardly ever wear a bra these days, since my shoulder op the weight on narrow straps is too painful. I'm a 40DD but they dont droop too much............ they sit on my big belly!!! lol!!! xx

  • Haaaaaaaa!! I can beat that!!! Knees for me!!! XX

  • I wear those stretchy bras with no fastenings I am a size 14 but because my ribs are so sore I buy size 4 xl = size 20 and I can just about tolerate them, and it's easy because you can step into them and pull them up. I have to go bras less some days and I feel so embarassed

    VG x

  • I've tried those bras VG but there's way too little support for me. I agree, they're really comfy though! XX

  • I got 2 of the stretchy bras after making a similar plea a week or so ago. Can confirm that I will be getting more as it's one on, and one in the wash at the moment. And I'm a DD cup. Unlike VG I can't go braless as that hurts too when they are swinging about. I have to say these are just brilliant. x

  • Here is a link to a recent discussion on the subject of bras, boobies etc -

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  • The soft comfy cupless bras which are the same as the ones seen on the TV can be bought from Ebay very cheaply.  I have bought about 8 of them so far all different colours.  They don't dig in, wash brilliantly and are so comfy.  I am quite big busted and I love them because they don't ride up, dig in or hurt. I forget I've got them on in fact.

  • What did you search for?

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  • wearing a bra for more than a couple of hours really hurts my shoulders as i too have been 'blessed' in the boob area (44F ) I dont wear one in the house and any where else if i can get away with it. I am an advocate of the front fastening and twizelling method but have to admit i never thought of the bra extender good idea!!

  • I'm a 46D!! That's why these magical bras don't give me enough support. I think I'd have to wear about 4 at a time for them to work!!

  • I've had to stop wearing a bra some years ago due to unbearable pain, as I'm not built to go braless it does make life awkward sometimes! I know wear cami tops from M&S with hidden support. They give enough support without shoulder pain which seems to be an acceptable conpromise :)

  • hello boobies i could say i envy you cos you got boobies,I have always been small,A cups,i always wanted bigger boobs when younger just enough for a cleavage,now i'm glad i am small,i get a lot of constant pain,i don't wear any in the day around the house but must wear some when out.I have rather large nipples,i get embarrassed if they are protruding,so i have to wear them when out,personally i would rather what they call burn the bra HA!,anyway love from jacksiex.

  • Jacksie!! You can have an implant from mine with pleasure!!!

  • ooooh! sue you are too kind,don't think i could cope with the extra weight though, in the nicest way, love jacksiex

  • Ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  • hi sue talking about boobies,i've got to have a breast screen today,not looking forward to it,my boobs are painful as is most of my body,though i need not explain.don't know if you've had one ,but they literally squash the booby between two plates,the only reason i'm going through with it is because it's for cancer,think i'll just have to accept the pain,glad you took my reply in fun,yours jacksiex

  • Yep, I've had 2 now. The nurse doing the exam says bigger boobs are better than smaller ones cos the smaller ones are difficult to get on the x ray plates!! Hope it's not too painful for you!! I would put hugs but I think they might be too painful!! Virtual hugs though!! XX

  • Hope it goes well for you Jacksie, they're not much fun but so necessary. I had two last year and the reassurance made them well worthwhile to know everything was ok. (((gentle hug))) xxx

  • A little late in the day but here is a tip from a lady with a 34F bust. If you buy the stretchy bras currently being advertised everywhere make sure you get the ones with a pocket for a foamy cup insert thingy. This gives extra support for those of us who are well endowed, even without the cups in they are quite wearable because of the extra layer of fabric. I tried to put one of my 'normal' bras on the other, however, it only stayed on about 2 mins before I changed back x

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