Morning everyone!...wonder if anyone can suggest...

I have a lot of allodynia not related to migraine in my case, just really unable to wear my old wardrobe!..not that I am a clothes horse or anything but cannot bear any restriction, even a bra makes me feel as if I am in a vice...

So looking for outlet with reasonably priced (cheaper the better) loose jersey like or soft fabrics..but sort of bohemian \chic look rather than my usual sling on whatever doesn't bite look!!!

Have had to come to terms with probably never again wearing my power suits and shoes....they have been packed ready for the charity yet cant bring myself to rid of them...silly me!!

Difficult to trail round shops, on line an option but I do like to feel the fabric first, so any suggestions?

Have been to Matalan and they have some plain soft sleevless vests 3 for 2 which I live in constantly, but there was nothing else that seemed right....

Although every day does not seem lke a blessing at the moment...I look for a blessing in each day and manage to fnd one...the other day it was ths site..

hugs to all..x

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  • Asda have some lovely silky jim jams and sainsburys have `comfort` bras that have no fastenings at all. Just step into them and pull up I think that they only £4 each.

    If you are being silly then so am i, I cant bring myself to throw my hiking boots away.

    When or where i am ever going hiking I have no idea.

    I struggle to walk round the house and need a wheelchair outside. But still cant throw my boots away. :P

    I find that going for mens t shirts and tops works best for me besides they are usually cheaper than womens and last longer.


  • Hello Sab, at the moment next have some lovely soft trousers, they list them as joggers, but they're not, just a nice soft jersey material with elasticated waist, my daughter also got a pair from H n M. As for not taking your suits to charity shop, I have over 100 pairs of shoes and I know in reality i will never ever wear them, so I am setting myself the task of selling them online, but my most favourites I will keep for the days I use my wheelchair and dont need to walk anywhere !

  • George have some good offers at the mo and I buy a size bigger than needed :)

    Last year though! I bought lightweight, soft, black, cotton jersey PJ bottoms that I wear as trousers, one of my best choices :)

    Allodynia is a daily problem for me as I also get pressure sores from the touch of fabric which is why I go a size bigger. Bras are a no-no unless essential for wherever I am going ie: socially unacceptable ;) I wear soft cotton vests under my tops.

    xxx sian :)

  • What is allodynia?never heard of it and I haven't been able to wear a bra for 30 odd years and like Sian wear vest tops.

  • Hi Choc :)

    Allodynia is a kind of hypersensitivity that as fibromites we often experience due to us not being able to process pain properly an our receptors overload leaving it to materialise in other ways, with varying levels of course!

    I hope the following helps to explain it but if you have any Q's just give me a nudge and I'll to try to help :)

    Hypersensitivities – Fibromyalgia can make you extremely sensitive to pain all over your body, and you may find that even the slightest touch is painful. If you hurt yourself – for example, if you stub your toe – the pain may continue for much longer than it normally would.

    You may hear the condition described in the following medical terms:

    Hyperalgesia – when you are extremely sensitive to pain & your pain senses are heightened more than normal.

    Allodynia – Means other pain because when you feel pain from something you feel it somewhere else that should not be painful at all, such as a very light touch such as fabric against the skin for example, central sensitization.

    From to explain the migraine connection...

    Cutaneous allodynia: Pain resulting from an innocuous stimulus to normal skin or scalp. The stimulus that triggers allodynia is not normally painful. The pain can be provoked by combing or brushing the hair, shaving, showering, wearing glasses or earrings. The pressure of a single strand of hair reportedly can feel like a jab with a white-hot knife.

    Cutaneous allodynia is believed due to a transient increase in the responsiveness of central pain neurons that process information arising from the skin. It is commonly associated with migraine. From allo- meaning other + -dynia meaning pain.

    You may also be sensitive to things such as perfumes (chemical senstivities), smoke, certain foods and bright lights (photophobia). Being exposed to something you are sensitive to can cause your other fibromyalgia symptoms to flare up.

    The following link takes you to abouthealth and this explanation

    By Adrienne Dellwo - Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Expert (Updated December 16, 2014.)

    It explains that 'Allodynia is believed to be a hypersensitive reaction that may result from central sensitization, which is associated with fibromyalgia.' and also gives good descriptions if you hit the words in blue :)

    Hope this helps explain it :)

    Soft fluffies and smiles for you :)

    xxx sian :)


    This is a link to a pin that explains allodynia .


  • thank you both i'll look at them later.

  • :) xx

  • Can you get it in one particular spot? I have a place on my left arm from my elbow to almost my wrist that I cant bear anything against as it feels like it is being burnt by loads of hot needles even if something brushes against it. There is no sign of anything on the skin and I cant remember ever injuring it. Strange. Joolz.x

  • Flossy in answer to your question..why not?..this whole shebang is strange!!!...and if you get it in one spot then I guess that means its possible...hope its not too bad for you, I empathise...:-)

  • Thank you to everyone....great tips and hope my post helped some of you too..hugsx

  • I occasionally get an area on my wrist which is very painful when my sleeve touches it, I assumed it was just one of those fibro things and having read all the posts it obviously is. I do find that I don't like to wear a tight waistband as it feels so uncomfortable but don't really have a problem with wearing a bra. Perhaps someone should design a clothing range especially for fibro sufferers made with soft non-restrictive fabrics that are easy and comfortable to wear; any budding fashion designers on here want to take up the challenge?

  • Thank you for this post it is a problem many of us have, I've taken note of the replies myself xx

  • It is best not to mention bras around me I think I have bought every type and still haven't found one I can wear. I can just about wear one of those soft shaper teddies for about 2 hours but the moment I am back in the house it is the first thing to be ripped off. I too tend to live in vests and actually like the winter more fashio wise as you can hide a multitude of sins under baggy warm tops.

    Try if you can to go for natural fabrics as they always seem to be kinder to the skin and like others I tend if it is anything reasonably close fitting to go a size up. Silk vests are wonderful but unfortunately very expensive but soft jersey fabrics can be a good alternative.

    I go into a dip every time I think of heels and just sold my last two lovely pairs at a Table Top as they were mocking me every time I opened the wardrobe door and all my business suits have just gone to the charity shop.

    Like Mayrose I still have my gorgeous blue suede hiking boots which I always in my dreams think I am going to wear again someday.

    I've npticed that on M & S and other places these soft, loose Kimono tops seem to be in fashion and they would look lovely over a matching soft cotton T shirt or vest, just an idea. I've bought a couple of moree thnic print tunics to go over soft leggings as they don;t fit too tight and look rather smart and cover the old bottom. If you find some good stuff please let us know where you found it. Happy shopping.x

  • I love my M&S ranges, they are so comfortable. My wife really loves their clothes too. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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