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Sorry everyone

I am so sorry I have not been around. But my daughter is still pretty unwell but she is holding out until her appointment with Urology 4th January.

So now I am worrying about her for other reasons. She was complaining of numbness in the outer fingers and palm. Immediately alarm bells started to ring as I have never told her how any numbness I have effects me. But I have not voiced my concerns but she is the same age roughly as I was when Fibro first started. So now I am keeping an eye on my own Fibro and watching her for signs too. No wonder my cluster headaches are back to give my head a good kicking.

I hoping you are all as well as you can and now I shall go and answer a few topics


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Nice to see you back ozzygirl best wishes too for your daughter

Hugs VG x


Nice to be back VG, just cannot promise daily visits lol xxxxx


hi missed you Ozzygirl but you must put yourself and your family first , we understand , hope all turns out ok x


I am actually putting myself last as usual, but that is just the way I am. I put myself first when everyone else is asleep lol xxxxx


i can't say anything i do exactly the same , i won't be told either, i did have lunch out on my own with a decaf latte today after my flu jab but felt guilty as should have been at my Mums really. She really understands the condition but needs me vivsiting more than i can manage at the mo xx


It's good to see you back OG! Sorry to hear that your daughter has been poorly though. Try not to worry too much or you will make your own condition harder to bear. I hope that she is feeling much better soon. All best wishes. Jane x


Great to see you back Ozzygirl! We missed you! :)

So sorry to hear about your daughter, I hope she feels better really soon. Please don't forget about yourself whilst worrying about her, you need to take care of you too, make sure you rest when you can. Hopefully your headaches will ease very soon too.

Bless you (((hug))) xxx


Begged for an appointment this morning, they said no. Rang back at 2pm, desparate and they had a cancellation, I virtually filled in the appointment slot through the phone lol. Anyway, definitely cluster headaches althoughj it is very rare I get them during daylight hours, more through the night every time I actually manage to get off to sleep. He gave me Sumatriptan and I had to take the first one in the chemist given by pharmacist and then he gave me the other five. After about 40 minutes my head is pain free although I have some nausea still. Ap[arently these tablets are £90 for six(but I had them many years ago when my old GP was there and he said I could not have no more as I was having to use 6 pills a month and was costing the NHS too much). But I am hoping they won't return in the night xxxxx(daughter passing stones again)


I hope your daughter feels better soon, please take care of yourself and don't overdue it.

Gentle hugs to both of you

Bonnie Lass


To all

I do not have to overdo it lol, my brain is doing that for me. Even thinking today is tiring me out and then I got my Statement of Reason(blog posted) xxxxxx


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