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Prepare to be uplifted!

Hi ladies, (this is definitely not one for gentlemen members)

I was staggering around the shops in Southampton yesterday, and noticed that BHS have a range of 'supersoft' bras and panties.

I am going back when I have the energy, to have a better look and to check for rough seams, pokey bits and scratchy fabric, but on the surface they looked pretty good, so as your unofficial 'roving reporter' on all things underwear, I will get back to you.

I am having real problems with bras at the moment, I always feel as though I am wearing an iron band covered with barbed wire. I had to throw away my only comfy bra as it was looking positively prehistoric and could hardly support itself, let alone me!

I suppose I am lucky in not being over-endowed, but I still like to have a bit of shape around the bosom, so shall be endeavouring to find some comfortable underpinnings for us all.

Chins up, girls ... and any other bits that can support themselves.

Love Moffy x

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That's very interesting . I too have a problem with bras and have been unable so far to afford the ones everyone keeps talking about ( can't mention the product name ) .

So I will be on their site having a surf now !

Thanks for the info !



I have 2 soft virtually seamless sport type bras, I bought them when I had major chest surgery for cancer. Not a well known make but they are my uplifting lifeline if I have to go out; usually I do not bother. Would sooner have bruised knees than barbed wire uplift lol


Hi Moffy

Liking this post as i love Under Wear!!!!

I always treated my self or am bought presents from my g/f's which my hubby finds bizaaare hahah, i get from La Senza great fit.

I also get the fully padded ones from Asda 5 pound (i have no pound sign on lappy)

i wear the asda ones a lot i feel bigger too lol they are plain but i add little broaches to spice up a bit if go out

.. I used to be very lucky in that department until had 4 children and now its like snooker balls in sox unfortunately :-( boohoo so must find supportive onesthat give up lift. If i put a T shirt on i look like my 11yr old bless.

That is of interest though as i am always into a good bra! and knick knicks too ;-D love my underwear!

I must wear the same ones over and over though wash and back on lol.

mmmmm xxxxxxxx hugggles soft n fluffy ones xxx


I'd love to find a comfy bra - I know exactly what you mean about "an iron band covered in barbed wire!" LOL!!

Apart from Fibro I have an additional problem due to the fact that I've had a mastectomy... There are various good companies that do mastectomy wear but there's only ONE bra that I really find wearable in any that I've found and they don't do this in my cup size, which is E. No, for reasons best known only to them they only go up to a D in that one!!!!!!!!!!! Despite writing, on several occasions, to their main head office I've been informed that as there are other styles that cater for E cup they don't consider it necessary to make the style I like in bigger cup sizes... ... ... So. Sacrificing size over comfort (the back is ok - they even go up to 42" in that!!!) I've been wearing a 36D - the wrong cup size - bra for the last 11 years, which although causes me problems in one way is at least something that I can wear without feeling like I'm in a vice!!!!

Does anyone else experience similar problems like this??? If you do would you please let me know WHERE you get your bras from...!! ?? Pretty pretty please.

Wishing you all a supportive but comfortable day! ;-)



I treated myself to some bras from the shopping channels on TV. Similar ones are available on most of the well known shopping channels. They are seamless and have no wires or fastenings. You just either pull them over or step in to them. They are soooo comfortable that you can even sleep in them. You can also get them online from that well known shopping web site - sometimes cheaper. I'm not sure that they offer the full support of an underwired bra but they are fine for wearing everyday around the house etc...As they come in different colours they can look quite trendy under low cut tops too! Perhaps I am getting old as I now look for comfort above fashion ;-) Jane x


Those sound good, Jane ... must investigate! I think the under wiring is the bit that causes the most trouble.

Good bras are so expensive that it's a bit of a downer if you buy one you think is going to be OK and then it cuts you round the middle.

I'm thinking of issuing a challenge to brands offering 'comfy' items - will they do money back if NOT comfy?

Very soft, fabric- conditioned-type hugs to all!

Moffy x


i have tried 1 of these but unfortunately not big enough for my melocs lol wish it did fit tho especially when ribs are sore


I think they are the ones I have too. I can't wear any of my lovely underwire bras anymore either.

Look forward to Moffys report too.

Hugs xxxxx


This is very intresting as lately my boobs hurt bad in bras.are all most spilling over to of some.cant afford new bras at mo.

Bills must come first.

Im a,curvy girl with a nice bust no complaints.when i wear a padded one my fella goes wild but i cant wait to get it stare.when i wear underwired im in pain.

I just wanna feel sexy im not over hill wanna look good but comfy.there isnt a market .let me no .? X


I also have given up pretty wired bras, I couldn't bear them next to my skin, they really hurt. I tried some of those seamless stretchy bras they advertise on the television, there are three in a set and they feel really nice. They don't dig in or ride up, the shape isn't bad either. They aren't pretty but they're practical and let's face it if they don't hurt they're worth it.

There are so many of this type being advertised at the moment, but be careful about buying fakes with no support at all. Apparently there are loads of fakes being sold to women who think they are the same as the American style that was first advertised.


Yes you need to watch out. I got the original ones first and then a cheaper version and they are not as comfy or sit as well.

Hugs xxxx


MMM that's sounds good i have to get my bra's from Bravissimo because of my size and it's such a pain getting them delivered then having to send them back, If BHS do these soft bras in a 32HH i would be so thankful if anyone who goes looking for themselves notice such a size their i would be so grateful as my nearest BHS is 45 mins away :) xx


although we have a few of the big name stores where i live, none of them do my cup size E unless i want to pay a weeks shopping for it!!! So at the moment i've got to travel a very uncomfortable hour, to go to a well known bottom smacking supermarket which do some really sexy bras for about 6 pound!!

Can you get those seamless bras to fit for those of us that are bigger busted, and do they give support, cos these blighters weigh a ton!!!

xx Sharon


For those of you who are minted (not me sadly!) and who travel to London regularly, there is a firm called Rigby & Peller who custom-make bras to your personal spec!

Apparently they make the over-shoulder-boulder-holders worn by Our Gracious Queen - she still doesn't look very happy, tho' - does she?

Not sure why I posted this totally irrelevant bit of info, but you have to have a laugh now and again!


Its probably that under wire or those boney bits at the side ouch


Thanks for that I shall have to investigate next time I'm in Canterbury as my current bras are of the prehistoric variety... I do have newer ones but they're not comfortable. I look forward to your update :)


I am a 44g and get my soft cup bras from emmeness [trying not to advertise just say it quick].

you can order online for free store pick-up or p&p to home.

my pups were too big for the xxl size on cue-vee-see [again].

hope this helps.




Hi all no advertising ment but I use the ones advertised on tv you can get them in Wilkinsons the JML ones very comfy . Sithy


I may be wrong, but I don't think we're banned from mentioning stores or brand names, so long as we don't actively promote them. Can anyone clarify this for me, please?


I wasn't sure so tried to play safe whilst being obvious.




I've got both the brand ones (Genie) and the cheaper variety and there is little difference, they are both very comfy and easy to get on and off. I bought them as I have major trouble trying to do up conventional bras. On both varieties I bought the ones with removable cups as all the reports I read stated that the have better support (I'm a 34F!). I started off wearing the cups but now don't bother as they are good enough to wear on there own. I think they have 2 layers of fabric whereas the ones without the pads only have one and it appeared to be the latter mentioned in any less positive reviews. Hope this helps xx


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